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2019 Ford Fiesta Engine Problems: Everything You Need to Know

2019 Ford Fiesta Engine Problems: Everything You Need to Know

Some of the top reported 2019 Ford Fiesta engine problems has to do with engine sputtering and additional errors displayed on the vehicle’s computer.

Although customers have been waiting for the new 2019 Ford Fiesta vehicle, they were slightly disappointed when hearing that the automaker did not perform any major upgrades to this car. To make things even more disappointing, customers immediately realized some issues with the engine when purchasing this vehicle, which poked a hole in their excitement about purchasing a modern vehicle.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

If you were planning to purchase a used 2019 Ford Fiesta, keep in mind that this is the last model in this line as for decided to discontinue it after the 2019 release. Also, you need to be prepared to check and inspect any major engine problems before purchase.

On the other hand, if you are an existing owner of a 2019 Ford Fiesta, you need to be aware of when it's the right time to fix this vehicle versus selling it instead to reduce the headache in dealing with major mechanical issues especially those associated with the engine.

Our team conducted a detailed review of all reported complaints about this vehicle's engine. Not only we summarized all reported 2019 Ford Fiesta engine problems, but also, we highlighted some additional problems that you might face when driving such a vehicle. 

2019 Ford Fiesta Overview

Customers were very excited about purchasing 2019 Ford Fiesta vehicles as it provides them with one of the most modern cars without breaking their budgets. 

However, when taking a closer look at the vehicle, customers immediately realized that there are no major upgrades to this car, and it's not very different than the 2018 model year, except for the small changes and upgrades to some of the trims. 

Surprisingly, Ford decided to discontinue the Ford Fiesta immediately after the 2019 model year. Thus, when looking to purchase a used 2019 Ford Fiesta, keep in mind that it's the last model in this line, and there's going to be no new upgrades. 

With that in mind, the 2019 Ford Fiesta had the same characteristics as the 2018 model year, including the four-wheel drive, the 1.6-liter 4-cylinder engine, the 6-speed automatic, or the five and six-speed manual transmissions. 

With this combination, you can still achieve between 120 and 197 of horsepower and 27 miles per gallon on city roads and 37 miles per gallon on the highway. 

While Ford did not perform any major upgrades to this model year, there are still plenty of options that attracted several customers and brought good profit to the company with a large number of purchases, including:

  • Great handling
  • Very nice cabin
  • The additional user-friendly infotainment system 

Although there were still many great features attracting customers to purchase the 2019 Ford Fiesta, reported customers' complaints about major mechanical problems with this vehicle poked a hole in the excitement about purchasing such a modern vehicle. Thus, you need to keep your radar on some of these reported complaints to avoid purchasing a 2019 Ford Fiesta with major mechanical problems. 

2019 Ford Fiesta Engine Problems

Given that the 2019 Ford Fiesta hasn't been on the road for a long time, there is still little information available to help us conclude the top reported 2019 Ford Fiesta engine problems.

It's in our in-depth review of reported complaints on larger forums like edmunds.com, repairpal.com, nhtsa.gov, and others; we only notice that the only two reported problems about the engine have to do with the engine sputtering, especially when you're driving at 4500 RPM. The other complaint is more focused on the engine hesitating to accelerate, and some displayed computer errors. 

Based on our results, the number of reported complaints might be a little misleading to some readers indicating that the vehicle doesn’t have a lot of problems as compared to previous model years. However, there is still a lot to learn and before the vehicle reaches a couple of more years on the road, one can’t conclude that we won’t see additional problems.

This, however, does not mean that the 2019 Ford Fiesta is engine problems-free; There is still a lot to learn once we receive more information about this vehicle.  

  • Engine sputtering 

At least one owner of an 8300 miles Ford Fiesta indicated that his vehicle experiences engine sputtering, especially when the engine runs at 4500 RPM. 

The owner described the problem as the vehicle choking on fuel, and he did not indicate that the problem occurred continuously on the vehicle as rather just a one-time problem. 

Since we didn't hear any additionally reported complaints and getting the same problem, we can't conclude and say that the 2019 Ford Fiesta suffers from spotting issues under normal circumstances. 

Unsurprisingly, the automaker did not consider the problem as major and did not discuss it in any of their service bulletins. He should get every call focus specifically on this problem. 

How to fix this 2019 Ford Fiesta engine problem?

We don't yet have any information regarding ways to fix the problem as the customer who reported the complaints did not include any repair options or repair costs. 

Customer complaints #1

Bought a 2019 Ford Fiesta S from Andy Morh Ford in Plainfield IN. In Indiana we have some short and honestly dangerous on ramps. They require you to turn sharp as H*ll in a loop then floor it so you can get up to 80 mph in about 200 feet while other cars merge into your ramp lane to get off the interstate (tight double clovers). I have to take one of these on my way to work. I have noticed that as my car reaches 4,500 rpm at full throttle the engine will sputter like it choking on fuel. for a short period of time this leads to an unreliable and powerless car while already in an inherently hazardous situation. Andy Morh has continuously held off fixing my car issues.”

  • The vehicle fails to accelerate at 1100 RPM 

Another issue associated with higher RPMs with the 2019 Ford Fiesta is failing to deaccelerate.

At least another customer reported the problem to nhtsa.gov. After they took this vehicle to the dealership, the technicians indicated some computer failure that was not resolved what any types of repairs were. 

What was very surprising about this complaint is that it occurred at relatively newer vehicles of only 5100 miles! How about when the vehicle reaches 100,000 miles? 

How to fix this 2019 Ford Fiesta engine problem?

As of writing this article, no technicians, or dealerships, or even service bulletins were released to address this problem. It's not surprising not to find any repairs option because the problem was not reported as often. However, things might be a little different soon, especially when seeing additional complaints. 

Customer complaints #1

The contact owns a 2019 Ford Fiesta. While driving 20 mph, the vehicle failed to decelerate when the accelerator pedal was released. The contact stated that the engine rpms were at 1,100. When the brake pedal was depressed, there was a delay, the vehicle continued to move forward, and the rpms dropped to 750. The vehicle was taken to dave smith Ford (located at 4045 transit rd, williamsville, NY 14221, (716) 634-2000) where it was diagnosed that there was computer failure. The vehicle was not repaired. The manufacturer was not notified. The failure mileage was 5,100.”

Other 2019 Ford Fiesta Problems

Although we've listed a good number of serious problems with the 2019 Ford Fiesta engine, this doesn't mean that there are no other issues with this vehicle.

Unfortunately, automotive experts indicated that the vehicle suffers from major issues with the malfunctioning airbags, dangerously built structures, and faulty service brakes. 

  • 2019 Ford Fiesta airbag problems 

When you're investing in a modern vehicle, likely the 2019 Ford Fiesta, the last thing that might come to your mind is an issue with the airbags. You won't discover this problem until, unfortunately, you are involved in a major car accident.

Surprisingly, several customers indicated that the vehicle suffers from defective airbags, putting the customer's life at risk. 

As of now, the automaker did not release any recall to address this problem, although it's one of the most serious ones. One might feel that it's not safe to drive the 2019 Ford Fiesta, knowing it has some issues with the airbags. 

  • 2019 Ford Fiesta brakes problems 

Aside from the airbag problems, safety issues did not end here, and there is something to keep on your radar when analyzing the safety of your potential used 2019 Ford Fiesta.

Breaks issues are also one serious reported issue about the 2019 Ford Fiesta, with several customers indicating that the vehicle's brake pedal might not engage and might depress down without any response, which could be dangerous when driving the highways. 

While the automaker did not release any recalls focusing on this problem, they indicated in one of their NHTSA campaigns that the front brakes might experience some swollen seals resulting in brakes dragging. 

  • 2019 Ford Fiesta vehicle structure problems 

Does the 2019 Ford Fiesta have a dangerously designed structure? There are some initial indications that customers are afraid of driving this vehicle because of some structure design issues. At least one customer reported to Edmunds.com that Ford could have done a better job installing a stronger and safer structure rather than saving to provide a cheaper vehicle. 

There were a few reported complaints addressing issues not related to safety components. For example, one customer indicated some problems with the vehicle's paint Chipping easily despite the gentle use of the vehicle.

Another customer also had to deal with steering vibration problems at only 50 miles. This customer owned A 100 Eco-boost 1.0-liter vehicle with a manual transmission. He indicated that the problem with steering vibration occurs at higher speeds of around 70 mph. The problem was also associated with some whining noise is coming from the driver's side. As a result, the customer indicated that this is the last time he will purchase any Ford Fiesta in the future. 

Are There Any Recalls on the 2019 Ford Fiesta?

Despite the high number of reported complaints about the 2019 Ford Fiesta engine, the automaker did not issue any recalls to address these complaints.

However, by the time of this article, there is only one recall which was released on August 28th, 2019, addressing problems with the service brakes.

Yes, this recall sounds a bit scary to many customers, especially since it's dealing with some of the safety features in your vehicle that might result in catastrophic consequences. No one will ever want to deal with brake failure, especially if you're one of those people driving on the highway most of your time and on your daily basis. 

More specifically, the automaker decided to recall several vehicles from the 2019 Ford Fiesta model year due to an issue with the foundation component of the hydraulic system. They indicated that affected vehicles might not have the right caliper for the brakes designed and manufactured using the wrong assembly fluid. 

As a result, affected vehicles might experience some caliper rubber swelling, resulting in two brakes dragging and increasing the chances of brakes overheating, which results in too higher risks of crashes. 

Ford advised all affected vehicles to visit the nearest dealership starting October 10th, 2019, to get the problem resolved free of charge. Most likely, all faulty vehicles needed to flush the brake fluid and install the right fluid along with replacing the front brake calipers and, in some scenarios, the brake hoses. All these repairs shouldn't cost customers anything because the automaker requires dealerships to perform the repairs free of charge. 

Should You Repair 2019 Ford Fiesta Engine Problems?

When it comes to engine problems, one should be very careful about when it's worth fixing these problems versus selling the vehicle instead. Luckily, they reported 2019 Ford Fiesta engine problems are not major so far, which indicates that it's doable to get it resolved and invest in fixing these problems, especially if you have an extended warranty.

Since it's slightly early to conclude what other engine problems you might face with your 2019 Ford Fiesta, be prepared to deal with additional complicated issues that might require a wise decision about whether it's worth fixing it or not. 

If you have experienced some major new problems with the 2019 Ford Fiesta and realized that repair costs would be very high and probably not covered by the insurance company, it might be the right time to step back and perform an in-depth evaluation.

Cash Cars Buyer is here to assist you and help you whenever you're ready to sell your 2019 Ford Fiesta to reduce the headache of dealing with these major engine problems. We guarantee to buy your 2019 Ford Fiesta despite its condition; We are willing to buy your vehicle even if it was involved in a major car accident or any other despite those related to the engine.

We advise you to reach out to one of our customer services who are willing to answer any questions you have and help you go through the process smoothly without wasting any time or effort. 

To learn more about our process and our team, you can reach out to us by giving us a call at 866-924-4608 or visit our home page click on the free instant online offer