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What To Do With A Scrap Car? A Comprehensive Guide

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If you're asking yourself what to do with a scrap car, here is a comprehensive guide:

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  • Evaluate the pros and cons of scrapping your car
  • Understand the scrap car value
  • Familiarize yourself with the car scrapping process

Do you have A scrap car? Are you struggling to sell it to private buyers because it has a lot of problems and no one is interested in buying it? Did you try posting your vehicle on classified group sites like Craigslist or eBay motor? If that sounds familiar, then you're at the right location!

Selling a scrap car is not complicated, but you have to know the best way to sell this vehicle and whether you should sell it as is or select four parts. Deciding on which one is best for you depends heavily on your own goals and your vehicle condition.

This article is the ultimate guide to help you answer what to do with a scrap car. It walks you through the evaluation process of whether you should scrap your car yourself or sell it as is, provides insights about the vehicle scrap car value, and finally helps you understand how the car scrapping process goes.

What to do with a scrap car?

When dealing with a scrap vehicle, you might think only of selling it to potential buyers. However, one of the very powerful ways of making a good amount of cash is parting the car out yourself and selling it separately.

You'll be surprised by the number of people interested in purchasing your car parts because the market is starving for more inventory. In addition, many people are now holding on to their vehicles, considering the increased car prices. Therefore, they'll be looking to fix major car problems that might benefit from the car parts you sell.

While there are great benefits of scrapping your car yourself, you still need to go through the process properly to ensure that it suits you well and it's better than any other method for getting rid of your scrap car.

The following list provides you with a detailed guide to help you answer the question of what to do with the scrap car:

1.   Evaluate the pros and cons of scrapping your car

Before you move any step further, you must understand and evaluate whether scrapping your car is the best for you. This is achieved through understanding the main pros and cons of the process.

Pros of scrapping your car

When deciding to scrap your car, you'll have great benefits, including:

  • You don't have to worry about expensive repair costs because you find a guaranteed way of getting rid of your car.
  • You have a better alternative to selling your vehicle than lengthy phone call payments through classified websites.
  • You won't miss any money on this vehicle because you'll sell every part separately.
  • You don't have to go through the hassle of convincing junk car buyers to pay much higher for your vehicle.
  • You're not limited to your area's available junk car removal services.

Cons of scrapping your car

While the benefits of scrapping your car are a lot, there are many cons that you should be aware of before moving any step further in the process:

  • Scrapping your car might be complicated, especially if you don't have previous experience.
  • If you've not scrapped your car before, you might benefit from a family member or friend or might include a professional mechanic. However, including these folks might involve some additional fees.
  • Disposing of car fluids must be done in a certain way so you don't harm the environment and deal with legal complications.
  • Parting out of the car has risks; if this is the first time, you might damage the components if you don't take them out properly.
  • Posting multiple components online might involve monitoring these postings and responding to questions, which can be daunting.

As you noticed, scrapping your car has many benefits, but some of the common cons you should be aware of can be extremely critical for those who don't have time. Therefore, it's important for you as a car owner to evaluate what to do with your scrap car well, ensuring that you understand mean pros and cons and that you're fully aware of the challenges throughout the process.

2.   Understand the scrap car value

Once you have a good idea about whether you should scrap your car, the next step is to evaluate how much you can make out of your car. This requires understanding how much a scrap car is worth in total.

While the true value of scrap cars differs significantly depending on your vehicle type, location, and condition, you typically expect somewhere between $100 and $500 for a total value.

This doesn't mean that your vehicle's maximum value is only $500 because you can achieve much more depending on your skills and the vehicle itself.

Thus, searching online is a good way to understand the scrap car value. Pure, they'll find lots of tools and calculators online that could help you determine how much you expect of your car. These tools typically require your vehicle type, condition, and some basic information about your area.

You must use multiple tools to ensure you're getting the right number because some of these tools might be biased and focused on certain regions that might not reflect your car's true value.

Another thing you could do is to get a quote from local car removal companies. These companies will provide you with the vehicle value without parting it out. Sometimes this could be helpful, especially if you think the scrap value is very close to the junk car removal company value, which means less headache and hassle.

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3.   Familiarize yourself with the car scrapping process

Now, you should be ready to understand how The car scrapping process goes. Typically, you'll need to get involved in the following:

Decide on the valuable car parts

Not every car part is very valuable. However, there is a long list of potential parts that you should consider because they can make you the same amount of money. Of course, each part separately will not make you rich, but if you think about them in total, it can make a decent amount of money that's better than what junkyards might provide you.

Start with the following list:

  • The battery
  • The alternator
  • The catalytic converter
  • The wheels and tires
  • The navigation system
  • The engine
  • The transmission

Every part must be taken out carefully without any issues damaging the surrounding components. Then, you need to figure out the details that you should include about the vehicle, including the part number or some additional information that could help people find your part online.

Figure out which websites to post your parts on

Once you have your parts ready, the next step is to determine which websites or online platforms you should use to post these vehicles. You'll find information online about the best locations for posting car parts that could help you narrow down the list and focus on what's best for you.

When including these parts, you must include accurate descriptions and photos for these parts. People tend to focus more on visuals and flip through pictures than reading lengthy text descriptions. Try to follow the best practices when posting these car parts.

Get your vehicle ready.

After posting your car parts and going through the car selling process, you should also consider selling the remaining part of your vehicle, which is the metal components. Again, this should go through some junkyards or car removal services.

You must get multiple quotes for this component because you can make a huge difference in the amount of money you're getting by researching at least three companies. Once you get these quotes, compare them carefully and confirm they have no hidden fees.

Prepare the documentation

At this point, I should be ready to prepare the documentation, so you don't deal with any legal complications. The documentation should be available on your local DMV website, and you should also read through some of the available articles that could help you understand which documents to prepare.

In many instances, you might not have the vehicle title for whatever reason. If so, you should consider contacting companies willing to buy your car without a title. If that's not possible, you can always obtain a title replacement as long as you're the car's legal owner by visiting your local DMV office.

Cancel the insurance

Finally, once the vehicle is completely sold, cancel the insurance policies. They don't hold labels for anything that happens in the car, and the insurance will appreciate letting them know.

Final thoughts

If you have an old car you would like to get rid of, one of the first questions that come to your mind is probably, what to do with my scrap car? This article helped you answer this question by providing detailed guidance on the process and information about whether you should move forward with scrapping your car or selling it to car removal companies.

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