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Why Do I Need to Rotate My Tires? 10 reasons!

Why Do I Need to Rotate My Tires

If you have ever wondered, “why do I need to rotate my tires?” Here are 10 benefits for tire rotation:

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  1. Enhance fuel economy
  2. Extend the car’s lifetime
  3. Enhance your vehicle's control
  4. Prevent sudden damages
  5. Enhance your vehicle's traction
  6. Maintain your safety
  7. Prevent tire defects
  8. Improve vehicle performance
  9. Not very expensive
  10. Protect the tires

The tires are extremely important elements in your car because they have to do with your safety, especially if you drive continuously on the highways or in areas with slippery environments.

While there is a long list of tire maintenance that you should consider, tire rotation is one of the biggest ones, and you've probably heard about it. But unfortunately, some people might underestimate the benefit of tire rotation and think that it's just unnecessary.

This article will provide you with all the details to get you up to speed with tire rotation. We will answer the question, “why do I need to rotate my Tires?” This is by providing you with 10 main benefits of tire rotation. Once you hear about these benefits, you'll think twice before delaying the tire rotation the next time!

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What does tire rotation mean?

Before we dive into the details about the question, “why do I need to take my Tires?” Let's step back and get a general idea about the meaning of tire rotation in the first place.

When you hear the term tire rotation, it refers to how your mechanic will take the tires and move them from one position to the other. So, for example, they might put the tires in the front Axel on the back Axel and so on.

What does this mean, and what does it do? When you drive your car over time of use, it wears out; however, this where out does not happen evenly in all the tires. For example, depending on your drivetrain system, you might see that the tires of the front wheels are more worn out than the back ones.

Therefore, instead of going ahead and replacing old tires, which can be a costly experience, mechanics and experts recommended switching the position of these tires and using the higher quality, the better tires in the location where most of the time will happen. After rotating your tires, you might end up with a point where all of them are now worn out, and that's when you have to replace them.

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Why do I need to rotate my tires? 10 reasons

After reading the quick background about tire rotation, you might start having some ideas about the benefit of tire rotation. First, however, you must get a full perspective and understand all the potential benefits you'll gain from rotating your tires to encourage you to perform tire rotation whenever needed.

Luckily, automotive experts put together a list of 10 benefits your vehicle can gain by implementing tire rotation on time:

1.    Enhance fuel economy

The first and most important benefit you'll get from rotating your tires is to enhance fuel economy. When your vehicle experiences even tire wear throughout all the tires, you won't notice a huge difference as these tires were out.

On the other hand, never get up if one of the tires or two of them are more worn out than the others; that's when you'll notice that your vehicle will require more visits to the gas station, which will cost you more money.

By performing tire rotations, you will continuously maintain the even tire year. Therefore, if you recently realized that your vehicle's fuel economy is dropping, you'll see a big difference after performing the tire rotation.

2.    Extend the cars lifetime

The only benefit you'll get when rotating the tire is to extend the tire's lifetime. Imagine what could happen if you continue driving on the front tires, assuming that they wore out more than the others; what could happen? These tires will eventually fail and breakdown requiring replacement in no time.

By performing tire rotation, you're taking advantage of the entire tires and not relying on one set of tires while the other stays unused.

3.    Enhance your vehicle's control

The nice thing about Thai rotation is that it will feel like you installed new tires after half of the worn-out tires life. Therefore, you will immediately notice that you can control your car better, and your vehicle drives as it should. Therefore, you don't have to be stressed out, especially if you're driving at highway speeds where your vehicle's tires might not act properly. Thus, you continuously have Peace of Mind about your vehicle's tires status.

4.    Prevent sudden damages

Your vehicle's tires are not expected to blow out suddenly. However, you will sometimes indicate that the tires are about to wear out completely. Therefore, by performing tire rotation, you prevent sudden damages and sudden risky situations that might impact your safety and the safety of people driving around you.

5.    Enhance your vehicle's traction

Having good tires ensures that your car provides you with the best traction to the roads, so you don't slip or lose control of your car.

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6.    Maintain your safety

As we mentioned before, your tires are critical components in your car, and if they're not in good shape, you can easily get involved in major car accidents or other risky situations.

Have you ever heard about people driving their cars, and suddenly the tire or the entire wheel pops out of the car?! That is a horrible situation to be in. Therefore, to prevent these sudden creepy situations, you must maintain the tires, and one of the ways to maintain your tires is to implement tire rotation whenever it's recommended in your vehicle’s owner’s manual.

7.    Prevent tire defects

When performing tire rotation, your machine has a chance to look at all the tires. In other words, sometimes minor problems might not be obvious to you as an average driver, and when going for tire rotation, it is like a free check to all the tires.

Your mechanic might detect certain tire defects that need to be taken care of immediately. Failing to take care of these problems can easily lead to other complicated issues that could cost you a lot of money on the repair.

8.    Improve vehicle performance

The tires do not only impact the way you control your car. It also has a significant impact on the amount of energy your engine produces and how the engine works. Having smooth tires and tires in good shape makes your engine not have to work very hard to get your vehicle. Therefore, by performing tire rotation and taking advantage of higher quality tires that do not have much damage or issues, your engine can work relaxed without any overstress.

9.    Not very expensive

The best thing about tire rotation is that it's not an expensive repair; in other words, you can get all the mentioned amazing benefits at a very low price without needing to insult any components. All it takes is our two from your mechanic to rotate these tires. Thus, it is worth the time!

10.  Protect the tire

By rotating your tires, you distribute the stress, and therefore, you ensure and even tire wear all the time. Therefore, if you retire would last for a certain time; by rotating the tires, you allow these tires to stop experiencing stress and give them a break to last longer.

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How much does it cost to rotate the tires?

Tire rotation is not very expensive, as we mentioned before. Typically, it should cost you somewhere between $24.00 and $50. However, depending on the new vehicle's type and where you get the job done, it can climb up to $120. Still, the numbers are not very significant compared to the number of benefits you'll get by implementing tire rotation.

Never rough, keep in mind that many great independent shops perform tire rotation at a high quality. Therefore, you don't have to always go to an expensive dealership where labor cost is a significant component.

However, there are some instances where you might want to go to your dealerships really if you have a warranty that covers this tire rotation.

How long do tires last?

Typically, tires should last somewhere between 20,000 and 15,000 miles, approximately three to five years for an average driver. However, keep in mind that this range might differ significantly depending on your driving environment, the type of roads, and your driving habits.

By performing tire rotation, you can gain additional miles, which can be significant considering the repair costs of replacing the tires. Therefore, you need to follow what's recommended in your vehicle’s owner’s manual about tire rotation frequencies if you want to save on costs and if you want to maintain your car and prevent other damages that could cost you a lot of money.

Do I need an alignment after tire rotation?

Not necessarily. There is a very common misconception that you'll mess up the alignment when you perform tire rotation. However, tires nation doesn't have to do anything with the wheels because you're not going to move the wheels at all, and you're going to be working on the outer portion, which is where the tires sit.

However, if your vehicle has alignment issues, it could be a perfect time for your mechanic to check on the alignment and fix it if needed. But Long story short and doesn't have to be associated with alignment all the time.

How often should I rotate my tires?

Depending on what's recommended in your vehicle’s manual. However, experts mentioned that you should rotate your tires once every 6000 to 8000 miles or probably once every six months, whichever comes first.

Keep in mind that you might need tire rotation before depending on where you drive and your vehicle status. On the other hand, sometimes you might not even need it if the vehicle's condition is OK. Therefore, we always like to leave it to professionals and recommend you consult your mechanic while checking your vehicle's owner’s manual to be on the safe side.

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Final thoughts

Since the tires are very significant components in your car, performing all necessary regular maintenance is essential. Therefore, one of the very common maintenances you might hear about is tire rotation.

Tire rotation involves switching the positions of the tires by distributing the stress and wear to all the tires so you can take full advantage of their lifetime. One of the very common questions that we get from many of our readers is, “why do I need to rotate my tire?”

This article provided you with ten benefits your vehicle can gain by rotating these tires. For example, you'll get enhanced fuel economy, better vehicle performance, reduced tire wear, and tear, etc.

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