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Who Makes Primewell Tires?  Are Primewell Tires Good?

Who Makes Primewell Tires?  Are Primewell Tires Good?

Any vehicle that anyone drives needs a good set of tires. So, if you are interested in who makes Primewell Tires, well we have the answers as well as the information you need! 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Primewell Tires are tires that many tire critics deem a great option for car owners who want to save a bit of money, without sacrificing quality. Known as a great option for decent tires that won’t blow a budget, Primewell Tires offer an array of choices. Additionally, the tires are available to fit more than 5,000 vehicle models. 

Who Makes Primewell Tires? 

Primewell Tires are manufactured by the Giti Company, which is a Singapore-based tire manufacturer. The Giti Company sells its tires and other products globally. Over 100 countries sell Giti Company items. 

Additional brands from the Giti Company include: Dextero, Runway and GT Radial. 

Where are Primewell Tires Made? 

Primewell tires are produced in China. The tires are sold by American/local brands such as Wheel Works, ExpertTire, Firestone and more. Primewell Tires can also be ordered online too. Many agree that buying Primewell Tires online is a sure thing as you can even save additional money on them! 

Are Primewell Tires Good?

While many people think so, we found a “mixed bag of reviews” regarding the Primewell Tires. We did a bit of research to find some Primewell Tire owners and see what they thought about the tires. One owner called the Primewell Tires: “Great tire for the money!”, we also found another owner that stated that the tires [showed] dry rot on the sidewall.” Another Primewell Tire owner stated that the tires are not very “winter-friendly”. The owner stated that the Primewell Tire “[is dangerous] specially on wet weather. They slip and have NO grip.” So, as you can see, some folks love the tires, while other owners of the tires found them to be tires that were not trustworthy. 


With owners of Primewell Tires sitting on “both sides of the fence” regarding their quality, we did find that the tires are quite popular. 


Not only are they a good value, a car owner has a wide selection of the Primewell Tries to choose from. 

The tires are known for their stellar safety ratings and distinct variations. The tires are also known for being tires that offer drivers enhanced and stellar driving comfort.  

A Breakdown Of The Poplar Models of Primewell Tires 

We break down some of the most popular models of Primewell Tires and give you the features at a glance! 

Primewell Tire PS870

While the Giti Company markets this as a tire that is great for summer, the tire is also known for its ability to provide a comfortable and safe drive all around the year. With its construction that features a jointless overlay, the driver can expect to have minimal impact while driving on bumps and potholes. 


The rubber material is crafted of a silica compound mix helping to increase the tire’s capacity to grab a rough road surface without issue. 


Additionally, the tire does not offer a top-notch drainage facility- and you may experience some hydroplaning driving on wet highway or byway. The PS 870 is also reportedly a great tire for a small or an older car- not for a brand new one.  Additional plusses of the tire include: good absorption of shock and stellar traction. 

Primewell Tire PS830/850 

If you’re looking for a tire that offers great traction for all-season driving at a great price, then the Primewell Tire PS830/850 tire may be for you!  The tires are great for commutes across all four seasons and offer comfort as well! Known for a tire that offers drivers great performance and driving stability, the PS830/850 also features super-side groves that can grip a road with ease. With those wide shoulder grooves, drivers will have amazing traction for turning sharp corners. 

Primewell Tire PS890

The Primewell PS890 is a tire with the reputation for handing those extraordinary difficult road conditions, such as roads with snow and rain.  With its symmetrical grooves you can stay worry-free as you practice driving safety. The PS890 also features large shoulder blocks as well as sturdy water evacuation channels. This will keep you from hydroplaning and sliding on wet roads.  

Primewell Tire 850 

If you have a light truck, a small pickup truck or an SUV, then the Primewell Tire 850 may be the tire for you. This all-weather and all-season tire features shoulders that are open-slotted, as well as four ribs that you will find on the circumference of the tire.  With its tread pattern and its carcass tension you are sure to remain safe and in control of your driving on both wet as well as dry roads. 

Primewell Tire Valera Touring II

Not only does Primewell make tires for everyday driving, but you can experience luxurious stability and from the Valera Touring II tire. Known for its excellent rib system, prepare for a treat of enhanced handling and performance with this tire. This Valera Touring II tire is great for CUVs and modernized passenger cars. These tires are also all-weather and all-season tires, that come with a 50,000-mile limited warranty for this particular Primewell tire model. The tire is great for new cars and offer a quiet yet dynamic and durable ride for car drivers. 

Primewell Tire Primewell Valera H/T

Hold off on the sporty driving you will be doing because these Valera H/T tires are designed for all-weather and all-season driving. With a stable and sturdy tread design, you can be assured of a comfortable and quiet ride. Additionally, the H/T tire offers smooth handling, and is also a tire known for its stellar tread block design. Whether you are driving on snow-covered or dry roads, your Valera H/T tire is a great choice for your midsize or even small crossover vehicle.  The tire comes in both 15” to 20” diameter sizes. 

Primewell Tire Valera Sport AS

The Primewell Valera Sport AS is a tire that comes with lots of amenities. From its grooves that are designed to enhance wet driving, to the stellar all-season traction, the Valera Sport AS tires feature a spacious longitudinal groove that help with the evacuation of water from the treads.

Does Walmart Sell Primewell Tires?

We went on Walmart.com, and found the Primewell Tire PS850 225/75R15 102 S Tire for sale. The tire’s size is 225/75R15, the tire load index is 102 and the and the tire performance grade is that of Touring.

Click here to learn more!


Why Choose Primewell Tires in the First Place? 

Advocates of Primewell Tires say that the tire is a great tire brand to have, while staying in budget. But proponents of these popular tires, say that the tires don’t just stop being great at their stellar price. Check out some of the reasons many folks say you should own a set of Primewell Tires! 

Driving Comfort 

Many drivers experience stellar driving comfort with their Primewell Tires. While they can fit a variety of cars- old and new- drivers all over sing the praises of these tires offering a quiet and comfortable ride. 

Stellar Quality 

When you buy a set of Primewell Tires, or just one Primewell tire, you can be assured that the tire has undergone a rigorous inspection as well as thorough final personal inspection by qualified professionals. These tire experts evaluate each tire for issues, tread problems and defects. Your Primewell tire is also has a barcode located on the sidewall of the tire.  You can also ask if your tire comes with a warranty or a refund program. 

Have Primewell Tires Ever Been Recalled? 

Back in 2017, Primewell Tires issued a recall of approximately 394,000 tires – due to the sidewalls of the tire becoming cracked. The tires were also prone to lose air.  You can click here to read more. 

Where Can I Buy Primewell Tires?

In addition to Walmart (be sure to check out our section above!), you can find Primewell Tires at the following tire stores: 



  1. and a host of online retailers!  

What Do You Look For When Buying Tires?

When it comes to buying tires including Primewell, there are certain aspects of the tire you want to focus on. Check out some tips below! 

  1. Ask yourself what you need the tire for? Are the tires going on your summer car or do you need them for your truck, to help run your landscaping or delivery business? 
  2. Check out the tread. Do the “penny test”! This is when you insert a penny in the tread of the tire and see the depth, based on the area that the penny can be seen in. If you can see Abraham Lincoln’s head, then the tread is not deep enough. 
  3. Don’t forget to know the size tire you need. You just can’t “buy” tires. You have to buy the correct size tire. If you don’t, then you are welcoming lots of problems… down the road… literary. 
  4. Check for warranties. If your tires don’t have a warranty, then you want to ask your retailer, what kind of safeguards or return policies your tires come with. 


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