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What to Look for in a Car: Here’s What You Need To Know!

What to Look for in a Car: Here’s What You Need To Know!

If you are in the market for a new car you are probably concerned about price, but even more concerned about having a mode of transportation that will meet all of your needs.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


 When shopping for a car, you should consider the class of car you want, what you are going to use the car for and how safe the car is considered to be. It is important to purchase your new car from a reputable buyer. You should also compare price offers for different deals. 

What are you going to use the car for? 

Are you looking for a used automobile that will get you to work and the grocery store, or are you planning on taking your child’s entire soccer team to a competition in another state? If you are planning to use your car to perform work, you should think about the demands of your job. Do you need a pickup truck for hauling materials or are you going to deliver food or work for a rideshare service? You want a vehicle that will help you accomplish your work in the fastest, safest most economical way possible.


Factors to Consider

When shopping for a new car it is helpful to make a list of factors to consider before you visit the first dealership or used lot. 



Remember that the sticker price of a vehicle is not the only thing to examine when you are looking for the perfect car. You will want to figure out how much fuel for the vehicle will cost and how much an insurance company will charge you for coverage.


 Generally speaking, higher-end cars cost more to insure because the parts are pricier than those of an economy car, however, the safety rating of a vehicle may also factor into the price of insurance. Even a vehicle’s color may affect the cost of insurance because some colors of paint are harder to paint over in the event of an accident. 


You may think that a used car is less expensive than a new car and in some cases, it might be. However,  there are some cases in which a used car may actually end up being more expensive. Unethical used car lots will often hide information about certain cars from potential buyers. You may end up paying a good amount of money in repairs if you get a lemon. If a car dies soon after you buy it, you will only have to replace it.  


The class of auto you buy will also factor into the price. A used luxury car may have a higher sticker price than a new economy car. But it will also cost you more money for gas.


 If you get a rare used automobile, you may have a hard time finding parts if you have an accident or if those parts simply die of old age.


You can get a brand new micromini, such as a Smart Car for a reasonable price, but you should know that you can never take such a vehicle on the highway. This may cost you a lot of time which can be the same thing as costing you a lot of money. 


When you buy a new car, you will want to research the make and model of the car for overall value and safety. However, when you are considering purchasing a used vehicle, you will want to research that particular vehicle. Make sure to run a background check on the car. A background check will reveal any accidents in which the car has been involved. It can also reveal such things as salvaged titles and multiple owners.


What is the car’s safety rating?

The safety of your vehicle is an important factor for anyone. According to the National Safety Council, there were approximately 38,800 traffic-related deaths on America’s roads last year. SUV’s have repeatedly shown to be safer than sedans in crash tests.


 Whenever a big car and a small car collide, the smaller vehicle and its passengers almost always bear the brunt of the damage. The more SUVs there are on the road, the greater the likelihood of a driver is to collide with them.  However, SUVs have a higher rate of rollover accidents. Although some people say they feel they have better control because they are higher up, some SUVs can be harder to steer. 


Comfort and Drivability

If you have kids, you not only want to make sure that the auto you select has enough room to seat everyone comfortably but that the kids will have a way to keep themselves entertained on long trips. Modern vehicles come with passenger seat entertainment centers and cell phone chargers. Make sure that your cell phones, tablets, and laptops will work with the technology in the car. A good family vehicle should also have enough cubbies and cup holders for everyone who rides in the car.


When you take your vehicle for a test drive, be sure to see how it handles on the highway, back roads, and in the city. 


What Type of Vehicle should you get?


If you are a single person with a good sense of balance and an adventurous spirit, you may want to try replacing your old vehicle with a motorcycle. You will always be able to find a parking space and you can get around on a fraction of the gas you would normally have to buy.


Motorcycles are extremely dangerous and their owners face a higher chance of getting into an accident than they would with any other vehicle. If you decide to get one, remember to wear protection from your head to your toes. 


You will have to test drive a few bikes before knowing which one is right for you. You can also do a bit of research online. If you are interested in a critic’s opinion, you should know that Cycle World Magazine voted the Triumph Scrambler 1200 XE the Standard Bike of the Year.


A Sub Compact

A sub-compact car can generally seat 2 to 4 people and comes in both 2 door and 4 door varieties. The EPA defines a subcompact car as one that has a combined interior and cargo volume that falls between 85–99 cubic feet (2,410–2,800 L).


Much like a motorcycle, a subcompact car can save you a lot of money on gas and it is easy to park. The bad news is that these cars do not offer much protection if you were to get one of them into an accident on the expressway. They often have a very high glass to steel ratio and that can mean they will get rather hot when they are parked. You will never be able to get more than four adults in one and they have limited cargo space.


Examples of subcompact cars include The Chevy Aveo and the Ford Fiesta. The Honda Fit was named the best subcompact car of 2020 because of its spacious cargo area and generously proportioned cabinet. 



An old fashioned four-door sedan can often be the best option for a small family. A sedan is any car modeled in a three-box configuration. It should have separate compartments for the passengers, the engine, and cargo. There are many gas efficient sedans and they often come loaded with modern technology. They will fit into your average parking space and they are less expensive than other kinds of vehicles.


The ease of operation and overall value make a sedan one of the most practical automobiles a person can choose. They offer a smoother ride on the highway than larger vehicles. If you are in the market for a sedan, you should note that Money Talks News rated the Honda Accord as the Best Sedan of 2020 for its fuel efficiency, smooth handling, and large cabin.


SUV’s came into popularity during the 1990s and still heavily populate the highways and byways of the United States. Drivers feel safer in sports utility vehicles than they do in sedans and SUVs can hold more passengers than sedans.


 Some people feel safer driving an SUV because they are sitting at a higher vantage point and can see traffic better when they are in the driver’s seat. SUVs generally do not handle as well as sedans do on the highway. However, SUVs are much better for driving on side roads or roads that are not well maintained and have potholes. You can go off-roading in many SUVs and it would be awfully hard to do that in a sedan. 


Many SUVs have towing capacities, which make them a great option for people who want to use their vehicles to make extra income. However, the vast majority of the drivers who work through rideshare apps drive sedans, because of the good gas mileage that they offer. 


SUVs are now so popular that they come in many different styles, so you will have multiple different options if this is the kind of vehicle that you desire. However, you should know that Car and Driver magazine has voted the Mercedes Benz GSL 450 the Best Large SUV of the Year for 2019.



If you have ever had to move a piece of furniture or a whole house full of furniture, you know that there are certain advantages to owning a truck. Although they do not get the best gas mileage, owning a truck has many perks. When you sit in the driver’s seat of a truck, you can see over traffic, so you can reduce your chance of having an accident. 


A truck is great for everything from hauling away branches and leaves after you have been gardening to getting around in a remote area. There are a couple of different truck styles from which to choose. 


Some trucks double as cars. They have four doors, rear passenger seats, and a truck bed in the back. Other trucks have a driver and passenger seat. There is an open space behind the driver’s seat and a large truck bed in the back. 


Trucks are hard to park and it often takes a skilled hand to drive them. However, because of their size, they are safer on impact in the event of a crash. 


Crossover Vehicles

A crossover vehicle is an SUV that has the unibody construction of a sedan. A crossover vehicle attempts to combine all the very best qualities of an SUV and a sedan. 


Crossover vehicles are known for having a comfortable and spacious cabin. However, the off-road capabilities of these vehicles are somewhat diminished. These days, half of the SUVs on the road are considered crossovers.  Examples of crossover vehicles include the Ford Edge and the Toyota Highlander. The Toyota Rav4 and the 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe both have high ratings from auto critics.


Selling Your Old Car


Whenever you buy a new automobile, you have to think about how to get rid of your old one. You could always take the trade-in deal that the dealership offers you, but make sure you get a good value for your car. Dealerships will often try to lowball you, assuming that you will take the lower price for the convenience of not having to shop around. They may also offer you what seems like a good price for your vehicle and then tag that same amount of money back on to the cost of your new vehicle. 


You could sell the car on your own, but you will have to pay to list the car and you will have to take a lot of time out of your day to show the vehicle to potential buyers.


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