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What To Look For In Oil Change Places – Does It Matter Where I Get My Oil Change?

What To Look For In Oil Change Places

OK- so, you know that you have to get oil changes. But what should you look for in an oil change place? Does it matter where you get your oil change from? We have the information you need now! 

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When it comes to getting an oil change, you want convenience, a great deal on the service, and some incentive to return.  


What Is The Best Oil Change Place?

Depending on where you live in the country, you may find that there are a few great places that you can get your oil changed. Just a few sentences ago, we mentioned some great things you should look for when scouting an oil change place. But allow us to break down what you should consider when choosing a place to get your oil changed. 


Is the oil change place you are thinking about convenient? Can you stay in your car as your oil is changed? Do they explain all that they are doing as the techs are performing your oil change? You want to make sure that if you are spending your money on an oil change, you want a place that is convenient and caters to your specific vehicle’s needs. 


Another aspect of an oil change place you want to take into consideration, is the cost. How much does an oil change for your car cost? Is that price too inflated and you can find the same service somewhere else a bit cheaper? And those add-ons… we have all been to oil change places and they show you your filter. Then they tell you how dirty it is, and how you need another one. Do you really need another one? Many oil change places also inspect windshield wipers. They will then offer you a “great deal” on a new pair. But do you really need them? You want to find out all costs before getting your oil changed. 

Reliability and Cleanliness 

That oil change place you are considering needs to have a group of reliable techs who know what they are doing. Does the oil change place have techs, who have no understanding about oil for car? Are they reliable and honest when it comes to providing you with a quality oil change? 

Additionally, you many want to take a quick glance around the garage. Does it look clean? Are items for sale organized? Or are filters thrown “helter skelter” around the garage? Are the bays swept and kept clean for the next customer or is there garbage around the area? If a oil change place can’t keep their store clean, how can you trust them to perform a quality and neat oil change on your car? 


All of our lives revolve around making money and making living. So, we go to work, own companies and have hustles, that pay money. The same is true for oil change places. The name of the game is “to make money”. But does that “game” consist of honesty? Are you being told what you really need for optimum performance for your vehicle? Or are the oil change techs telling you lies and working to cheat you out of your money? 


These days, you can find out any and everything about a company, by going online. Additionally, these days, folks write brutally honest online comments and reviews about businesses. So, if you have your sights set on a particular oil change place, but the reputation of the place is not up to par, then, you may need to look elsewhere. You can also ask around. Find out from friends and family members where the best place is for an oil change. 

Does It Matter Where I Get My Oil Change? 

Let’s paint a picture for you. You need a haircut. So, you drive around, and find few businesses that specialize in haircuts. Salon “A” gives you the haircut that you love. You get a great shape-up, as well as great layers that frame your face well. Salon “B” also cuts hair, but they fail to listen to what you want, and simply cut your hair. The final result is horrible and you have to wear hats till your hair grows back. You also contemplate suing them for the botched job on your hair. Did you get anything from our little scenario? The same is true for an oil change place. You want experienced, honest and detailed- driven oil change techs. You also want an oil change place that listens to you, and helps you have a car that will give you the driving power you need. So, yes, it matters where you get your oil changed from. 

“OK- So, What Else Do I Need To Think About When It Comes to an Oil Change Place?”  

Glad you asked! Check out some points you want to think about when it comes to choosing the best oil change place for your car. 

Find an Auto Tech Who Knows Your Make and Model 

When you are looking for a great oil change place, you want to find someone who knows your car. If you have a foreign sedan, then, you need to find out who performs the best oil changes for foreign cars. Is your car a high-mileage vehicle and you use it for lots of driving? Then you need a tech that specialist in oil changes for high-mileage cars. 

Read Your Manufacturer’s Recommendation 

Did you just buy a brand-new car, or lease a brand-new vehicle? Then you should take out that owner’s manual and read up on what kind of oil change you need for your new ride. Even if you don’t have a new vehicle, you STILL need to know what the manufacturer’s recommendation is for your vehicle. The more you know, the better you are at locating the perfect oil change place. 

Read and Trust the Dashboard Alerts 

These days, our vehicles run by computer. So, when it’s time for an oil change, your car will tell you. This is something you don’t want to ignore and clear out from your dash. Read and trust those dashboard alerts. 

“How Do I Know I Even Need an Oil Change?” 

Check out some of the signs that you need to take heed to- that tell you it’s time for an oil change. 

A Lot More Engine Noise Than Usual 

When you choose to forgo the oil changes, you are making your engine work harder than it has to. You want your engine to work, but you don’t want it to work to the point of exhaustion. As you know, your motor oil, is the lubricant that your vehicle engine needs, so that all other parts work smoothly and without any roughness. When your motor oil becomes poorly textured, old and thin, then you may hear some excessive engine noises- letting you know that your car engine is working too hard. Deciding to drive a car with poor and worn motor oil, is deciding to pay for costly repairs. 


Large Amounts of Vehicle Exhaust 

Modern vehicles typically don’t release lots of visible exhaust from tailpipes. But if you have decided to ignore your car and forgo the oil changes, then you may see what looks like smoke, coming from your car’s back end. This means there is a serious issue, that may have been preventable, with an oil change. Generally, excess exhaust indicates that you have motor oil that has now become too old to function properly. The exhaust you have coming from your car, can lead to additional issues- including cracked gaskets- which are an example of an issue.  Need more “red flags”? Click here to read more! 


Places That Offer Quality Oil Changes & More! 

OK- so, now you know all about what to look for, when it comes to an oil change. So, where do you go to get one? 


Who in our country doesn’t live near a Walmart? They seem to be on every street corner. You can receive a quality oil change at a quality price too! Walmart offers oil change and lube services that won’t break your bank. While you’re getting your oil changed, you can spend time at the Walmart and do some shopping. Their standard oil change is just under $30.00. They also offer high mileage oil changes and even a “Power and Performance” oil change. Click here to learn more! 

Jiffy Lube 

Do you live near a Jiffy Lube? Then you can get a quality oil change here as well. Their oil change services include the “Signature Service® Oil Change” that provides you with a complete oil change. Click here to learn more! 


Midas stresses the importance of getting an oil change and they seem to back it up by providing customers quality oil changes that keep cars well-maintained. From conventional motor oil, to synthetic oil, and even high-mileage motor oil, you can get an oil change that is catered to your vehicle’s specific needs. Don’t forget to take advantage of the coupons and special offers that Midas runs on their oil changes too! Click here to learn more! 

Who Has The Best Price On Oil Changes?

As you may have guessed, Walmart is the clear winner here. As we stated earlier, you can get a quality oil change for under $30. Combine that cost with any offers, coupons and specials they are running, and you can come out a real winner.  

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