We Buy All Cars, Running or Not!

Who Buys Non Running Cars in Dover, Delaware? We Do! Get Cash For Junk Cars, FAST! 

Who Buys Non Running Cars in Dover, Delaware

Whether you have an old car that you just don’t drive anymore, or a non running vehicle, Cash Cars Buyer will purchase it! Forget the hassles, long discussions or even the price haggling. It just doesn’t exist with us!  Receive “first-class” service for that frustrating heap of metal madness now! You can obtain a FREE online quote by clicking here, as well as “FEE-FREE” junk car selling services! 

⚠️ If It's Broken, Don't Fix It - Get Paid Cash for Your Vehicle ⚠️


Whether you live in zip code 19901, 19902, 19903, 1904, 19905 or 19906– we bring our junk car selling offices to you, giving you the freedom and privacy, you need and deserve during your junk car sale! As Dover is the capital of Delaware, think of Cash Cars Buyer as the premier junk car buying company.  No need to search for a junk car buyer like a tourist!  You can spend your time sight-seeing at the Dover Air Force Space. Or perhaps it’s time for a “classic pie” with friends at Angelo's Pizza! Just don’t spend your time figuring out how you’ll get rid of that old clunker! 


Local Junk Car Buyers in Dover Who Keep Safety First! 

We live in a very different world now and we Cash Cars Buyer get that. So, after you confirm acceptance of your offer, we will go to work with providing you a safe and contact-less junk car selling experience. You can obtain a FREE online quote here and from there we will work to keep you as well as our agents, safe and secure! 

COVID-19 Update: We here at Cash Cars Buyer practice social and physical distancing, while offering you the safest junk car selling experience. Should you need extra provisions, just let us know and we will be happy to accommodate your needs! 

Sell Your Old Car and Junk Car Fast with Us! 

No need to waste time with local junkyards or scrap yards. Get the cash you need, want and deserve FAST! Whether you need the money to pay bills, or buy a gift- we can assist! You can confidently sell that:

  • Old car
  • Junk car 
  • Totaled car
  • Wrecked car
  • Accident car and more! 

Click here and get your FREE online offer now! 

Sell Your Car in Dover- The Process is Easy! 

Why waste time your time calling around Dover, and finding junk car buyers, who will make the process of selling your junk car a hassle? We offer a quick, fast and easy method of selling your car! Check it out! 

Enter your car’s information 

Take the time to enter your car’s information. Once you do, you’ll receive a FREE online offer. When you approve of that offer, you can move forward to turning that old car into awesome cash! 

Accept your offer 

Call us so that one of our friendly and warm agents can ask you some questions about your car. Once done, you will receive a guaranteed cash offer. 

Get paid! 

After you give the “OK” for your guaranteed cash offer, we will make plans to come to your Dover location- appraise your car and then pay you on the spot! 

FREE Junk Car Removal in Dover! 

Free has never sounded so good, when it comes to us telling our valued customers that we offer “FREE junk car removal”! We love the smile it brings to the faces of junk car owners! And we stand by that too! You never have to pay anything to have that help of metal madness hauled away! Money for cars is our is our specialty and we buy clunkers throughout the city of Dover. Period. 


We Buy All Junk Cars in Dover- No Title Needed! 

You’ve searched high and you’ve searched low. You called your husband, wife your children and even your own parents, to find out if anyone knows where that car title is. You have checked the junk drawers in the kitchen and even the home office file cabinet. There is no car title to be found. 

Take a rest and then click here to get an offer on that car. Yes, we know you’re missing the title, but you can still sell that car with no title! In most cases, not having the title to your car is not an issue. We just ask that you have your car registration and picture ID for the sale of your car. Once you can put your hands on both of those items, you can click here and get a FREE online offer on that title-less car, FAST! 

Who Buys Non Running Cars in Dover? We Buy All Junk Cars in Dover! 

It’s been a full-time job trying to find a buyer for that junk car. As soon as you feel comfortable with a junk car buying company, you hear what they will not do, during your junk car sale. UGH.  You can take comfort in knowing that your vehicle isn’t too old, too ugly too rusted, or damaged for us. We buy all cars and will take any car off your hands in Dover. Some of the cars we buy include:

  • New cars as well as old cars
  • Unwanted cars and vehicles that are clunkers 
  • Cars with no wheels or keys 
  • Vehicles with frame as well as flood damage  
  • Scrap cars and of course those junk cars 
  • Vehicles that have been wrecked, totaled or dented
  • Rusted hatchbacks, SUVs, and pickup trucks 
  • Cars that just have a huge “ugly” factor! 

All of these cars and more, are entitled to a FREE online offer! When it comes to the car you don’t want, Cash Cars Buyer is an “equal opportunity car buyer”! Click here now and get the process started right away! 

How Can I Junk My Car for 500 Cash in Dover? 

We know that you may have your mind set to a $500 payout for your junk car. And based upon that old, totaled and damaged car, Cash Cars Buyer might give you much more than you expected. Before we buy a junk car, we take the time to look at the full merit of a car. This includes the car’s year, make and model, the amount of damage and where that damage is located, the status of your title and more. 


It’s important to note that wherever you end up selling your car, that potential junk car buyer will have a list of factors or criteria that they will evaluate your car against, before making you an offer. The question then becomes: are you getting the best offer possible?  As a licensed, bonded and insured company, you can feel confident selling your car to us. We pay fair market value for all makes and models. Our business practices don’t revolve around scams, games or schemes.  It’s time to obtain your FREE online offer! Click here to find out what your car is worth, FAST! 

Where Can I Sell My Car For The Most Money?

When you have a junk car, the objective is to get the most cash for it. So, where can you receive the most cash? 


Sure, you can sell your car to a junkyard, but you have to keep in mind that many junkyards may not be operating legally or even with the best outcome intended for you. Unfortunately, many junkyards participate in the old “bait and switch”. This is the common practice of making you an offer early in the sale, then that junkyard lowing that offer later on. 


A scrap yard is looking to part your car out. They are seeing what parts of your car are worth the most money. So, they may tell you that your car is worth nothing- in an effort to buy your car and part it out to others- thus making a huge profit. Your car being worth nothing?  This is never the case. While many scrap yards may have honest operations, any scrap yard that tells you your car is worth nothing, is not being truthful at all. Sure, you may not become a millionaire from the sale of that old rusted SUV, but it does have worth. 


Dealerships don’t generally buy junk cars. And if your car isn’t running, then you can run out of there. You will make no sale. Many dealerships want “close to perfect older cars” and if your car doesn’t fit the bill, then it’s “bye-bye” to that dealership and any hopes of making cool cash, FAST. 

Cash Cars Buyer! 

Looking for honest, decent and dedicated junk car buyers, who will offer you fair market value for your car as well as a fast payout? Then look no further than Cash Cars Buyer! We accept all makes and we could care less how ugly that car is!  Click here and tell us all about that damaged, totaled and wrecked car now! There’s cool cash that awaits you! 

Why Sell Your Car To Cash Cars Buyer? 

Allow us to tell you! 

  • We pay in money on the spot! You will never experience any price haggling, stressful hassles or any kind of delay in getting paid for your junk car- once we arrive to your Dover home, we will appraise your car and validate your sale! 
  • We buy cars with no title. Whether that original title is destroyed or lost, we will buy that car for fair market value! We just ask that you have both your car registration as well as your picture ID for the sale of your car. 
  • Whether your car has no keys or is a non running car, there’s money that awaits you now! Just click here and get a FREE online quote for that car! 
  • Our services are “FEE-FREE” to you! You never have to pay for any paperwork, processing or towing of your vehicle! 

Dover, Delaware! Cash Cars Buyer offers a quick, easy and convenient way for you to get rid of that car and get paid on the spot! Let us help you turn that car into cool and awesome cash, FAST!

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