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How the 2021 Ford Ranger Tremor is Taking Off Road to a Whole New Level

How the 2021 Ford Ranger Tremor is Taking Off Road to a Whole New Level

It’s given that it’s not at the level of the bulbous, wide and muscular Raptor, but Ford is finally giving us a Ranger that is close enough to its level of greatness. It's not quite the Ranger Raptor that we're not going to stop dreaming about and wishing for as Raptor features such as BFGoodrich T/A KO2 all-terrain tires or a Fox racing suspension are lacking. But it has Raptor-like capabilities and more. Here’s how the 2021 Ford Ranger Tremor package is taking off-road to a whole new level.

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What is the Ford Ranger tremor package?


Mid-size-pickup segment competition is incredibly fierce, and staying at the game also means giving your truck’s off-road attributes a boost. Ford stays at the top of the competition and now the 2021 Ford Ranger can come with the Tremor package. A package that is true to its name will make your truck become a whole new different beast to watch out for.


Ford declared that the new Tremor package is the “most off-road-ready factory-built Ranger ever offered in the U.S.” It adds a new level of all-terrain capability without sacrificing the everyday drivability, payload and towing capacity Ranger owners expect. “Ranger Tremor can be your daily driver during the week then transform into your off-road adventure vehicle come Saturday morning,” as stated by Todd Eckert, the Group Marketing Manager of Ford.


The Tremor Off-Road Package can be bought for mid XLT and high Lariat series 2021 Ranger trucks with SuperCrew 4×4 configuration. The package price is $4,290 MSRP. 2021 Rangers that come equipped with the Tremor Off-Road Package are to be built at Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, Michigan, with production set to begin early next year.


2021 Ford Ranger Tremor Specs


The 2021 Ford Ranger Tremor started out as an XLT SuperCrew model, according to MotorTrend. Then it was converted into a wilderness-ready truck by the Ford vehicle personalization team with the addition of performance parts and a distinctive look.


In addition to a list of over 200 factory accessories, the Ranger Tremor slots above the FX2 off-road package for two-wheel-drive fun and the FX4 for four-wheel drive fun, which now ensures that there are three tiers of off-road equipment packages.


The Tremor goes beyond the already capable FX4 Off-Road Kit of today with off-road tuned lifted suspension combined with redesigned front knuckles and 32-inch Continental General Grabber™ A/TX all-terrain tires on new 17-inch Magnetic-painted wheels to deliver 9.7 inches of ground clearance. That is 0.8 inches above that of the base Ranger SuperCrew 4×4. These are configured in a different way than what you will get with the Performance Level 1 Package, according to Ford.


Tremor gives the off-road metrics of the Ranger a boost by an approach angle of 30.9 degrees, so up 2.2 degrees from the base SuperCrew 4×4, and also a departure angle of 25.5 degrees, up 0.1 degrees, and lastly a breakover angle of 24.2 degrees, which is up 2.7 degrees. Travel for the rear suspension rises to 8.1 inches. Together these changes ensure that clients on their way to their next epic destination will easily conquer more daunting terrain.


The tremor also comes with a FrontLoader bike mount, a frame-mounted front bash plate, SlimShady Awning and OverHaul HD bed rack with accessory sidebars by Yakima. Not to mention hood hinge auxiliary lights, bumper-mounted fog-lights and off-road recovery broads.


The shocks are specially installed with a progressive rebound end zone damping for vehicle control even as the pavement ends so nothing can stop you going off the road. For greater off-road composure, the front and rear springs are also calibrated accordingly. Increased wheel travel is allowed by a multi-leaf rear spring setup. To minimize damage over rugged terrain and enhance off-road comfort, the anti-roll bar stiffness has been decreased.


The truck also comes with tuned FOX™ 2.0 monotube dampers with rear piggyback reservoirs and hydraulic rebound stops for a comfortable pavement ride while also providing control over rough roads. 


The truck with the Tremor package will have front and underbody skid plates, along with front and back recovery hooks. Tremor also has an electronically locking differential.  It comes with four drive modes for its Ford Terrain Management System. The traction control device of Tremor is recalibrated for enhanced gravel acceleration and traction, so truck owners can punch it with gusto in a washout.  


If you wish to add your own features to the truck like winches for example, the  front dash has a six-switch auxiliary power to control the extra features. It has rated loads of 25 amps, 15 amps and 10 amps, and add three switches at 5 amps


The features level up the Ranger’s off-roading capability while keeping the unique advantages that come with a cargo box for hauling gears anywhere. The truck has 1,430-pound maximum payload and available 7,500-pound maximum towing capacity, so truck owners will be able to haul campers, bikes, boats and other gear on their exciting adventures.


2021 Ford Ranger Tremor Engine


The Ranger Tremor has the proven 270 horsepower 2.3-liter EcoBoost® engine and best-in-class 310 lb.-ft. gas torque, paired with a class-exclusive 10-speed automatic transmission and a standard 4×4 with electronic rear locking differential. 


“No matter if you’re on-road or off-road, your truck needs to be tough,” said Chad Callander, the Ford Ranger marketing manager. “That’s why toughness is engrained in Ranger’s DNA throughout design, engineering and testing. Tremor gives you the added confidence to get to where you need to go because it’s engineered to the same standards you expect in a Built Ford Tough truck.”


Appearance Update for the Tremor Package


Tremor incorporates new styling features in its interior and even on the exterior. On the outside and inside the cabin, the Ranger Tremor features a few changes. It receives cosmetic updates on the sides of the truck in the form of large Tremor stickers, similar to those seen on the Super Duty models. An optional hood and body kit can be purchased to further improve the look.


The grille has a magnetic-painted surround with black bars in the corners running across the middle and red nostril accents. On both sides of the cargo box there is special badging. Additional customization is added by an optional hood and body graphics pack.so The trendy interior features seats with Miko suede inserts and the word “Tremor” stitched on the seats, as well as black accents.


Like the restyled grille painted Magnetic Gray with black horizontal bars and red ‘nostril' accents, the 1-inch-wider stance and broader tires give the Ranger a decidedly more rugged look. Tremor graphics appear on both sides of the cargo area, and to further improve the look, buyers may also add an optional graphics package.


The cat-back exhaust by Borla and the rear differential cover makes up the other improvements. The Safari Snorkel is also on the front end. Ford, however, did not release the amount of water that the Ranger Tremor would tread. Portable air compressor can be found on the back, too.


What is the transmission on all Ranger models?

The Ford Motor Company has used approximately ten transmissions for its lightweight Ford Ranger since 1983. The transmission identification code can be located on the vehicle's safety compliance label at the driver's side door post.


The Ranger is manufactured with a single powertrain for North American production: a 2.3-liter EcoBoost inline-four coupled with a 10-speed 10R80 automatic transmission.The best-in-class 10-Speed Automatic Transmission from Ford is a performance revolution, offering even better response and more precise, quicker gear changes. Not to mention that it's more efficient.


How long do Ford Ranger engines last?


The Ranger is the ideal truck for those who are primarily concerned with a vehicle's functionality and practicality. With no significant faults, the Ford Ranger will last up to 20 years. The Ranger is firmly constructed and can push the 300k-mile mark with little difficulty, even though the truck is overshadowed by the F-150.


Earlier models also have issues with the timing chain and transmission. In early models, T6 Rangers had transmission and Turbo problems. The Ford Ranger should be high up on your list if you are in need of a practical, durable, mid-sized vehicle. These trucks have a strong loyal following and are reputed to be very robust and reliable. Nevertheless, there are some versions to avoid, like the 1999, 2001, 2005, 2008, 2013 and 2019.


A fast online search will show the 1999 models to be one of Ford's worst models ever made. Carcomplaints.com reports more than 1000 complaints on that model as it was plagued with electrical issues as well as problems related to the engine and interior.


The 2001 model was the Ranger's second worst year. The majority of complaints reported were related to transmission issues, followed by problems with interior accessories. Over 700 complaints, consisting of flashing onboard dash lights, rough shifting and transmission failures, were reported. And with all the gripes, these models have continued to rack up mileage well over 250k miles.


With just 354 reports logged on carcomplaints.com, things seemed to have changed quite a bit at the Ford production plant years forward. The worst 05 model issues were the poor wheel bearing, the burst of high pressure power steering lines, and the stalling of the engine while driving.


In 2008  almost 400 official complaints were listed. These mostly consist of air conditioning and body and paint problems. Compared to previous models, the engine and transmission woes are not that extreme.


Ford seems to have had a handle on things with fewer than 10 official reports reported on carcomplaints.com by the time the T6 2013 rolled around. Transmissions that do not move properly, transmission cooler failure and door latch failure are the worst 2013 Ranger issues.


By 2019 complaints came down to 43 with reports of rattle on the dash and weird buzzing from the engine. The worst complaint is that the engine light comes on and there’s also a loud wind noise from inside the cabin when driving.


When operating temperatures are mild, the T6 model Ford Ranger emits a buzzing noise at low RPM. This is a feature of fuel injection caused by the common-rail high-pressure with a fuel pressure of 1800 bar and the split-shot working fuel injectors. Since the engine noise is not consistent, it causes many owners to be worried. 


One explanation for this behavior is because the T6 uses split-mode technology for injector. Injector Split mode happens when the Ranger is idling and driving at low operating temperatures and low rpms. As a portion of the gas in the injector is built to escape through a split vent, it is called split mode. This simply means that it will vaporize a bit of gas and escape through the split vent. 


To fully enjoy the vehicle for long you have to give it proper attention. You don't have to  absolutely baby it or not use it regularly as  The Ford Ranger is made for rugged driving and rough roads, so it will not be hurt by a little nudging. What a Ranger needs is daily checking, thorough body splashing, and proper maintenance. Your truck will last for as long as 300,000 miles if you do this.


The first signs of rust occur 2 to 10 years after its production. Rust can also begin as early as 2 months after the release of the vehicle for Rangers with manufacturing defects. Usual rust starting points are the vehicle's chassis and suspension, frame, and surface. Reports also show that Rangers are more likely to rust during the winter. You can delay rust by spraying film fluid on your truck.



The 2021 Ford Ranger Tremor Package is built to become a show stopper. With all its new off-roading capabilities coupled with its matching updated Ford is set to realize every dirtheads vision of a perfect midsize camping truck.

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