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Brake Line Replacement Cost – How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Brake Line?

Brake Line Replacement Cost

On average, the brake line replacement cost will be $150 to $200, but there is more to these figures than meets the eye. You should never put off brake line replacement or repairs as this is an important part of your auto, and you cannot safely drive your car without functional brake lines.

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What Is a Brake Line?


The brake line is responsible for the functionality of your entire braking system. If you have a broken brake line, you are likely to have a braking system that does not work at all. This puts you and your passengers in very serious danger.


Another common related repair is a brake hose replacement. The brake lines connect to your vehicle’s frame and use brake hoses to connect with each wheel caliper or wheel cylinder. The flexibility of brake hoses is necessary due to the constant movement of the wheels.


Brake hoses are synthetic and flexible, made from reinforced rubber that can easily handle the more than 1,000 PSI of pressure when you hit the brakes. Each wheel position has a minimum of one brake hose, but there may be two. Keep this in mind when calculating the brake hose replacement cost. You will find steel connections featuring seals at the end of the rubber hoses, helping to prevent leaks.


What Happens With a Broken Brake Line?

What Happens With a Broken Brake Line?

If your brake line gets damaged, it can lead to a few issues. In some cases, fluid will begin to leak. It is also likely that you will not remain in control of your auto with this type of problem.


Poor Brake Functionality


Because of the important role of the brake line in your overall braking system, any problem with the brake line can lead to issues braking.


In the best-case scenario, you may just have to deal with a little bit of trouble braking. Maybe your brakes will only work intermittently, or perhaps you will sometimes struggle to get the car to stop.


In the worst-case scenario, your brakes will not work at all.


It should go without saying that even if your brakes are only a little off, this is a serious risk. After all, your brakes are one of the most important components in your car in terms of safety, and you need them to react instantly to avoid accidents.


The good news is that fixing the brake line itself is relatively quick and easy. However, if you put off the repairs, the damage can cause the failure of other components in your auto. This can result in more expensive and time-consuming repairs.


When Do You Need to Replace the Brake Hose?


The brake hose may need to be replaced in the following circumstances:


Internal Failure


Sometimes, the interior lining of your brake hose may separate. This would block the hydraulic fluid’s flow. Your mechanic can use test gauges to determine if this problem is the case. Remember that this type of fluid blockage from internal failure can lead to overheated or dragging brakes.




Leaks can occur at any point along your brake hose or at the fittings on the ends. Any bulging or leaks can lead to a spongy brake pedal or one that is lower than it should be. These are indications that it needs to be replaced.


Normal Lifetime


Brake hoses are designed to last and can frequently hold out for at least 20 years, assuming you choose a high-quality one and take care of it. However, because of the importance of this component and the system it is in, you should swap it out after a decade.


Physical Damage


If the hose has any physical damage, such as excessive rust by the hose fittings, cracks, cuts, bulging, or abrasions, it is no longer at its peak functionality and needs to be replaced.


How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Brake Line?


As mentioned, you should expect to pay around $150 to $200 for your steel brake line repair. The brake line cost of just the parts is usually between $30 and $50, with the rest of the cost being the labor involved. This range is the same for the cost to replace the rear and front brake lines.


Remember that to get the cost to replace all brake lines, you need to multiply these figures by the number of brake lines to be replaced. You likely have four brake lines in your car, so multiply how much to fix a brake line by four to get the total cost. If you have the question, “How many brake lines does a car have?”, either check your owner’s manual or assume the answer is four.


How Much Does It Cost to Replace Brake Lines in a Truck?

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Brake Lines in a Truck?


Remember that the average cost to replace brake lines is the average cost for all vehicles. The following information will give you a better idea if you’re asking, “How much does it cost to replace brake lines for my specific vehicle?” All of the following estimates of how much does it cost to replace a brake line include both parts and labor. You will notice that there are variations by model, not just make so the cost to replace brake lines on Chevy trucks varies by truck.


  • Chevrolet Silverado: The cost to replace the brake lines of the Silverado is $184 to $249.
  • Chevrolet S10: The S10 brake line replacement costs $219 to $282.
  • Ford F-150 front brake line replacement, F-150 brake line replacement, or F-350 brake line replacement: The Ford F-Series costs $144 to $193.
  • Ford Focus: Expect to pay $144 to $193.
  • Ford Fusion: This replacement costs $144 to $193.
  • Ford Ranger: The Ford Ranger brake line replacement is $119 to $169.
  • Honda Accord: Expect to pay $184 to $249.
  • Honda CR-V: Expect to pay $184 to $249.
  • Honda Civic: Expect to pay $184 to $249.
  • Nissan Altima: This repair costs $132 to $181.
  • Toyota Camry: Expect to pay $144 to $193.
  • Toyota Corolla: Expect to pay $144 to $193.


The above figures answer the question, “How much does a brake line cost?” plus the labor cost.


Older vehicles that are harder to find parts for can easily cost more. A 2004 Silverado brake line replacement may cost more than a brake line Chevy Silverado replacement in a more modern version.


Remember that averages are just that, averages. As such, you may pay several hundred dollars for other autos. You are unlikely, however, to pay more than $500 or $600 for this repair.


What Else Affects the Brake Line Repair Cost Estimate?


The price will vary greatly based on your auto’s make and model, how many brake lines need to be replaced, where you live, and the mechanic you go to. For example, all of the above averages are for third-party mechanics. If you bring your auto to a dealership instead, you may pay $400 or more.


The price will also depend on the type of brake line. Brake lines can be flexible or metal. Flexible lines are more affordable, reducing the cost. Additionally, metal brake lines can be more expensive to fix because you cannot cut them just to remove a falling area and reattach it.


How Long Does It Take to Replace Brake Lines? – How to Fix a Brake Line Broken


Are you wondering how to fix brake lines? The best method is to take it to your mechanic as he or she will have the experience needed to repair brake lines.


Your mechanic will start any repairs by inspecting and diagnosing your brakes. Thanks to accumulated experience and knowledge, your mechanic will be able to answer your question, “How long does it take to replace brake lines?” and then give you a brake line replacement cost estimate. These figures will be specific to your situation.


From there, the first step of how to replace a brake line involves the mechanic removing the old brake line. He or she will then put a new one in place. This part of the repair only takes a few minutes.


The repairs will still not be done, however. The mechanic will still need to flush your brake line during the repair. Additionally, the mechanic will clear the system of air. Before giving you your car back, your mechanic will confirm that every part works perfectly.


Reputable brake line repair shops near me should also include any other relevant steps for repairing brake lines in their estimate.


Overall, the entire brake line repair should take about one to two hours. This means that you do not need to find how to fix a brake line quickly since it will almost always be a fast repair.


If I Learn How to Repair a Brake Line, Can I Do It Myself?


If you are on a tight budget or somewhat mechanically inclined, you may be tempted to learn how to replace brake lines and do it yourself. You will save money on the brake lines replacement cost since you will only pay for the car brake line and not the labor.


While this seems like a good idea, in theory, it is not smart unless you are a professional mechanic with all of the necessary tools at your disposal. Remember that the average cost of brake line replacement includes the expert knowledge of your mechanic. Your labor fee not only pays for the time it takes for the repair but also the time the mechanic has previously spent training.


With something as important as your brakes, you do not want to cut corners. If you try to repair brake lines yourself, you may not do a great job. Even if you buy a brake line repair kit that promises to be easy to use and has clear instructions, fixing brake lines is not straightforward.


More importantly, there is no margin for error. If you make a mistake with the repairs, you may not be able to stop your car, resulting in an accident. Despite the prevalence of complete brake line replacement kits and steel brake line repair kits, leave it to the professionals.


Remember that if you make a mistake, the cost to replace a brake line will increase since your mechanic will need to fix the damage you cause, as well.


How to Fix a Brake Hose


Your mechanic will remove your tire and wheel assembly from your auto and put a pan under the auto to catch brake fluid before replacing the brake hose. The mechanic will temporarily open the bleeder screw of the brake caliper to apply residual pressure. The mechanic can then detach the ends of the hose and install new ones with new washers that are copper sealing.


As with a brake line replacement, your mechanic will always finish by testing the entire braking system.


Can I Prevent the Brake Line Replacement Cost?


As with any other repair in your auto, the best way to avoid the brake lines replacement cost or the cost to replace rusted brake lines is to take care of preventative maintenance. Check your owner’s manual to see how frequently you should have your mechanic inspect your brakes. If your manual does not say, then at least have them checked at 100,000 miles and again at every interval of 30,000 miles.


Do I Have to Pay the Brake Line Replacement Cost? Can I Drive With a Broken Brake Line?


Even though the cost to replace brake lines is less than many automotive repairs, you still may not want to go through with the repairs. Maybe you are on a very limited budget, or you cannot get your car to the shop.


However, it is not safe to drive without fixing your brake lines. You need to be in complete control of the brakes on your auto for your safety and that of others on the road with you. You should never drive a car with a damaged brake line as this is a serious safety risk.


No matter the reason that you are hesitant to complete repairs on your auto, you have two choices: either take care of the brake line repair or do not drive your car.


What Can You Do Instead of Replacing Brake Lines?

What Can You Do Instead of Replacing Brake Lines?


If you decide that you cannot or do not want not to pay the brake lines price and take care of the brake line leak repair in your auto, there is still another option. You cannot drive your car, but you can sell it.


Most buyers would want to drive your car, so they would want you to discount the brake lines cost from what they pay. We take a different approach and buy vehicles in any condition. We don’t care whether you need replacement brake lines, and the car cannot be safely driven. We will buy your car for a fair price and tow it from your location at no charge.


Instead of being out several hundred dollars or more thanks to the brake fluid leak repair cost, you will get cash in your hand to put towards another car or a different mode of transportation.


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