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Ball Joint Replacement Cost- What Happens When Yours Fails?

Ball Joint Replacement Cost

Have you noticed that your steering wheel is shaking lately? If so, it could be very dangerous to continue to drive because you don’t have complete control of your steering wheel. This could put you and another driver in harm’s way. If you notice problems occurring more frequently, you should go get a proper diagnosis from a mechanic. You don’t want any problems to get worse and they will the longer you continue to drive. After a mechanic runs diagnostic tests, they might determine that you have a faulty ball joint.

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Your first thought might be how much does a ball joint replacement cost? This is a great question and you should ask your mechanic. They will be able to give you a price estimate and a plan of action. They will be able to describe in detail what needs to be done to perform a ball joint replacement. You want to make sure you and the mechanic are on the same page so you are fully aware of what they will be doing to fix your car. This will help you financially plan for this ball joint replacement as well. If you need a ball joint replacement, you should expect to spend anywhere from $500 to $700. 


What Does The Ball Joint Do?


Ball joints have a very important job. They are a part of your car’s suspension system and they connect the steering knuckles to the control arms. These are crucial in guiding your steering wheel to move. How exactly does this work? The ball joint is like a flexible ball and socket. It allows the suspension to move up and down as well as steer your car. Without ball joints, you would have a very difficult time trying to steer your car. 


It is important to note that cars typically have multiple ball joint assemblies. The amount they have is dependent on the type of car you drive and the type of suspension system. As you can see, these ball joints are constantly working. Just like any other hard-working part in your car, they do wear out over time. When this happens they become very loose and will eventually affect your car’s wheel alignment. If your alignment is off, it will affect your ability to steer where you want to go.


These ball joints are located in the front or rear of your car. The placement of these is dependent on your car’s suspension design. If you don’t know where your ball joints are located, a mechanic will be able to inform you of this. They will also be able to determine if your wheels are out of alignment. If they are, they can realign them so you can properly steer your car in the direction you need to. 


If your ball joints are loose, you might notice a clunking sound coming from your suspension. This noise occurs to alter you that there is a problem. You should go see a mechanic as soon as possible. They will be able to tell you how to fix the problem and what your ball joint replacement cost will be. If you wait too long, the suspension could eventually collapse. If this happens, you will lose total control of your vehicle. 


What Are The Symptoms That I Need A Ball Joint Replacement?


You might be wondering what the symptoms are of failing ball joints. It is important to be aware of the signs so you can take action as soon as possible. This will help keep your replacement costs lower and potentially avoid further damage to your car’s suspension. 


One of the most common symptoms of worn-out ball joints is loud clunking noises coming from your car when you drive over bumps. When this happens, you might also feel your car shift from side to side. This can be a scary feeling because it seems like you don’t have full control over your car as it sways from side to side. It can also cause excessive wear and tear on your tires, which creates a lot of dangers while driving.


Another common sign of failing ball joints is if your car starts to shake or jitter as you drive. This will happen on flat roads that are paved well. If this does happen to you, you know there is an issue with your car. It is not normal for a car to shake on a flat road. It can be very dangerous when your ball joints wear out because it makes it much more difficult to steer your car. Can you imagine trying to steer your car and it won’t turn exactly where you need it to or it starts wandering from side to side? This is why it’s crucial you get your car check out at your local repair shop. They will be able to tell you what your ball joint replacement cost will be. 


What Is A Ball Joint Replacement?


A ball joint replacement can take some time because there are many different pieces you need to disassemble to reach the ball joints. A mechanic will be able to properly disassemble the necessary parts so that they can replace the ball joints. The good thing about this is that your mechanic is looking at other parts so if they find any other problems, they can fix them during this time. This is helpful so you don’t have to take your car in multiple times for different repairs. 


The mechanic will need to hoist the car up on jacks to take off the front wheel. Once a mechanic carefully disassembles the system, they will remove the worn-out ball joints. They will do this by using a ball joint separator to disconnect it from the control arms and the steering knuckle. They will then put on new ball joints in the exact same spot as the old ones.


 It is important to put everything back exactly how it was so your car will function how it is supposed to. Once they have the new ball joints on, they will reassemble all of the other parts of the system. They will carefully do this and make sure they put every back exactly how it was. This will ensure that the system will work properly once it is put back together. The last thing the mechanic will do is test drive your car. This will help the mechanic ensure your car is working properly.


When Should I Get A Ball Joint Replacement?


So, you might be wondering when is it necessary to get a ball joint replacement? This type of replacement is necessary once your ball joints have completely worn out. These ball joints will eventually break down over time since they are constantly working to ensure your car can steer properly. As mentioned above, if you hear a clunking noise or feel your steering wheel shake, it is time to get your ball joints checked out and most likely replaced. 


Additionally, your ball joints could be leaking fluid and that will lead to other worse issues. You most likely won’t be able to detect this but a mechanic will when they disassemble the system. You should be very careful about driving your car with damaged ball joints. If you continue to drive, you could severely damage your tires. To avoid worse problems from occurring, you should take your car into a mechanic to get your ball joints checked out. They will be able to give you an exact diagnosis and tell you what your ball joint replacement cost will be. 


How Important Is a Ball Joint Replacement?


A ball joint replacement is very important if they are worn out. The ball joint plays a crucial role in helping your car steer properly. The ball joints connect the control arm to the steering knuckle. The ball joints move up and down on the suspension so the steering wheel can work properly and stay steady. The ball joints help the wheels steer in the correct direction. 


If the ball joints fail, the entire system won’t work correctly. The suspension and the wheels will have a difficult time working independently to steer your car. When this happens, your wheel alignment could be altered which could severely damage the suspension. If this happens, you will be facing much worse problems and higher repair costs. This is why it’s important to get your ball joints replaced as soon as possible because they will damage other parts of your car if they aren’t working correctly. 


How Much Does A Ball Joint Replacement Cost?


The cost of replacing ball joints is dependent on the type of car you drive. Different makes and models require different parts. The average ball joint replacement cost is anywhere from $500 to $700. Another important factor that will affect the cost is how much damage is done to the system and the ball joints. If there is a lot of damage, you might have to buy a new combination control arm. 


The majority of times you will only need to purchase the individual ball joint pieces to replace the worn-out ones. This job can definitely take a while because a mechanic will need to disassemble a lot of parts to get to the ball joints. This will add up your labor costs. The longer a mechanic is working on your ball joint replacement, the more expensive the labor costs will be. 


How Can I Save Money On A Ball Joint Replacement?


Car repairs can get very expensive and the price continues to add up. If you are looking to save money on your ball joint replacement, you can do this by trying to do it on your own. It is possible to replace ball joints at your house. You want to make sure you are comfortable with doing this type of replacement. You will have to disassemble a lot of parts to get to the ball joints, so you need to be confident that you can perform this task. 


This type of replacement can be done using a special tool called a ball joint press. This tool will help you disassemble certain parts of your suspension so you can access the ball joints. Once you have gotten to the ball joints, you will need to take them off and add the new ones on. Again, this tool will be able to assist you with this entire process. 


It is always a good idea to consult with an experienced expert before you start this job on your own. You should also do research on the different aspects of this process before you start it. This will help keep you and your vehicle safe during the ball joint replacement. 




It is very common for drivers to wonder if their repair is absolutely necessary. Many individuals don’t want to spend the expensive repair costs and will try to drive as long as possible before fixing a part. Sometimes you can get away with this. However, the ball joint replacement is nothing you want to mess around with. If you continue to drive with this problem, you will end up causing more problems and seeing a higher repair bill. 


Once you have been told that you need a ball joint replacement, you need to decide the cost is worth it to you. If the replacement is more expensive than your car is worth, then it probably is not worth it. So now you have to decide what you want to do with your car. Cash Cars Buyer will take your car off your hands and give you cash for it. This is a great option because you don’t have to pay the expensive replacement costs and you can use the cash we give you to purchase a newer car.


If you are interested in this option, head over to our website to get a quote. You can also give us a call at any time and we will answer any of your questions you might be having. We want to make this process hassle-free for you. Contact us today to find out more information about this process. 

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