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2014 Ford Focus Transmission Problems: Shuddering, Slipping, and Grinding!

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Some of the top reported 2014 Ford Focus transmission problems included shuddering, slipping, grinding, hesitating, jerking, and a complete transmission failure!

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In a recent study published by consumerreports.org, the 2014 Ford Focus is listed as one of those vehicles that will most likely need a transmission replacement at some point in time.

This is not the best news that many 2014 Ford Focus lovers want to hear. Unfortunately, that's a reality in many situations.

Drivers need to familiarize themselves with the top 2014 Ford Focus transmission problems to become proactive about them and monitor for these problems.

This article summarizes the 2014 Ford Focus transmission problems reported by customers and the expected miles where these problems might occur. It also highlights some expected repair costs for replacing and fixing the transmission, along with some alternatives from other brands that you should consider when shopping for your next used vehicle.

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What transmission does the 2014 Ford Focus have?

Before we start the discussion about the 2014 Ford Focus transmission problems, we must get a general understanding of the type of transmission equipped in this vehicle.

The 2014 Ford Focus comes with a 5-speed manual transmission in the standard package. There is, however, an option for A6 speed automated manual transmission.

2014 Ford Focus transmission problems

This section will summarize the 2014 Ford Focus transmission problems as reported by carcomplaints.org. We will highlight the problem, expected mileage when it occurs, and the potential repair options and repair costs.

1.    Hesitation

Transmission hesitation is one of the most reported problems with the 2014 Ford Focus transmission. It was reported by more than 134 people, which is a high number when it comes to the number of reporting problems to the car from plants.com.

According to customers, the reported problem is expected to happen at about 24,000 miles, which is early

To avoid the bad hesitation issue, customers had to either replace the clutch in vehicles equipped with a manual transmission or reach out to the dealership for the transmission control module recall.

Fixing the hesitation in the 2014 Ford Focus transmission required about $1500 on average, which is still a high number for early-stage problems in a vehicle from a reputable brand like Ford.

2.    Shuddering

Vehicle shuttering was another issue reported multiple times by several customers about the 2014 Ford Focus transmission. These customers accounted for about 47 complaints. They mentioned the problem occurred mostly at around 18,000 miles which is again one of the very early stages of the lifespan of a vehicle.

To resolve the issue, customers had to implement several approaches, including replacing the clutch assembly, installing a new TCM, or updating the computer in some rare instances.

Unfortunately, there were no details about how much customers should expect to deal with transmission shuddering in the 2014 Ford Focus transmission.

3.    Slipping

Transmission hesitation and shuddering are not the only reports about the Ford focus; customers also complained about transmission slipping in more than 23 complaints. This slipping is expected to happen at around 18,000 miles as well.

Customers also had to replace that ECM and the clutch assembly to resolve the problem. In addition, some other customers mentioned they had to install a new transmission for the vehicle to perform regularly.

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4.    Grinding

Who would expect transmission grinding for the 2014 Ford Focus at around 13,000 miles?! Importunately, this problem was reported by about 21 complaints to carcomplaints.com.

The problem required replacing the transmission differential or getting rid of the vehicle completely. Routine repairs averaged $2300! This number is very high when dealing with car problems at only 13,000 miles.

5.    Failure

Many complaints mentioned that the 2014 Ford Focus transmission is expected to fail at around 35,000 miles! A failed transmission required installing a whole new transmission, rebuilding the transmission, or replacing the clutch assembly and the actuator. Repair costs average at around $3200.

6.    Jerking

Finally, several customers reported that the 2014 Ford Focus vehicle might cause loud jerking noises at around 44,000 miles. Customers did not provide details about what repair options were offered. Still, they mentioned that average repair costs were about $1500, which is again a very high number when dealing with some car problems at only 44,000 miles.

7.    Difficulty shifting

The great 2014 Ford Focus vehicle might cause difficulty shifting gears at around 35,000 miles. The problem is most likely related to the OR because of the dealership recall that was released specifically for this problem.

No information was provided regarding the expected repair costs and repair options, which seems to be because of the recall meaning that the dealership took care of any repairs.

8.    Transmission overheating

On very rare occasions, customers mentioned that the transition might get overheated at around 156,000 miles. So it is not surprising to start dealing with these complicated core compliance problems at late stages in the vehicle's lifespan.

Therefore, transmission overheating might not be a top concern about the 2014 Ford Focus because many other brands and vehicles are expected to deal with such problems at these stages. Therefore, customers should be more concerned about the previously mentioned 2014 Ford Focus transmission problems.

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What to do to avoid the 2014 Ford Focus transmission problems?

If you own a 2014 Ford Focus and you did not yet have to deal with transmission problems, there are some things to keep in mind and recommendations to avoid dealing with the major catastrophic transition outcomes, including:

  • Keep an eye on your vehicles owner’s manual and maintain any recommended checkups for your 2014 Ford Focus transmission
  • Consider flushing the transmission fluid because it is one of the main reasons for many of the 2014 Ford Focus transmission failures
  • Be proactive about the Ford Focus transmission problems and evaluate other alternatives before keeping this vehicle for a long time
  • If you decide to go with selling your 2014 Ford Focus, you must be clear about any potential transmission problems that you are dealing with currently and never hide these at all

What are other alternatives for the 2014 Ford Focus?

Despite the reported problems with the 2014 Ford Focus transmission, some people are still interested in this vehicle and would be looking for some alternatives. The good news is that consumerreports.org provides some options for interested people.

Therefore, consider checking out the 2013 to 2015 Mazda 3 and the 2012 to 2015 Honda Civic if you would like some recommendations. They should have very similar characteristics to your preferred Ford Focus vehicle, but they might not have as many reported transmission issues as those associated with a 2014 Ford Focus.

How much does it cost to fix the 2014 Ford Focus transmission problems?

2014 Ford Focus transmission repairs costs differ significantly depending on the problem you're dealing with. For example, if you had to replace the entire transmission, expect to pay close to $3500! However, if all your problem has to do with replacing the transmission fluid, then your repair costs will drop significantly and approach only $150.

Keep in mind that Repair costs are also impacted by the labor costs, which can be significant if you decide to go to a Ford dealership. However, you also want to ensure that expert mechanics are working on your 2014 Ford Focus so you don't introduce additional problems that could cost you more money than going to a dealership.

Unfortunately, the 2014 Ford Focus transmission problems or not something you can resolve on your own like simple components changes because it requires an advanced level of mechanical skill sets to deal with such sensitive components like the transmission. Some customers might feel comfortable dealing with the transition, but that's not recommended especially considering the high value of the vehicle nowadays.

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How to avoid buying a 2014 Ford Focus with transmission problems?

As we mentioned before, the 2014 Ford Focus transmission problems are not expected to appear at the first stage of your vehicle’s lifespan. Therefore, some people might still be interested in trying this vehicle and purchasing a used one.

If you're planning to purchase a used 2014 Ford Focus, you must be very careful about inspecting this car. While typically we advise that customers focus on certain symptoms hearing that the transmission is failing, when it comes to the 2014 Ford Focus, you should hire A mechanic who has better experience in detecting these problems than you here

In other words, your mechanic should detect early signs of transmission failures that you might not be able to know. Unfortunately, these symptoms are clear

We still recommend that you explore the other options and avoid getting to a point where you have to deal with catastrophic transmission failures by purchasing a used 2014 Ford Focus with thousands of miles.

What to do if I have a 2014 Ford Focus?

If you ended up with a 2014 Ford Focus that has significant transmission problems, then you have a couple of options pending on what you're dealing with.

For example, if your 2014 Ford Focus is at the early stages of its lifetime, which is rare, you might still have a little time to drive it without worrying about transmission problems. However, you got to be very careful about any early signs of transmission issues so you can take the vehicle to the nearest shop and fix it.

On the other hand, if your 2014 Ford Focus is at the last stages where the mileage or most transition problems are expected to occur, then you got to be very proactive about the issue and either consider selling the vehicle or at least maintain the transmission and keep an eye for any major symptoms.

Lastly, if your 2014 Ford Focus already has some major transmission problems, there is a situation where you want to evaluate whether it's worth selling the vehicle or fixing it. In most scenarios, if transmission problems are very severe, that's when you're advised to sell your vehicle and buy a better one.

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Final thoughts

The 2014 Ford Focus is known for some reported major transmission problems that might cost up to $4000 for the repair. This article summarized most of these problems and provided some recommendations about what to do if you have a 2014 Ford Focus or if you're planning to purchase a used 2014 Ford Focus.

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