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When Do I Need To Replace The Transmission? 10 Important Signs

Selling A Car With A Bad Transmission

If you suspect that you're having transmission issues, you might wonder, when do I need to replace the transmission? Here are the 10 most common signs:

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  1. Strong burning smell
  2. Weird transmission fluid level
  3. Check engine light illuminating
  4. Low transmission fluid
  5. Strange noises
  6. Sluggish performance
  7. Loud grinding and shaking
  8. Slipping gears
  9. Issues switching gears
  10. Vehicle surging

There are a couple of major components in your vehicle that you MUST maintain, and you cannot drive without them working properly. You might be familiar with the engine, but have you ever heard about the transmission and its importance for your vehicle?

Unfortunately, the transmission is not designed to last forever, and you'll get to a point where you need to install a new one. If you're familiar with car repairs, you can imagine immediately how expensive it is to install a new transmission, and that's why you must answer the question, when do I need to replace the transmission?

This article highlights the 10 most common signs that could indicate a need for a new transmission. Read on for more details!

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What is the transmission, and what does it do?

The transmission is a significant component in the engine that you won't drive the car without it. It's responsible for translating the engine's energy and movement into the proper energy needed for the wheels to operate without overstressing the engine.

If there is no transmission column, all the energy transferred from the engine will go directly to city wheels, which means that sometimes your engine might run at different stress levels that are not needed. Therefore, the purpose of the transmission is to maintain the engine and prevent its overstress as much as possible and only have it run at the required energy without wasting anything.

How long does the transition last?

Transmissions will not last forever, and when they go bad, you'll have to get to a point where you must replace them, unfortunately. The good thing is that transmissions are expected to last a pretty good amount of mileage, and some experts mentioned that you could easily achieve 300,000 miles out of your transmission without major issues.

However, this is not guaranteed, and there are many instances where we've heard stories where the transmission failed at as low as 10,000 miles, if not lower! So you cannot immediately assume that your transmission will serve you with 300,000 miles, and you get to be prepared for anything that could happen earlier. So the biggest plan you have to have is to understand whether it's worth installing the new transmission or not because it is a big deal.

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When do I need to replace the transmission?

As we mentioned earlier, while the transmission is expected to last up to 300,000 miles, it's not guaranteed, and you must warn me about the different symptoms that could help you determine when I need to replace the transmission?

Let's look at the 10 most common signs of add transmission that you should look for:

1.    Strong burning smell

As a rule of thumb, automotive experts always recommend never ignoring any strong smells coming from your car. Sometimes these smells could be good, but they still indicate an internal problem.

 One of the very common smells you might experience is a strong burning smell coming from the transmission location. For example, it could indicate that your transmission is continuously overheating, and the rubber components are getting very hot to a point where they will make a burning smell.

Note that depending on the severity of the burning smell, it might not necessarily mean that you need a new transmission. Instead, it could simply mean that you must add more transmission fluids or probably fix a faulty component.

We highly encourage you to talk to your mechanic and confirm that they shouldn't have to deal with a completely failed transmission before you decide on investing in a new transmission or problem selling your vehicle.

2.    Weird transmission fluid level

The transmission fluid should be clear and clean all the time. However, if the transmission fluid shows some signs of debris or contaminants or probably metal leftover from a weighing-out transmission, it could indicate that your transmission is approaching the end of its lifetime.

Look at the transition floor and see if you see any of these signs. If that's the case, talk to your mechanic because it could indicate that you need to install a new transmission. However, it could also mean that you must flush the transmission fluid and replace it with a new fresh one. Depending on what your mechanic covers, you might use this symptom to indicate that you need to install and return the mission.

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3.    Check engine light illuminating

The check engine light is one of the very common ways for your vehicle to communicate with you, and if it's triggered all the time, it could be an internal problem. The problem could be minor, and at the same time, there could be significant.

When the transmission is about to fail, you might notice a check engine light-triggered. However, it can be challenging to tell what is causing that check engine light unless you scan the internal error codes in your computer. If you have a simple tool like an OBD scanner, you can read these codes, and depending on the sophistication of your scanner and what; you might get more details about what exactly is causing. So let's check the engine light always. Otherwise, you can search for the code in Google and learn whether it's related to the engine, transmission, or anything else.

Depending on what you discover and depending on a discussion with your mechanic, you should be able to determine whether this check engine light means a need for a new transmission or not.

4.    Low transmission fluid

Transmission fluid is extremely important, and depending on your transmission type, it might even get involved in how your transmission operates. You must have the proper level of transmission all the time and drops below a certain point; it can easily deal with major complications in your transmission.

However, suppose your transmission approaches a certain point in its lifetime. In that case, it might cause the transmission fluid to leak purposefully because of the weak seals getting worn out over time. That's why whenever you notice any puddle of fluid that could be transmission fluid, you have to talk to your mechanic and confirm whether it's an indication that you need to install a new transmission or not.

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5.    Strange noises

Strange noises are extremely important for taking care of your car. When your car behaves weirdly and starts making loud noises, it is like a sign of your vehicle to call you and have you check on internal components.

If these weird noises are coming from the transmission, the problem is closely transitioning, and get up and look at it closely. Your mechanic should be able to determine whether these noises are related to a severe problem or not. Still, in many situations, it could indicate that you need to install a new transmission, unfortunately.

6.    Sluggish performance

The transmission should operate at a steady state all the time, and it shouldn't notice any weird operation at some point in time ask compared to others. When you notice that your transmission behavior is more sluggish performance, you need to check with your mechanic because it could indicate that the transmission is failing and you need to install it.

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7.    Loud grinding and shaking

Grinding and shaking are extremely severe, and they could range from simple problems internally to severe issues that mean a need for major unsolved components. Monitor and track where the screaming noise and the grit shaking behavior are coming from. If it's coming from the transmission location, it could indicate internal problems that you have to take care of immediately.

8.    Slipping gears

Have you ever tried switching gears and noticed that they don't stick to the same gear? This is a clear indication that your transmission is failing, and you get a boy and no one, unfortunately. Depending on how long you've been experiencing this, you might have a chance for your mechanic to fix or read all the transmission, but if you ignored it for a long time, you might need to install a new one.

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9.    Issues switching gears

Like the slipping gears, you will find some time when you can't switch gears. This behavior can be much clearer if you're driving a vehicle clipped with a manual transmission where you control the inputs of the switching gears. Any similar symptom could indicate an internal problem in your transmission requiring you to install a new treasure.

10.  Vehicle surging

Finally, if your vehicle surges weirdly, it could be a problem related to the engine, but it can also be related to the transmission. Checkers transmission and see if your mechanic suggests installing a new one or not.

Once you get a confirmation from your mechanic, the next step is to slide on whether it's worth installing the new transmission or selling this vehicle instead. If it's any point you feel that your transmission is not worth the repair, we highly encourage you to consult Cash Cars Buyer at 866-924-4608! So give us a call today!

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How much does it cost to install a new transmission?

Unfortunately, if your mechanic told you that you have a failed transmission, this situation requires patience and a deep breath before investing in this component. Typically, transmission repairs and installing a new transmission might require somewhere between $1800 and $3400.

It is important to note that this is just a rough estimate, and there are many instances where repairs might get up to 7000, if not $10,000. That's why you got to decide based on knowing whether it's worth installing the new transmission or not.

It's not surprising to hear people giving up on their vehicles because they cannot afford to install a new transmission. But, if you think about it, adding $7000 to your vehicle doesn't necessarily mean that your vehicle's value increase by $7000, and that's why you might want to make that hard decision and sell this vehicle instead of wasting your time, money, effort.

If you've ever looking for someone to buy your car considering the major transmission problems, you can always consult Cash Cars Buyer at 866-924-4608.

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Final thoughts

Transmission problems can be extreme, and you might get to a point where your mechanic requires you to install new transmission if you would like to continue driving this car. Unfortunately, installing a new transmission can be extremely high, and you need to plan and learn whether it's worth fixing the transmission or not.

One of the first steps you need to familiarize yourself with is understanding and answering the question, when do I need to at least the transmission? This way, you can plan whether you want to keep the vehicle or sell it instead.

After reading through this article and learning about the different signs of a bad transmission, if you end up worth needing to sell this car, you can always consult Cash Cars Buyer!

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