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Worst Tire Brands – Are Cheap Tires Dangerous?

Worst Tire Brands

Your tires are the “feet” of your vehicle. Your car needs healthy, viable and durable “feet”. So, when you don’t have sound, stable and durable tires, you’re in trouble. With bad and bald tires, you are welcoming lots of problems into your vortex. So, instead of guessing as to the worst tired brands out there, allow us to provide you with the data and information you need to stay safe on the road ahead! 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Tires are some of the most important car components you can ever buy. Think of your tires as “four matching investment car parts”. You want long-lasting, strong and sturdy tires that can withstand the rough and unstable roads we all drive on. You also want a good value for your tires too. 

Are Cheap Tires Dangerous? 

It’s safe to assume that we all are on budget. But there are some items in life you can buy on the cheap. Other things… well you have to spring for the best, in an effort to save money in the long run. A tire is something you don’t want to buy on the cheap. If you continue to buy off- the-cuff tires to get by, then you end up spending more money on them, than you bargained for. You want a great set of tires, with lasting power and the performance you need, based on your driving habits. So, in a word, yes. Cheap tires can be dangerous and cost you more in the long run. 

What Should I Look For When Buying A Tire Then? 

Great question to ask! Let’s look at what you should be looking for, when buying tires for your car. 

Specific Features 

Depending on the kind of driving you do, you want a tire that has features that you need. For example, you may need an “all weather” tire, if you live where snow and ice are a factor on the roads. Many tire manufacturers make claims such as a reduction in stopping distance for your car. Other tire companies claim that their tires can increase your car’s fuel economy.  But even if you are just looking to replace your tires, you want to know all of the features that your replacement set has available.

The Longevity 

Once it’s time to purchase new tires, you want to find out how long you can expect to keep them, based on normal wear and tear. Many tire manufacturers offer estimates on the mileage that the tire tread is good for. Tire longevity can be based on several factors. For example, road elevation, the curves on a road, the if the tires will be driven in hot or cold climates. Typically, all-season tires have a tread-life that falls between approximately 40,000 and 100,000 miles (which comes out to 64,374 and 160,934 kilometers). 


All cars require a specific size of tire. And purchasing the wrong size for your car, can cause lots of issues. So, if you don’t know the size of tire your car takes, you can always look at your owner’s manual or visit the Internet. Or, you can just visit your local car care shop! 

Speed Rating

Did you know that tires are rated on the speed they offer? Tire manufacturers have specific factors data and specifications that detail the speed that that tire is created for. You can also call the tire manufacturer and get more information about the speed rating for your tire. 

Tire Price 

Yes, the price of your tire is something you want to consider as you purchase your tire. While you don’t want to buy too cheap of a tire, you want to find a good value for your tire. Just as with any vehicle-related purchases, the price of your car tires, can and should be a factor when buying your tires.  You may be able to find great options online, but you want to have a solid value for your tires. Now is a great time to check trusted tire stores and find out what specials that they are running. You may also check “warehouse clubs” and stores to see what they offer too. You can purchase your tires, get them mounted and balanced, for a great deal. You just have to do the work in finding out the greatest deal. 


Before you buy a set a tires, check to see what the warranty is on the tires. Many manufacturers will offer consumers a warranty that is about 50,000 miles to 80,000 miles. But your tires may not necessarily last that long. The life of a tire depends on your driving habits. Do you use your car for your own business and have to travel in it every day? Do you have to travel on gravel or dirt roads each day, for your company? Do you just do city driving and will possibly encounter a nail or two getting embedded in the tire? With that warranty, you have the right to receive a new set of tires for free, if they get worn and torn before the warranty expires. Just ask your tire retailer for details and get data in writing before purchasing your tires. 


The Worst Tire Brands For 2020 

OK- we did some research and found some tire brands that just don’t make the cut. Check out what tire brands that we recommend you stay away from for your vehicle. 

  1. Westlake Tires
  2. AKS Tires 
  3. Compass Tires 
  4. Telluride tires

These four tire brands are very cheap tires, crafted by the Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Company, Chinese- based company. Reports indicate that these four tire brands lack basic features that are important for a tire to have. For example, this foursome above seem to shy away from the needed gum strips- a rubber feature that that help to prevent steel belts inside the tire from damaging the rubber or separating from the rubber. 


Are There Any Brand Of Tires That Are The Worst Tire Brands? 

We found a few more…. 

  1. Chaoyang Tires 
  2. Westlake Tires 
  3. Geostar Tires 
  4. Goodride Tires 
  5. Compass Tires

With these five mentioned, many tires experts tested these tires and found that none of them meet general safety and quality tests. This group of lackluster tires, don’t even have the basic must-haves that a tire should have. For example, this group above also lacks those important gum strips that we mentioned in the first group of cheap tires. Just one look at the outer frame of these tires, would not garner a “red flag”. But when you check the price and if you are to purchase them and see, you will find that the lifespan of these tires, is quite less than quality tires. These tires are also very cheap compared to their competitors. 


Why Are Cheap Tires A Bad Idea? 

We have some specific reasons that cheap tires are not a good idea. 


No Resell Value 

As car, car parts and certain car accessories can have great resell value to them, cheap and low-grade tires don’t. if you buy a great set of quality tires, and you decide that you don’t want them, you can sell them for a great price and earn most of your money back. But cheap tires have no resell value to them. And if they don’t work for you, then you may be stuck with them. Good luck selling your limited- name or no-name brand tires, that are crafted of poor rubber and offering limited features! 


Lack Safety 

The cheap tires that you just bought… the ones that have no sound reputation for excellence… will not offer you a safe drive. Stable and quality tires have to undergo several safety inspections. But with cheap tires, they are manufactured, and then placed on the market with no testing. You want a tire that can withstand the rough roads ahead of you. 


No Warranty & Wearing Out Faster? 

If your new tires have no warranty, then you need to move on. Also, if you find that your new tires are already missing tread just after a short amount of time, after purchase, then it’s time to move into another direction. 

You have other problems with your car, based on those awful tires 

Your tires play an important part in your vehicle’s performance. So, of you have worn, bald and damaged tires, then you have other issue with your car too!  


They look awful! 

OK- think about this… You buy a high-quality dress or suit to wear to a wedding. You look sharp and beautiful! Then you get down to the footwear, and you look cheap! Why pair a quality suit or dress with cheap shoes? The same can be asked of your car. You have this “smoking car”. You spend a good amount of money on it. Then you find this great Internet deal on a brand of tire, that no one has heard of. WHAT? Your ride is “the bomb” but your tires look cheap? No way! Those brand-new cheap tires you just bought have strings coming out of them, are fading and turning blue or gray- instead of staying black. UGH! 

Buying tires does not have to break your bank. But you want to purchase quality tires that are durable, stable and have a reputation of outstanding performance. So, you may have to tighten the budget just for a bit, and spring for a great set of tires, but in the end, you will be glad you did. It’s worth it to have quality parts, a beautiful car, and quality tires. Trust us on this one. 

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