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Why Does My Car AC Blow Warm Air? 7 Potential Causes

Troubleshooting car AC not cooling.

Have you ever wondered, “why does my car AC blow warm air?” If your car AC blows warm air, these are the potential problems:

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  1. Issues with the electric system
  2. Problems with the refrigerant
  3. Troubles with the condenser
  4. Damage is in the compressor
  5. Issues with the cooling fan
  6. Dirt in the filter
  7. Issues with the blend air door

With the extremely high temperatures nowadays, one of the worst things you can run through is to get inside your car and realize that your AC is not working! You probably tried turning it on to the maximum possible power, and all it's doing is blowing warm air!

It's important to keep an eye on your AC system and ensure it's working properly before you reach the peak summer temperatures. Many automotive experts recommend inspecting your AC system before the season starts.

However, if you already got into the situation and still think that the AC is blowing warm air, then you're most likely dealing with one of seven common problems.

This article will walk you through the seven potential causes to help answer the question, why does my AC blow warm air? Read on for more details and solve your problem today!

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Why does my AC blow warm air?

When you're dealing with a car problem, you won't have the energy and the mood to figure out everything that could be causing the problem. That's why it's important to be proactive about most of your vehicle problems and learn one or two things about the potential causes that could get you to this situation.

Troubles with the AC system are very common. Since many components interact to send you this nice breeze of cold air inside your vehicle, it is important to note that many of those can be faulty, causing your car to blow warm air.

However, experts did extensive research to determine the main cause of a situation where you ask yourself, why does my AC blow warm air? Below is a list of seven potential causes for this problem, and once you narrow down the problem, you should be able to resolve it or at least have a good understanding of what to do next:

1.    Issues with the electric system

If your AC system is not sending cold air, then the first thing you have to check is whether the elliptic connections scared the AC system but wise on lots of wires and connections working together to communicate and send you the required air temperature you need this on your setup.

Many of these connections can go bad, and a minor issue with one of the wires can cause your car to blow on air. Therefore, you need to have your mechanic perform a full inspection and look closely at all these connections to determine whether there are short or some problems in any fuse or any minor problem within your AC electric system.

If a mechanic confirms there is a blown fuse, for example, you have to replace it immediately. The good thing is that placing a blown fuse is not very expensive, and you can probably do it yourself without needing a professional.

2.    Problems with the refrigerant

If you're asking yourself, “why does my car AC blow warm air?” Look for more things. The second thing you need to check on is what's called the refrigerant. The refrigerant is the liquid inside your AC system, and sometimes you might hear it's called the freon brand name.

Your vehicle is expecting a specific amount of freon to operate properly. If there is any internal or external, then the car will complain, and you won't be able to achieve the nice call temperature that you're looking for.

When your problem is related to the refrigerant, it will be associated with other symptoms. For example, you might notice a strange strong smell coming out of here AC system, and you'll probably notice that the air is not as strong as it should be.

If you want to be very sure about the problem, you might want to do a quick visual inspection of the AC system. For example, if you notice some oil residue on the top of the AC pipes around the different connections, it's most likely a freon leak. You mustn't touch this liquid because it can be toxic, and you should leave it to professionals because they know what tools to use To resolve the issue.

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3.    Troubles with the condenser

Assuming that you did not have any problem with the electric connections or the freon level, the next step is to look at the condenser. Unfortunately, problems with the condenser can be severe and can mean a lot of money on repair, especially if you're dealing with a completely failing condenser. A failing condenser can easily get you to wonder, “why does my car AC blow warm air?”

However, there are many situations where all you are dealing with is just some blockage in the condenser. For instance, if you didn't use it for a long time, some degree of dirt might be blocking the different pathways throughout your condenser, causing trouble.

Your mechanic should be able to decide whether you need to perform a quick clean-up of the condenser or whether you're dealing with a significant problem that needs to install a new one.

Since we are virtual with this type of problem, we always encourage our readers to turn on the AC system a couple of times during the winter season so no blockages are created, and you don't get to a point where you have to replace to convince her because of simple issues like dirt or contaminants.

4.    Damage is in the compressor

Similar to the condenser, the compressor is another significant component within your AC system. There are many reasons your compressor might fail and it could also be related to the dirt and debris blocking its components.

Therefore, your mechanic also needs to be looked at the compressor and confirms in good condition. Otherwise, you'll have to decide on the next steps for fixing or replacing the compressor.

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5.    Issues with the cooling fan

If you're lucky enough, your problem might not be related to the condenser or the compressor which could also cause you to ask, “why does my car AC blow warm air?”. Instead, some other minor components like the cooling fan could be causing your AC to act strange.

The cooling fans are used to support your AC system and ensure that the air you receive is cold enough. Unfortunately, these cooling fans are very fragile, and they can break pretty quick here; therefore, if you notice that the contracts are broken or if there are any signs of damage around the blades, then you might need to place them to achieve what you're looking for out of your AC system.

6.    Dirt in the filter

Did you know that your system contains an air filter? Yes! This air filter is responsible for ensuring that all the area receiving and all the air that gets inside the AC system is clean and free of contaminants.

Overtime reviews, this folder is expected to be clogged, and when this happens, it will prevent AC from operating properly, and that's where you get to a situation where you ask yourself, why does my car AC blow warm air?

That's why most automotive experts always recommend checking your air filters regularly. If you realize that the air filter is partially clogged, consider cleaning it up or replacing it, depending on your mechanical comments.

"why does my car AC blow warm air?"

7.    Issues with the blend air door

Finally, your problem could be related to a simple component like the blend air door. If you don't already know, a small door is responsible for mixing air and flips over to your ventilation system.

Any minor problem with this door can prevent the cold air from getting inside the ventilation and reaching you inside the vehicle.

Therefore, if your mechanic confirms that all the previous components are still working properly, consider checking the blend door and replacing it if it's broken.

The good thing is that replacing the blend air door is not complicated and doesn't require massive money to be fixed. However, if you ignore the problem for a long time, it can easily evolve and cause issues with other components around your AC system, which means that your repair costs will increase.

How much does it cost to fix AC blowing warm air?

It all depends on the root problem purely. For example, if what you're dealing with has to do with some blown fuses, then you're in good shape because replacing a bad fuse doesn't cost much money, and you can do it on your own. But, on the other hand, if you decide to hire a professional mechanic, Turk list refuses, consider paying around $110.


On the other hand, if your problem has to do with the bad condenser, that's when you're talking about a good amount of money which means you need to evaluate your situation carefully before paying any money to fix the AC problems. Fixing a bad condenser typically costs between $600 and $700.

However, suppose your mechanic noticed that your compressor is causing your car to blow warm air. In that case, you also talk about significant repairs that could range from $800 to $2800 depending on your vehicle size and the location where you get the job done.

As you realized, not fixing problems with your AC system might require a wide range of central repair costs. That's why you must carefully evaluate your situation and decide whether it's worth fixing your car or selling it.

For example, if repair costs pile up and you have other major problems in your car that require repair costs close to 75% or more from your vehicle's value, you might want to consider selling your vehicle instead.

Many people might be interested in buying a car, and even if it sounds like it has lots of problems, someone like Cash Cars Buyer would be extremely interested.

Also, even if your damaged car will not get you lots of money, you can use its value to buy a better vehicle from the used car market, or you could probably enjoy a brand-new car and use the old car's value as a down payment.

Why does my car AC blow warm air: Final thoughts

The AC system is critical in your vehicle, especially when you're getting through the extremely hot temperatures during the summer season. So while you don't necessarily need to deal with the AC system during winter, you got to have it ready before reaching the summer and dealing with uncomfortable situations.

This article helped you answer the question, why does my car AC blow warm air? It highlighted potential causes that you have to inspect and go through to confirm that everything is working fine if you're

As you might noticed, some of the problems can be significant, which might mean thousands of dollars for repair. If you get to this point and if you think that your vehicle is not worth the repair, then you probably need to consider selling this car and buying a better vehicle.

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