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Where Can I Get A $40 Wheel Alignment Deal? How Do You Know If You Need An Alignment?

Where Can I Get A $40 Wheel Alignment Deal

Wheel alignment is very important for the health of your vehicle. As we all look for great deals on helping to maintain our cars, your search is over for a $40 wheel alignment deal. We will also share great places you can get a wheel alignment for a great price too. 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

What is a Wheel Alignment? 

A wheel alignment is a common automobile maintenance service that entails the auto worker adjusting the wheels of your vehicle, to vehicle manufacturer specifications. Why get a wheel alignment in the first place? A wheel alignment helps to reduce wear and tear on your tires, and also helps to ensure that that the vehicle is straight and that the weight of the vehicle is evenly distributed among the tires. 

How Do You Know If You Need An Alignment?

Check out the ways in which you know that it’s time for a wheel alignment below: 

  1. Noisy steering 
  2. “pulling” or gravitating to the right or the left as you drive your car 
  3. Your tires will squeal 
  4. Your steering wheel is crooked as you drive straight 
  5. You have uneven wear and tear on your tires 

How Much Does It Cost For An Alignment?

When it comes to paying for a wheel alignment, you can count on paying between $50 and $75. You can also double that price for a four-wheel alignment too. Lots of car shops will combine that alignment with other services such as tire rotation and balancing.  So, be sure to ask what your wheel alignment service comes with. 


“But You Mentioned That You Know Where I can Get a $40 Wheel Alignment”

We sure did. So, check out some of the places around the U.S. that offer a $40 wheel alignment service. Please note that at the time of this post, the following companies were offering $40 wheel alignments. Prices are subject to change. Also, you want to make sure that you always call and find out what great deals are going on! 

Low Country Auto Sales & Service

Our first $40 wheel alignment company is Low Country Auto Sales and Service. They are located at 3322 Ladson Road, in Ladson, SC.  According to their Facebook page, they were offering a front wheel alignment that was just shy of $40. They are also home of the “of the $49.95 alignment, with a free alignment check”. Click here to visit their Facebook page! You can also give them a call at (843) 863-8766. 

Elite Automotive & Tire Center

Are you looking for that $40 wheel alignment deal and you live in the Byram Township, NJ area? Then head on over to Elite Automotive & Tire Center. We saw a $40 wheel alignment deal with the purchase of two tires. We also saw a FREE wheel alignment with the purchase of four tires! Elite Automotive & Tire Center has great deals on their Facebook page, that are worth a look and read. Click here to connect with them! Their physical address is: 254 U. S. Highway 206, zip code 07821. Call them at (973) 691-1444! 

Great Alignment Deals 

Although you may pay a bit more than $40 for your wheel alignment at the following places, you will pay a reasonable price, while being able to take advantage of other great services. So, who has great wheel alignment deals that may cost a bit more than $40? 


Goodyear offers wheel alignments that come with warranties. In fact, on their website, their alignment services come with a six-month warranty or 6,000 miles, whichever comes first. Click here to learn more. 


Midas offers great wheel alignment services as well as related car services too.  Their website always seems to offer great discounts; so, you may be able to get a coupon and take advantage of great savings on your wheel alignment services. Click here to connect with Midas! 

Belle Tire 

Do you live near a Belle Tire? Check out their alignment services. They are another chain that always seems to run a great deal on services. So, you may be able to save a “pretty penny” at Belle Tire. Click here to visit the company website! 

Getting The Best Wheel Alignment Deal 

When it comes to getting a great wheel alignment deal, you want the most for your money.  Just because a company says that they may offer wheel alignments for more than $40, that doesn’t mean you will pay more than $40. Check out some ways you can get a great deal on a wheel alignment, and even pay $40 for that wheel alignment. 

Look for discounts on Company Facebook Pages 

Whether you love or hate Facebook, the fact of the matter is that lots of auto businesses have a Facebook page. On those Facebook pages, are great deals on alignments as well as other services. So, check out the auto shops near you and see what great deals they have going on now! 

Internet Discounts 

Of course, you can also find great deals on your wheel alignment by just “surfing web”. We went on Groupon.com and found great deals on oil changes, wheel alignments and more! Click here to see for yourself! 

Just Ask 

Need a great deal on your wheel alignment? Just ask the company that you want to get that alignment from! Sometimes, all you have to do in order to get a great deal, is just ask. Lots of auto shops advertise their services and discounts. While sometimes, they don’t. So, just ask and see what kind of great deal lies in your wheel alignment needs! 

Can You Drive A Car With Bad Wheel Alignment?

You can, but you shouldn’t.  As you drive a car that has bad or improper wheel alignment, you continue to drive a car that has tires that have uneven we. So, if you don’t get the issue taken care of soon, then your tires could suffer from wear and tear that is way too premature. You will find that you need to buy tires a lot more often than you normally would, if you just get those tires aligned. 


Proper Alignment Can Save You From An Accident Too! 

When your vehicle’s wheels are out of alignment, you also increase your risk of getting into accidents on the road. Regular wheel alignments and wheel inspections can help protect your tires. Your mechanic or auto professional can recommend great services for you, and help you save money with preventive maintenance. When your tech takes the time to look for signs of misalignment, he or she will recommend and perform a wheel alignment or recommend new or different tires for you. You just don’t want to go too long without having a wheel alignment. 

How Fast Will  My Tires Wear with Bad Alignment?

Even just a tiny misalignment can shorten your tire life by a thousand of miles. A huge or major misalignment can wear out your tires in a few hundred miles. Is your vehicle wandering? Is the vehicle “pulling” to one side, like a magnet? Then, you need to get an alignment. When owning a car, the “name of the game” is preserving the car parts you have, and replacing the ones you need replaced ASAP.  Wheel alignments are preventive maintenance- meaning, you can prevent hefty tire prices, if you just take the time to align the tires you have. 

Do You Always Need An Alignment When You Get New Tires?

You have “brand new rubber meeting the road.” So, do you need to get an alignment? You don’t have to get a wheel alignment once you get brand-new tires installed, but it certainly won’t hurt anything either. Your brand-new wheel alignment on your brand-new tires will help to keep the tread on them even and balanced. Your brand-new tires with that brand-new alignment will also help ensure that all four tires are correctly angled as they meet the road. 


How Often Does My Car Need An Alignment?

The frequency of your wheel alignments depends on your driving habits. A good “rule of thumb” to follow is this one: you should get your wheels aligned once a year. But if you do lots of driving, then you may benefit from an alignment more frequently.  Unfortunately, just about all of us live in areas where construction is happening. Whether it be summer, spring, fall or winter, we all have to slow it down, so that the streets can be repaired. Potholes and other road can dictate wheel alignments too. Just think about it. If you are having to drive over raggedy roads each day, to get home, those raggedy, uneven and broken roads are certainly taking a toll on your car and its tires. 

Wheel Alignments Can Help Save on Gas Too! 

Yes, it’s true. Getting your wheels aligned can help you save money at the pump. Did you know that misalignment can decease your gas milage by as much as 10%? So, get those wheels aligned and save your money on filling up! 

What Are Some Other Benefits Of Wheel Alignments? 

OK – check out some great reasons you should get those wheels aligned! 

  1. Reduced wear and tear on your tires- your tires will last longer. 
  2. As we mentioned above, alignments can help increase your fuel efficiency. 
  3. You’ll enjoy “driving away” from expensive auto repairs, and “driving towards” saving money! 
  4. You will be a lot safer behind the wheel. 

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