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Why Do You Need Winter Windshield Wipers?

why do you need winter windshield wipers

If you're driving in cold environments, you might wonder, “why do you need winter windshield wipers?” Let's take a closer look at the benefits you'll get from switching to winter windshield wipers:

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  1. Better blades
  2. Stronger hinges
  3. Higher safety
  4. More stable frame

Winter impacts our life in many ways, and when it comes to car maintenance, there are many things that we must inspect and upgrade to achieve a better driving experience without any sudden breakdowns. Most drivers think of winter trouble in terms of battery issues or heating systems. However, there are many overlooked items that some drivers do not pay attention to and do not consider investing in.

The windshield wipers are critical components that help get rid of any heavy rain or snow and improve your visibility. If you don't already know, there are specific windshield wipers that are designated for winter. These wipers come with specific characteristics to prevent breakdowns and enhance your vehicle's performance. However, the question always remains, “why do you need winter windshield wipers?”

This article highlights all benefits you'll get from switching to winter windshield wipers, and it will also provide you with a list of the best winter windshield wipers as of 2021-2022 for you to consider.

Why do you need winter windshield wipers?

If you're driving in harsh environments where are winter is involved with heavy rain or snow, you might want to consider investing in goods windshield wiper blades. Let's take a closer look at some of the benefits you will get from switching to those winter windshield wiper blades:

1-    Better strength

The winter windshield wipers are designed from a specific material that withstands heavy rain and any heavy ice. So you mustn't worry about these blades breaking in just because the rain is extremely heavy.

2-     Stronger hinges

Since the hinges are designed from a very strong rubber material, you also don't must worry about these hinges detaching from their place, and therefore, any ice or snow buildup won't cause trouble.

3-    Higher safety

Since the windshield wipers are the main components that will rely on to remove rain and snow, if you have strong wipers, you'll achieve better safety. The wipers will remove any potential rain or snow, and your visibility will be very strong all the time.

4-    More stable frame

If you rely on the regular windshield wipers during heavy snow or rain, there's a very high chance that the mainframe will bend late. That would not be the case if you switched to winter windshield wipers because they are strong enough to withstand any forces, and they won't bend.

Can I use winter wiper blades for summer?

It is not recommended. Winter wiper blades are designed specifically to handle heavy snow or ice and sometimes rain. However, there are some specific wiper blades that you can't buy for summer, which are designed to withstand higher temperatures and deal with summer rain.

If you don't want to worry about switching your windshield wiper blades between seasons, you might want to consider the old seasons wiper blades. Those wiper blades are designed to withstand most seasons, but they're not going to be as strong as the winter windshield wiper blades. Therefore, it'll be your decision to decide whether are winter season is extremely harsh, which means that you'll need to invest in winter windshield wiper blades, or you probably are OK with the old season wiper blades.

Can you use windshield wipers for snow?

If you were able to get the blades suspended from the windshield, then yes. In other words, when the winter season hits and your blades are not strong enough, you want to make sure that the arms are lifted away from the windshield, so you don't deal with I swear the arms stick to the windshield. That's when you'll find it OK to use the wiper blades to wipe off the snow.

If your winter season is extremely harsh and you'll be dealing with a lot of heavy snow, you might want to invest in a winter windshield wiper blade.

What wiper blades last the longest?

There are many durable and higher-quality windshield wiper blades available in the market. However, if you look right now and search on Google for the best winter once you let her plates, you'll be overwhelmed with the long list of available options.


Therefore, let's take a closer look at some of the experts’ recommendations regarding the best long-lasting windshield wiper blades as of 2021-2022:

1-    Bosch ICON Wiper Blade

The best thing about these wiper blades is that they come with a 40% longer lifespan than other regular ones. In addition, they are suitable for all seasons, not only for winter, and they have a particular design that allows them to prevent any streaks or smears on that windshield.

Despite the great features about these once you like probably, it doesn't come with an adapter, and they're considered much more expensive than the others mentioned in this list.

2-    Anco 31-Series Windshield Wipers

The second wiper blades are one of the most affordable ones suitable for someone looking for cheap good quality wiper blades. They come with great features allowing you to install them easily without any issues, and they are designed from certain rubber to prevent any streaks or other performance issues that could impact the windshield.

Unfortunately, these windshield wiper blades have drawbacks because some customers complain about water skipping on them and might be a bit louder than others mentioned in this list.

3-    Michelin Stealth Ultra Hybrid Wiper Blade

These wiper blades come with great features that allow them to provide up to 500,000 wiper cycles to overcome most wiper blades indicated in this lIn addition, they come with the best features to help smart hinge projection. Finally, they are very easy to install.

To achieve all these great features, you'll sacrifice costs because those blades are one of the very expensive ones. In addition, your vehicle might not be compatible with this type of blade because they're not designed to fit every car, and that's why you must read the characteristics and confirm that you can install those in your vehicle.

4-    AERO Voyager Premium All-Season Windshield Wiper

The best thing about these wiper blades is that they come with extra rubber refills and have very strong durability. The company complains that the blades pass the 1,000,000 wipes test, and they come at a great affordable price. Those blades are suitable for all seasons.

Unfortunately, the biggest drawback about these wiper blades is that they don't come with the best warranty because their warranty covers only six months. Also, note that these blades are just an OEM replacement, which is not considered an upgrade.

5-    PIAA Aero Vogue Windshield Wiper

One of the greatest features of this wiper blade is that it provides you with a strong protective coating every time it wipes your windshield. In addition, the company indicated that those wiper blades last much longer than any traditional rubber blade and provide decreased efficiency during all seasons.

Unsurprisingly, these blades are one of the expensive ones, and some customers complain about some smearing appearing after the blade wipes her windshield. However, this smearing is expected to go away after a while.

6-    Valeo 900 Ultimate Series

If you don't like loud wiper blades, these might be your best option. They come with a strong specific design that allows producing all potential noises.

The biggest drawback is that it's very hard to install, and sometimes it might leave some high curvature as it wipes your windshield.

7-    PIAA Super Silicone Windshield Wipers

If you're looking for refillable windshield wiper blades, this one should be your choice! It doesn't only contain the windshield wiper blades but also a set of items to clean up the windshield for installing the wiper blades. According to our experts, these wiper blades are expected to last two times longer than the regular ones.

Unfortunately, they do not come with the aerodynamic in the frame, and they do not provide you with our best protection at the end cap.

8-    Rain-X Latitude Water Repellency 2-in-1 Windshield Wiper

Are you looking for a windshield wiper blade that provides you with water impelling? This one should be one of your considerations! It is considered a two-in-one benefit because it provides it with windshield screening and water refilling services. In addition, you mustn't worry about loud noises because the wiper blade is designed with an aerodynamic spoiler.

Unfortunately, it is a little bit tricky to install these wiper blades, and they do not have the best extra features that you might find in other blades to get rid of clogging due to ice, snow, or debris.

9-    Silblade Premium Silicone Wipers

If you're not an expert in installing a wiper blade, this one should be one of your considerations. It comes with a very easy-to-install procedure, and they do not cause any streaks on the windshield. The best thing about it is that it comes with a 5-year warranty!

Unfortunately, these wiper blades are a little bit more expensive than others, and they might be a little bit noisy during the winter season.

10- TRICO Exact-Fit Wiper Blades

Finally, these wiper blades are great options for someone who's looking for an OEM replacement. The upfront cost is not very expensive, and you don't must worry about complicated installation processes because you can get them installed in a couple of seconds!

Keep in mind that those wiper blades are not the best when it comes to durability because you might need to replace them once every six months, if not a year, in some instances. So although this time frame might sound a bit good, it's not as good as the other wiper blades indicated in this list.

What are the key signs of a failing wiper blade?

Suppose you didn't want to switch to a winter start when she like really, you might want to consider inspecting the existing ones. Sometimes your wiper blades might be feeling, which means that it's time to install new ones, so you achieve the best winter performance.

Many symptoms help you understand that the winter wiper blades are failing. For instance, if you realize that their performance is dropping, it's time to replace them. Not, in other words, you might see some weird loud noises coming from the rubber material, or probably you might see some visible streaking after you apply the windshield wipers. Whenever you see any of these signs, it's the best time to replace the windshield wiper blades.

Even if your wiper blades are not in terrible condition, sometimes you want to install new ones after the fall and before the winter season hits. This might be a different time frame depending on your region and when you expect more rain or snow.

Why do you need winter windshield wipers? Final thoughts!

Maintaining your vehicle and getting it ready for winter is one of the first things you need to add to your to-do list before the winter season hits. Unfortunately, along with the different items that people consider, many drivers overlook the windshield wipers.

This article helps you understand “why do you need winter windshield wipers?” It highlights all benefits that you'll achieve, including stronger wipers, better visibility, more frame stability, and stronger hinges.

Before you invest in your next windshield wipers, you must evaluate whether your vehicle is worth the investment or not. In other words, if your car has major problems in the engine or the transmission, it might be worth focusing on those problems and getting them resolved. However, sometimes repair costs might be close to 75% or more from your vehicle's value, which is when you need to consider selling your car better than wasting your money and time.

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