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Where Can I Take My Junk Car For Cash?

Where Can I Take My Junk Car For Cash?

When it comes to taking your car to a junk car buying business, it’s all about the money you receive. Are you getting a fair offer for your old and rusted whip? Or are you getting scammed? Where Can I Take My Junk Car for Cash?

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


Cash Cars Buyer has over a decade of junk car buying experience, as we buy junk cars for fair market value! You can junk your car and get cash for it in as little as 24 hours! We take the sting, hassle and frustration out of selling a junk vehicle and we love what we do! 

So, get that instant offer on your junk vehicle now, and then call the best junk car buyers in the business – Cash Cars Buyer! 

How can I junk my car for cash?

“How can I junk my car for cash?” is a question that has so many answers. But the real question is how can you sell your junk car and get the services as well as hassle-free money you need, want and deserve? 


Junkyards have been around for such a long time. They are a part of the fabrics of our lives. We have all seen them and may know a family member or person who has done business with them. So, when it comes to selling a junk car at a junkyard, you have to be a smart seller. First, it may prove beneficial to know what the current price of scrap metal is. You can click here to obtain the current prices. Secondly, it may help to have a general idea of what your car is worth. Kelley Blue Book as well as Edmunds are great sites that can give you an approximate value for your car. Coming to a junkyard armed with knowledge will keep you from getting scammed by junkyard owners. 

Private Buyer 

You may be able to get rid of that old clunker, by selling it to a private buyer. This requires lots of work as well as patience. Are you going to post your junk car online? Will you use word-of-mouth to get the message out, that you have a junk car to sell? With private buyers, you have to deal with the fact that many may not be serious, and some may even try to take you for a ride. So, establish some rules and regulations when it comes to selling your old car to a private buyer. You want to remain safe and secure at all times. And you also want to make money too! 

Cash Cars Buyer 

We saved the “best for last” when it comes to junking a car for cash. We here at Cash Cars Buyer, take the frustration, hassle and struggle out of selling a junk car. You can get an instant offer on your vehicle in a matter of minutes. Then, once you do, call us for that guaranteed cash offer! 

Who picks up junk cars for cash?

Cash Cars Buyer is a top totaled car purchaser that operates all around the country.  We specialize in buying junk cars and adding FREE towing to each and every purchase! 

Because we operate nationwide, we can come to your location anywhere in the U.S! The free junk car removal is definitely an added bonus for you, as you sell your old clunker. For many, it’s the highlight of our services! Who wants to sell a car and then turn around and pay to have it towed away? Our free junk car removal makes it incredibly convenient to junk any car at fair market value, with little work on your part. All you have to do is provide us with a few details about your vehicle to get a FREE online instant offer.

How much does cash for junk cars pay?

Cash Cars Buyer is a licensed, bonded and insured company. We pride ourselves in offering honest, truthful and straightforward offers to all customers. 

On average, the payout for a junk car is between $100 and $400.  As you can imagine, the payout amounts on junk cars can vary significantly. For a junkyard, those amounts vary and are based on the amount of scrap metal they can sell, and whether or not any parts from the old vehicle can be resold. 

Certain factors go into the final offer for a junk car. Some of the criteria include: 

  1. Year, make and model 
  2. Amount and location of any damage on the car
  3. The status of the title (whether or not you have the title to the car) 
  4. The location of the vehicle, and additional factors, that each junk car buyer has. 

Thankfully, you can eliminate all of the guesswork by getting an instant quote on your car for free! Just click here and you can know exactly what your car is worth, in a matter of minutes! 

Where can I sell my junk car?

Thinking of selling that old clunker and you need fast money? You have options! 

Online Marketplaces 

From Craigslist to Facebook, you can post an ad online and appeal to local as well as regional buyers. But be sure that you have photos of your car, as well as a description of your car. You have to be able to tell the story of your car, through pictures as well as the information you provide. 


These “tried and true” places are great, but you have to be informed and knowledgeable about your junk car. Lots of junkyard dealers also participate in scams when they think they can get over on a junk car seller. The old “bait and switch” is still alive and well. This is when a junkyard owner makes you an offer on your car early in the sale. Then, once it is time to pay you, they decrease that offer, by hundreds of dollars. They will even have the audacity to charge you fees for paperwork and towing! 

Cash Cars Buyer! 

Ready to end the hassles, struggles and stress of selling a car? Obtain an instant offer on your vehicle and then call us so that we can arrange for an in-person inspection and pick up! We will never waste your time, or charge you ridiculous fees to sell your car. In fact, we don’t charge anything to sell your car! 

Is cash for cars legitimate?

With lots of cash for cars places, you’re certainly able to get cash for your car quickly and a stable yet decent amount of it too. However, junking your car for cash is sometimes met with lots of schemes, game sand scams. Avoid being scammed when trying to junk your car. Before approaching a junk car business, you may want to look for cash for junk cars reviews and hear what others are saying – before making a final decision.  

Check out just a few of the games other businesses play, when it comes to selling that old rusted clunker in your driveway: 

Telling you that your car is worthless 

The moment you suspect that you are being taken for a ride, just stop dealing with that company. One of the biggest signs that a junk car buying company is trying to take advantage of you is when they tell you your car is worth nothing. Then, they will gladly offer to haul your junk car away for free, but then claim that your car has no merit of value when it reaches their junkyard. Forget their “favor” with their offer of “free towing” for your “worthless” car, because there is nothing “free” about what these companies are offering.  Firstly, your junk car is never worth nothing. So, don’t let junkyard owners or anyone else convince you of this. Even if it is a junk car, there are still some valuable parts in it. Those parts are within the car and can be removed, before the rest of the metal is scrapped.


Companies stating that your check will be in the mail 

If a company tells you that they will junk your car and send you a check in the mail, you send them a “no thank you”.  Forget falling for a junk car company owner telling you that they’ll haul your car for you now, and send you a check in the mail later on. You may have been born at night, but you weren’t born last night!  In lots of these cases, you’ll never receive or see that promised check. 


Demanding that you pay for towing 

When it comes time to sell your car, the price of towing should be included in the junk car’s sale. If it isn’t, run the other way! To be clear about a company’s policies, you may want to ask if the price of junk car hauling is included when given your quote. Some junk car scammers will use towing to scam people by including it in the offer they give you and then turning around to charge you separately for it too. 


Changing the Quote

A change in the quote you’re given for your old clunker- is a very common scam when selling your rusted whip for cash to a junkyard. Commonly referred to as the old “bait and switch”, this is when a junkyard owner, or another junk car company owner will tell you one quote over the phone. Then once it’s time to pay you, you receive far less than what you were told.  Generally, this happens when you give a solid, true and firm description of your damaged car and provide the junk car buying with precise and accurate photos.


Sell Your Car to Cash Cars Buyer NOW! 

Sell your car to Cash Cars Buyer and receive fair market value for your car, as well as our “FEE-FREE” service! We even buy cars with no title! Just obtain your instant quote right here and allow us to show you what makes us the best junk car buyers in the business!