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What Wheels from Other Vehicles Will Fit Your Car?

What Wheels from Other Vehicles Will Fit Your Car?

If you’re wondering, “what wheels from other vehicles will fit your car?” You need to consider several factors, including the bolts numbers and pattern, the tire and wheel sizes, and the wheel’s offset. 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Replacing the car wheels is a great option to give your car a new look. However, you need to familiarize yourself with the right way to get wheels that fit your car's trim.

Some people prefer to use wheels from other vehicles to change the look of their vehicles completely. It is a great idea, and it can really make a big difference but, you need to be prepared about some tips and tricks to follow so you don't make the process complicated. 

The good news is that there are more wheels available in the market than ever before. So, you have plenty of options to select from. While it's good to have many options to pick from, understanding which option works best for your car is crucial. 

This article provides it with all you need to know to answer the question of “what wheels from other vehicles will fit your car?” to help you understand “how to tell if a wheel will fit your car?”

What wheels from other vehicles will fit your car? 

Replacing the wheels should not be a complicated process. However, you need to make sure that you're selecting the right wheel that does not disturb the trims. Your vehicle's trim is very crucial, and if it gets disturbed, you'll see a significant difference in your vehicle’s performance, and you might not be able to drive it properly. 

In some scenarios, choosing the wrong wheel that doesn't fit the trim will make the wheel coming out of its place, which can be extremely unsuitable for your vehicle, and that's not what you're looking for.

In general, it is possible to choose a wheel from a different vehicle but choosing the right wheel depends on the front factors, including:

  • Your vehicle's wheel size, including the diameter and width
  • The offset
  • The bolt pattern you paragraph the center bore 
  • The rim 

Let's take a closer look at these factors and see how you can consider them while selecting the new wheel: 

  • The pattern of your vehicle’s bolts 

Every wheel is unique regarding the bolt pattern when selecting a wheel from different people to be swapped with your car loan calculation, same bolt numbers and the same bolt spacing. 

In general, the market should have either 4, 5, 6, or 8 bolt patterns. Keep in mind that having the right number of wheels does not mean that the new we all fit properly. You also need to consider the spacing between these bolts. 

Every wheel should have a 2-number identification key car you should be looking for. The first number represents the number of bolts in the wheel, and the second number represents the spacing between the wheels. 

Some dual wheels have two different sets of bolts that you need to keep an eye for and understand how there's spaced.

  • Your vehicle's tire size 

After confirming that the new wheel has the right bolts numbers then bolt spacing, the next step is to ensure that the tire size also works well with this wheel.

The tire size is very important because even if you found the right wheel with the correct bolts, the tire might not fit properly. For instance, if the wheel is an inch bigger than the old one, the tires will be one inch smaller and will not fit at all. 

  • Your vehicle's wheel size 

The wheel itself might come in different sizes, and in the same fashion with confirming the wheel-tire size, you also need to look at the wheel size.

Check the trim and probably refer to your vehicle's owner’s manual for better and more accurate guidance about what exactly should be the size of your wheels. In the owner’s manual, you might find something referred to as the “rim compatibility chart” that helps you understand which wheel matches your vehicle. There are some charts specified for certain bolts number like the “5 ug bolt pattern chart.”

  • Your vehicle's wheel offset 

The vehicle offset is an important measurement, which is basically the distance from the mounting hub service and the wheel centerline. You might find this distance calculated in meters or other systems.

The wheel offsets can be positive, negative, or zero. A positive wheel offset indicates that there is more hub mounting service than modern vehicles.

A negative offset indicates that the surface of the mounting right at the brake end. Finally, when the offset of the wheels is only 0, the centerline of the wheels and the mounting hub is located at the same level. 

What will happen if I use the wrong wheel size? Can you put different rims on a car? 

As you might notice, there a couple of important factors you have to consider when shopping for a new wheel from a different vehicle.

Let's assume that you missed one of these factors and didn't get the right wheel size; the question always remains: What will happen if I use the wrong wheel size?

  •  Affect the fuel economy

If you decided to go with the wrong wheel size that required changing the tires to larger ones, you might see a significant effect on the vehicle's fuel economy. Your car is designed to handle certain tire sizes, and by installing new larger ones, your car has to work harder and, therefore, use more gas. As a result, you'll see herself visiting the gas station more often than before and spending more money on gas.

  • Disturb the appearance of your car

The main and primary reason for replacing your vehicle's wheels is to improve its appearance. When choosing the wrong wheels, your vehicle will look awkward. For instance, if your car is designed for smaller vehicles, imagine what will happen when you install very large ones; the vehicle's trim might not cover these large tires and look odd from far away.

  • Affect the performance

The other thing that you will never want to deal with is reducing the vehicle's overall performance. Yes, you want to make your vehicle look different, but, at the same time, you don't want the performance to be reduced significantly.

While installing the wrong wheel sizes, you can add some pressure on the surrounding components of your car. For instance, when using a wheel that has a more negative offset, you'll cause additional pressure on the suspension system, and as a result, you'll feel better cars not behaving as before. 

In general, we highly recommend that before installing new wheels for aesthetic purposes, consider all the different outcomes. Spent some time and effort choosing the right wheels, so you don't deal with a nightmare immediately after installing the wrong one.

It is also important to make sure that a professional mechanic will do the job for you. There are plenty of drivers who like tests and change the wheels of their vehicles. However, if you don't have the right skill sets, you might cause some troubles to the surrounding components that might cause you thousands of dollars, if not more, by simple mistakes. 

Do universal rims fit any car? 

A common myth and misconception are indicating that there are some universal rooms. There is no such thing referred to as a universal wheel or rim because every vehicle is different.

As we indicated in this article, wheels come in different shapes, sizes, and bolt patterns. There is no way a single wheel can fit every vehicle.

Thus, before purchasing any wheel from someone claiming it's a universal rim, you must consider reviewing the characteristics of the new rim and comparing it to your vehicle's specifications to avoid paying for something that you will never use. 

Why Chevy 5 lug rims fit a Dodge? 

Both Chevy 5 lug and Dodge have the same wheel size, bolt pattern, and spacing. Therefore, many drivers who own a Chevy 5 lug usually interchange their wheels with Dodge without having any problem. It's just both vehicles have the same wheel’s characteristics to make them interchangeable. 

How do you know if a rim will fit your car?

As we indicated earlier, there are many factors you need to consider when looking for a new rim. You must look at the wheels and tire sizes. We also need to consider the number and pattern of bolts around the wheel. Finally, look at the wheel offset before making a final decision. 

Are all six-hole rims the same? 

No, every wheel has a different spacing pattern, even if they have the same number of bolts. For instance, a certain car might have six bolts, but these bolts are spaced differently. The other thing is the wheel size itself. Even if the wheel has the same bolt number and pattern, it might still come in different sizes that will not fit every tire, and the offset is another thing to consider when looking at wheels with the same number of bolts. 

Can big rims mess up transmission? 

According to experts, using a bigger rim size can affect your vehicle's transmission. In general, the wrong rim size puts more loads on the transmission, and therefore, it causes premature wear. 

Are truck rims different than car rims?

In general, cars' rims are totally different from rims for larger vehicles like SUVs or trucks. Yes, you might find the same number of bolts, pattern, or even spacing, but this doesn’t mean they’re the same. 

That's why we always recommend bringing someone who knows how to measure accurately to help you decide whether this is the right wheel for you or not. 

Are six lug rims universal? 

As we indicated before, there is no such thing as called universal ring spirit. However, the six lug rims usually fit a lot of cars like Nissan Toyota and others. 

You might be able to install an import 6 log, but there is a high chance that this room might not perfectly match your car, and it will either look awkward or it will affect your vehicle's overall performance and fuel economy. 

Can you use trailer rims on a car? 

If the trail rims are compatible with your car, you can use them. However, if the trailer rims do not have the same tire and wheel size, you won't use them. Also, look at the number of bolts and the pattern to see if it's matching your car.

Long story short, while some people might think that trailers' rims do not match cars, there is a high chance that they will match if they are compatible. 


Changing your vehicle's wheels is a great option to provide a better look and give you a feeling of a new vehicle. However, choosing the wrong wheels can be a nightmare, and it could affect your vehicle's overall fuel economy and performance.

If you would like to install a new wheel from a different vehicle, you need to consider the number and pattern of the bolts, the tire and wheel sizes, and the wheel offsets.

Before spending money and effort and replacing your vehicle's wheels, it is important to make sure that your car is worth the change. For example, if your vehicle has many mechanical problems, changing the appearance will not make a huge difference and then a set might disturb the performance further. Therefore, we advised her to reach out to Cash Cars Buyer to sell this car and use the money towards a better vehicle with a completely new look. 

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