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Where Are Subarus Made? Everything You Need to Know About Them

Where Are Subarus Made? Everything You Need to Know About Them

If we were to ask you to make a list of the most popular car brands in the country right now, which ones would come to mind first? Chances are, you would kick things off by naming brands like Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota, Honda, Jeep, and BMW. And you would be right in doing it, seeing as how these are widely regarded and the most popular car brands around. But you shouldn’t sleep on Subaru! It has slowly crept up the lists of popular car brands and looks like it could start to overcome some of the perennial favorites sometime soon. So, where are Subarus made and what has made them so popular in recent years? Let’s learn more about the Subaru brand and all that it entails below.

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When Was Subaru Founded?

In a few minutes, we’re going to answer questions like, “Where are Subarus made?” and talk at length about what sets Subaru vehicles apart from all the rest. But before we get into that, we want to touch briefly on Subaru’s storied history so that you know where the company got its start. It might seem like Subaru just popped up on the scene yesterday and started to steal the show from other car companies, but Subaru’s success has actually been a long time in the making.


Subaru first got its start way back in the early 1950s when a group of Japanese companies came together to form one big company called Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. This company launched an automotive division shortly after setting up shop, and they called it “Subaru,” which is a word that means “unite” in Japanese. They then sprung into action pretty much right away and launched their first car in 1954 and called it the Subaru 1500. Only about 20 Subaru 1500s were manufactured that year, but it eventually led to Subaru putting its stamp on other cars, including the 360, the Sambar, and the 1000.


The Subaru 1000, in particular, was a special car early on in Subaru’s story because it featured a boxer engine that would later turn into a staple of all Subaru vehicles. It took Subaru some time to get its feet wet within the auto industry. But by the 1960s, Subaru was firing on all cylinders and clearly ready to take the industry by storm.

Who Owns Subaru?

As we mentioned a moment ago, the Subaru brand was first founded by Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd., a company that was created by a collection of Japanese companies that decided to join forces and come together. As a result, Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd was and still is the company that owns the largest share of Subaru. But with that being said, Toyota also owns a large sliver of the Subaru brand and has played a big part in helping it grow as much as it has over the years.


Toyota actually first took ownership of a piece of the Subaru brand by purchasing a 20 percent stake in Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd back in the late 1960s. They did so after the Japanese government ordered mergers to take place within the Japanese auto industry to make it more competitive. In the late 1990s, though, that stake in Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd was sold to General Motors, and GM ran with the Subaru brand for a little while. It wasn’t until 2005 that Toyota made the decision to buy back a piece of Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd when GM liquidated their stake in it. Toyota then continued to buy up more stock in Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd, and today, they’re back to owning about 20 percent of it again.


Now that Toyota has reinvested in Subaru and taken a new interest in the company’s success, they’ve committed to helping Subaru manufacture more all-wheel-drive vehicles in the coming years. It’s why so many people are predicting big things for Subaru in the years and decades to come.

Where Are Subarus Made?

Now that you know a little bit more about Subaru’s history, you shouldn’t be too surprised to find out the first answer to the question, “Where are Subarus made?” A lot of the Subarus that Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. rolls out every year are manufactured in Gunma, Japan, which is where the Subaru headquarters are located. And it doesn’t appear as though Subaru has any plans to stop producing a handful of its vehicles there. Their plant in Japan is responsible for manufacturing Subaru vehicles like the Subaru BRZ, Impreza, and Forester.


But Subaru’s plant in Japan isn’t the only plant that they have going for them. They also have a plant located in Lafayette, Indiana that has also played a huge role in the company’s ongoing success. It has manufactured well over 4 million Subaru vehicles as of right now, and that number is expected to grow even more since Subaru recently invested about $400 million into upgrading this facility. This investment is going to help Subaru manufacture even more models in this plant while also adding almost 1,000 jobs to it.


There aren’t any plans to open any other Subaru manufacturing plants as of right now. But that could, of course, all change if Subaru keeps on trending in the direction that it’s heading in now. So in a few years, there could be other answers to the question, “Where are Subarus made?” You’ll just have to stay tuned to see if Subaru decides to expand into any other parts of the world in the future.

What Are Some of the Most Popular Subaru Vehicles?

There is a good reason why more people are wondering, “Where are Subarus made?”, than ever before. They’re doing it because many of the vehicles that Subaru has produced over the years have become very popular throughout the U.S. While Subaru was a brand that enjoyed some success throughout the late 1900s, it really exploded in the 2000s and 2010s as people started to learn more about all of the different models that Subaru had to offer.


So, what are some of the Subaru vehicles that have helped turn the brand into a household name over the years? Well, it’s impossible to have a discussion about Subaru without mentioning the Outback first. The Subaru Outback is probably the most popular vehicle Subaru has to offer, and it’s considered to be the signature model of the entire brand. It’s a five-passenger SUV that has been heralded for its reliability, its safety, and its long list of features.


But the Outback is far from the only Subaru making headlines in this day and age. There are also lots of other Subarus that people have fallen in love with. Here are just a few of the Subarus that have helped put Subaru on the map:

If you’re ever in the market for a Subaru, these are some of the top vehicles that you’ll want to consider. They’ve proven to be the most popular Subarus on the road year after year for a long time now.

What Has Made Subarus So Popular in Recent Years?

So, what is it about Subarus that people love so much? It goes beyond just their good looks. While you’ll appreciate the rugged design of the average Subaru, you’re also going to find that Subarus offer so much more than great appearances.


We alluded to the boxer engines found in Subarus earlier, so we may as well start there. While it took some time for these engines to catch on in the U.S., those who own Subarus can’t stop talking about them. They’re designed to provide people with a smooth ride when they’re behind the wheel of a Subaru. They’re also designed to last for a really long time, which is something that you can’t say about all the standard engines offered by auto manufacturers.


There are also some other things that have made Subarus so popular over time. Check out a few of them below:

  • Subarus are very affordable vehicles with most starting somewhere in the mid-$20,000s
  • Subarus are known for being very durable and able to withstand almost anything that people throw at them
  • Subarus have earned a reputation for being among the most reliable vehicles out on the road right now
  • Subarus offers symmetrical all-wheel-drive systems, which take things a step above traditional all-wheel-drive systems to provide a better overall ride

Oh, and as if all of this wasn’t already enough, Subarus are also some of the safest vehicles that you’ll find out there today. When you look at this year’s “IIHS Top Safety Picks,” you’re guaranteed to find at least a few Subarus on the list. It makes buying Subarus a no-brainer for many people.

What Are Some of the Most Common Problems With Subarus?

We’ve made it a point to stress a lot of the strengths of Subaru vehicles thus far. But it is worth noting that the Subaru brand, just like all other car brands, isn’t without its fair share of struggles. There are some Subarus that are going to present problems for those who own them. It’s important for you to know what some of the most common problems with Subarus are going in so that they don’t catch you off-guard later on.


It’s not all that uncommon for Subaru owners to experience issues with the head gaskets in their vehicles. And since replacing the head gasket in a car is one of the most expensive auto repairs around, you should be aware of the possibility of you having to do it if you own a Subaru. There are also some other problems that might present themselves when you own a Subaru. You’ll have to look out for issues like:

  • Front suspension problems
  • Problems with the O-rings in the air conditioning system
  • Faulty inner joint boots

Some of these problems are more serious than others. But they’re all going to need to be on your radar if you drive a Subaru around every single day.

How Much Do Subaru Repairs Cost?

The good news for those who own Subarus is that, since they’re such reliable cars, you shouldn’t have to be too concerned about making repairs to them all the time. But the bad news is that, since Subarus are technically considered foreign cars, you might have to take your car to a certain mechanic to have it worked on. You might also have to wait for certain parts to get shipped to your mechanic before repairs can be made to your car.


It’s difficult to say exactly how much Subaru repairs are going to cost you. But they could be on the more expensive side if you have issues with things like your head gasket. Replacing a head gasket might run you well over $1,200, if not closer to $1,500 or more.

Is It Easy to Sell a Used Subaru?

At some point in time, you’re going to want to sell a Subaru after owning it. You’ll be happy to know that it shouldn’t be too hard at all for you to do it. Since Subarus last for a long time and are very reliable cars, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding someone to take your car off your hands for you. You also shouldn’t have much trouble getting someone to pay you top dollar for it.

What Is the Best Way to Sell a Used Subaru?

If you have a Subaru that you want to sell, you might want to start by listing it for sale yourself as long as it’s in good condition. You should be able to begin bringing in fair offers for your vehicle since Subarus are desirable vehicles. Once people know the answer to the question, “Where are Subarus made?”, and understand more about the brand, they have no hesitations about buying Subaru vehicles.


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