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Where Does My Junk Car Go After I Sell It? A Detailed Guidance

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If you're interested in learning about “where does my junk car go after I sell it,” these are the steps that your vehicle takes after you sell it:

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  1. Step #1: the towing process
  2. Step #2: the junkyard
  3. Step #3: the recycling plant

Many people sell junk vehicles every day around the nation and the globe. With this large number of junk vehicles sold yearly, one might wonder where my junk car goes after I sell it.

Understanding the journey your vehicle takes can be exciting. In addition, it might provide some details that could help you learn how to help the environment, and we're reducing the amount of waste from the automobile industry.

This article provides you with many details about your junk vehicle's journey after selling it. So, it is a detailed guide to help you answer the question, where does my junk car go after I select it? So, let's read on for more details!

Where does my junk car go after I sell it?

When you sell a vehicle, you need to know where it goes. You might think it will end up somewhere at the junkyard, but is that somewhere at the junkyard? Is it always the case? Let's take a closer look at the junk vehicle journey after you sell it:

1.    Step #1: the towing process

Any junk vehicle process starts with towing your vehicle. Typically, junk vehicles might need to be in better shape, so they might not be driven on public roads. So, you will first be able to interact with the towing service, and depending on who purchases your vehicle, the towing company could be a third party or the company that picks up your vehicle.

The towing service will come to your location based on an agreed time and pickup. Some people might prefer to meet with the towing service on their private properties, while others feel safer meeting in public areas like a bank or a Walmart parking lot.

Typically, paying for the towing service should be covered by the buyer. However, many companies might surprise you by having you pay for the towing service. Otherwise, they will walk away and never pick up your car.

That's why it's critical when selling a junk vehicle to communicate properly with the potential buyer and determine whether you will be covering the towing service fees. Remember that this fee can be very big, especially if you live far away from the person or the company who purchased your vehicle.

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2.    Step #2: the junkyard

Once the towing service picks up your vehicle, they will stop at the junkyard. Some people might refer to it as a salvage yard which depends on the purpose of this yard for vehicles and whether they do anything with the cars at this location.

The evaluation starts when your vehicle arrives at the junkyard or the salvage yard. First, the specialists will look at your vehicle and determine whether there is any working compliance that you can take and sell separately.

They also might decide that your vehicle needs to be in better shape, where the only way is to sell it as scrap metal and crush it. So, at this time, the company or the salvage yard will decide that your vehicle should move to a recycling plant.

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3.    Step #3: the recycling plant

After the junkyard takes any important items from your vehicle to sell them as parts, the next step is to get rid of the remaining part of your vehicle. Typically this part is just the metal components that are the mainframe of your vehicle.

In the recycling plants, your vehicle will also go through an evaluation process to determine the steps needed to part out your vehicle or crush it in the plant. They also might evaluate different types of metal in your vehicle and decide how to separate them.

Finally, the recycling plants will decide what will be done with the crushed metal. For example, they might still send it to areas where people can reuse it for other purposes to reduce the impact of the automobile industry on the environment.

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What determines the final destination of a junk car?

Only some vehicles should end up at the recycling plant. In other words, some vehicles are in good shape so that other people can drive them. Therefore, understanding the main factors that could have helped determine the final destination of your junk vehicle is also important.

So look at what factors determines the final destination of your junk vehicle:

1.    Your vehicle's condition

The first and most critical factor determining your vehicle's last destination is the vehicle's condition. In other words, if your vehicle is in good shape and has a lot of working components, the junkyard or the potential buyer might think of selling it separately to another buyer.

On the other hand, if your vehicle is in bad shape and it was involved in a major car accident or a flood where the main components are not working properly, the decision will be made to some of your vehicles to the recycling plant where they can use the metal components to do other purposes.

2.    Your vehicle's location

There are some instances where your vehicle's location might impact your vehicle's destination. In other words, some states with certain regulations decide what needs to be done with the disposed vehicles and what type of recycling is allowed for certain areas.

Also, depending on where you live, you might get the option of having your vehicle sent to only pick-n-pull junk yards where people can take it and try to find active components. This happens when you live very far away from the plant recycling location.

3.    Your vehicle’s type

Finally, some types of vehicles immediately go for recycling plants because of their type. Therefore, it is worth investigating what types of vehicles are more suitable for recycling and what others are more suitable for parts replacements.

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The benefits of selling your junk car

After you learn about what destination your vehicle ends up at, you must also familiarize yourself with the benefits you can get from selling your vehicle as junk rather than sitting in your driveway.

Here are some benefits that you will get from selling your junk vehicle:

1.    Financial benefits

The first and more support benefit you'll get when selling your junk vehicle is the financial benefit. Although junk vehicles are not very valuable, they can get you a decent amount of money, especially if they have specific types or extra metals that most potential buyers might want.

2.    Environmental benefits

Also, by selling your junk vehicle to the junkyard and providing some resources for plant recycling, you're supporting the environment by reducing automotive waste. Think about it this way, if your vehicle is no longer working and instead of keeping it sitting in your driveway, you give it to somebody else to use it for other purposes; you're reducing the number of resources needed to create whatever that person is looking for making out of this vehicle.

3.    Convenience

Also, by selling your junk vehicle to the right buyer, you get a fast car-selling process where you don't have to worry about the towing service and the hassle of finding a private buyer. For example, Cash Cars Buyer is one of the top-rated companies that can buy your junk vehicle and remove it within one to three days without wasting your time and effort.

4.    Other benefits

Finally, by getting rid of your junk vehicle, you're getting additional benefits. For example, keeping the vehicle in your driveway might get you into legal problems in your state, depending on your regulations. Thus, having someone pick up your car and remove it fast is very convenient and will give you Peace of Mind.

That's why instead of paying fees for keeping the vehicle on your property, you can get rid of it without effort.

The other thing to consider is that keeping a junk vehicle on your private property might discourage people from living in their community. That's why it might hurt the community and even reduce your property value if you own one.

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Final thoughts

Learning about your vehicle's journey when you sell it is very exciting and informative. It might even encourage you to sell your junk vehicle rather than keep it in your driveway.

This article provided detailed guidance to help us with the question, where does my junk car go after I sell it? It walked you through the different destinations and highlighted some factors that could determine the final destination of your vehicle.

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