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Window Switch Replacement Cost – This $230 Fix Can Help You Prevent Any Further Electrical Damage! 

Window Switch Replacement Cost – This $230 Fix Can Help You Prevent Any Further Electrical Damage! 

The average price of the window switch replacement cost is between $227 and $257, with the total cost of the parts coming to around $185 and $204. The total price of the labor is between $42 and $53, with the total time of the procedure taking less than 30-45 minutes to complete. 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


Let’s look at the function of the power window switch in most modern cars today and how this part is instrumental to providing a comfortable and performance-oriented ride! Once you know the crucial role of this part, we will then discuss the symptoms of a faulty switch, the method for testing the power switch, and average replacement prices for this internal door mechanism. 

What is the car window switch? 

The car window switch is an important component in most modern cars that allow occupants to roll up their windows or roll them down in the event of warm weather. The window switch is located on the driver’s side door panel, giving the car driver control of all power windows in the car. 

Cut Out Switch 

There is also a cut out switch, or window lock switch, that allows the driver to activate the other windows. By turning on this mechanism, only the driver is in charge of controlling the window position on the other three doors. This safety apparatus can be a good choice for those who have small children or animals in the car. 

Instrument Panel

Furthermore, the window switch in the vehicle is usually combined with the door locks. The combination of the locks, window switches, and switch panels is typically called the ‘switch panel,’ or the instrument cluster panel that operates the power mechanisms in the car. 


Some switch panels in the cars have removable window switches, while other switch panels are only one piece. 

How does the window switch function?

When determining the window switch replacement cost, you need to know the importance of this part before paying the mechanic for this procedure. When the ignition switch is turned on, and your car is running, the window switches are activated on the doors of the vehicle. 


By pressing the window switch, the electrical connection between the relay, fuse block, window motor, and window regulator all work together to control the position of the windows and the locking mechanism. 

Symptoms of a Faulty Power Window Switch

For a river to know why the importance of paying the window switch replacement cost is crucial to the longevity of the car, they must first know the signs and symptoms of a faulty or malfunctioning switch that can cause further electrical issues in their car.

Window Can’t Move

When a switch can’t work together and communicate with the electrical circuit with the motor and the regulator, the window can’t be raised or lowered. If the power window switch on the driver’s door does not raise or lower the window, but the power switch works properly, this is a clear sign that there is a failure in the switch. 


Furthermore, if the power window switch does not move the window up or down or lock the windows, but the driver's switch does, this is a clear symptom of a power door window switch failure on the specific door. 

Testing the Power Window Switch

To determine if you need to pay the window switch replacement cost, you need to analyze and test the function of the car’s window and window switch. 

Step 1: Check the Power Switch function

  • The first step is to check the function of the power switch and if any electricity is getting to the door. Turn the key to the ‘on’ position and press on the upside of the switch to control the window upwards. 
  • As you press the switch, the door window should go up with the door open or the door closed. 

Step 2: Check the Cut Out Switch 

  • Press on the cut-out switch to lock the passenger windows. If the lock does not work, there is an issue with the cutout switch that can increase the window switch replacement cost.
  • Next, check each window to make sure it is locked. Ensure when you press the cutout switch, the windows lock and unlock at the same time. 

Step 3: Check for Other Electrical Damage 

If the door windows do not open after replacing the power window switch, you may have to bring your car back to the mechanic so they can diagnose the power window switch assembly and see if there is evidence of a further electronic component failure in your vehicle. 

Can you drive with a faulty power window switch? 

Driving with a power window switch failure is not likely to harm any other components in the electrical systems of your vehicle. Fortunately, paying for the window switch replacement cost can come at your own time and leisure, as a broken window switch will not impede the safety of your driving. 


However, if the window switch is constantly rolling one of the windows up or down, this can become a nuisance and safety issue for drivers. If you drive during inclement weather, like prolonged snow and precipitation, the rolling down of the windows can make you cold and distracted while operating the vehicle. 


In addition, if the power window switch is constantly engaged and the window motor is constantly working, it can become overworked, leading to premature window motor failure. The overuse of the motor and the switch can cause increased breakdown and wear of the door mechanisms.


Lastly, some cars will not turn off the accessories while the engine is off and the key is taken out of the ignition. If this is the case, the window switch is constantly pressed, causing an overload on the electrical system. This can lead to security issues, door lock concerns, and an increased risk of theft and vandalism. 

Car Window Repair Steps

If you want to save money on the overall window switch replacement cost, you can perform the labor to replace or repair your car window without bringing your vehicle to a mechanic or dealership. A broken power window can be an expensive repair, but if you have basic skills and access to a manual, you can save hundreds of dollars. 

Step 1: Remove the Switch Panel

  • If one of your switch panels or power windows does not work, you will have to learn how to manually raise and lower the window every time you want air to enter the cabin. To prevent having to operate your window manually, you should ask your mechanic for a quote on the window switch replacement cost.
  • The first step is first to check the fuse – if the fuse is working correctly, you can narrow down the issue to a faulty window switch, broken window motor, or a malfunctioning window regulator that lifts and lowers the glass. 
    • If you have to replace the window motor, you are looking at least a few hundred dollars to get your window back in working order. 
  • The next step is to remove all trim panel fasteners to access the window switch and perform the testing. 
    • Remove the trim panel and peel off the vapor barrier to gain access to the car window switch. 

Step 2: Disconnect the Power

  • Once the trim panel and switch panel have been removed, reach into the door panel and disconnect the power connector to the window motor. 
  • Connect the leads of your voltmeter to the connector, and turn the key to the ‘on’ position. 
  • Once the ‘on’ position is activated, move the window switch up and down to see if the window switch is operating correctly. 
    • If you find the voltage reading does not change when you toggle the switch, you can narrow your problems to the window motor or the window regulator. 

Step 3: Replace the Regulator Assembly 

  • Next, the mechanic will have to replace the entire regulator assembly instead of just quitting you for the price of the window motor or the window switch replacement cost.
  • Remove the window regulator bolts that hold the window to the glass panel.
  • Then, you have to remove the glass by tilting it away from the door and lifting it out of the track. 
  • Remove the regulator bolts and rivets by using a drill to remove them. 

Step 4: Install the New Window Regulator

  • The final step is to install the new window regulator by bolting the regulator in place and reinstalling the motor and window switch connectors. 
  • Lastly, tighten everything and replace the vapor barriers. By doing this procedure yourself, you can save money on the window switch replacement cost.

Window Regulator Function

Since power windows and window motors are certainly more convenient than the traditional manual windows, the window motor allows power windows to work properly and efficiently. Keeping this part is crucial to your car’s efficiency, with the window motor repair cost being a key statistic to know. 


Every door with a power window has an electric window motor built inside the window mechanism. When the driver or the passenger pushes the button on the door to change the window’s position, this turns on the electric motor. This electric window motor then uses the regulator in order to perform the correct action on the window. 

Sample Power Window Switch Replacement Costs

Although you already know how much your car price will run for you for some local shops in your area or the automotive chains that can provide car window power switch repair, we also have some samples of the power switch replacement cost today. 

2005 Honda Civic

The labor time for the power window switch replacement cost comes to around .3 of one hour. A factory switch costs around $140 on average, with the standard prices coming to just below $90 total. The power window switch for other doors costs around $23 for a factory part, and just $14 for a standard part. 


When using a factory part to replace the power window switch in the 2005 Civic, owners can expect to pay around $180, while aftermarket parts reduce the overall power window switch replacement cost to around $117. 

2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee

The labor time for the Cherokee is around 0.3 of one hour, costing less than $60 total in labor. A factory driver’s door switch costs just below $200, while an aftermarket part costs around $132. The total cost to complete the job is around $225 using factory parts, and around $162 using aftermarket parts and labor. 


When taking into account the power window switch replacement cost, drivers need to keep in mind the rear switches cost around $53 per switch, while the passenger front switch is around $20 more expensive. 

2003 Chevrolet Silverado

The labor time for the Silverado is only around 0.3 per hour, with the labor price costing less than $50 total for the entire procedure. A factory driver’s door power window switch costs around $277, with the standard replacement parts coming to around $118. The total price to complete the entire procedure is around $307 using OE parts, and about $148 using aftermarket parts. 


The passenger window switch replacement cost is around $204 for a factory part, and only around $110 using a standard or aftermarket part. 

The Bottom Line

As you can see, paying for the power window switch replacement cost is well worth the small fee in some vehicles. If you don’t mind spending a little over $250 to keep your car’s temperature comfortable, while keeping yourself, other vehicle occupants, and your valuables secure. Therefore, many drivers who want ultimate safety will find paying for this repair is a great choice. 


By keeping an eye and ear out for the signs and symptoms of a faulty window switch, you can prevent this issue from getting worse and leading to an expensive power window switch replacement cost.