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What To Do With A Car With A Cracked Engine Block? Repair Options And Diagnosis

What To Do With A Car With A Cracked Engine Block

If you don't know what to do with a car with a cracked engine block, you can select one of the following options:

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  1. Fix the engine
  2. Replace the engine with a new one
  3. Rebuild the engine
  4. Replace the engine with a used one
  5. Donate your car
  6. Sell your car as is

One of the worst things you want to hear from your mechanic is that your engine block is cracked! This problem is very severe and needs to be addressed as soon as possible before it gets more complicated and requires significant repair costs.

Understanding your options and potential repairs is extremely important when dealing with a cracked engine block. First, you must determine whether you should spend money and time trying to fix or sell this vehicle.

This article provides all the details you need to know about understanding the concept of a cracked engine block, whether it's worth fixing a vehicle with a correct engine block, and your additional options when dealing with such a vehicle. Finally, we highlight the expected repair costs for resolving this problem and the signs you should watch for indicating a cracked engine block.

What to do with a car with a cracked engine block? What are the options for fixing a cracked engine block?

The best way to resolve a problem related to a car with a cracked engine block is to understand your options. Every driver will have a different situation, and based on your circumstances; you can select one of the following options based on automotive experts’ recommendations:

  1. Fix the engine

The first and most straightforward option is to go ahead and fix the engine. However, I got to remember that the correct engine block is not simple, like a broken muffler or a small screw that got misplayed.

The problem is very severe and requires expensive parts and advanced mechanical skill sets, making it extremely challenging for any driver to do the job himself without reaching out to a mechanic. In other words, a big component of fixing a cracked engine block has to do with the labor cost.

However, automotive experts still recommend fixing your engine when dealing with a cracked engine block, especially if the crack is small. In other words, come, it's just a start, and you might get some extra time out of your vehicle’s lifetime by taking care of this small crack. This is a valid option as long as the crack did not reach a point where it could impact your vehicle's drivability and might be beyond repairs.

  1. Change the engine with a brand-new one

Another option would be to replace the engine and install a new one instead. This is a valid option when the crack is significant, and your mechanic does not consider repairs.

While you'll get your vehicle to work back again as new potentially, there's no guarantee that the cracked engine block caused some additional problems to the surrounding components. The other thing is that installing a brand-new engine is extremely expensive, so there are better options for everybody who can afford it.

That's why you need to do the math before installing a brand-new engine and evaluate whether it's worth fixing this vehicle. In the following sections, we will highlight some logic about what to consider when evaluating whether your vehicle is worth the repairs.

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  1. Rebuild the engine

Many experienced mechanics can take care of the engine and rebuild it. The idea of rebuilding the engine is that the mechanic will disassemble the engine to figure out which components are still working and which are not. During this process, the mechanic will replace the faulty components and keep the good ones.

While it might sound that rebuilding the engine is much cheaper than buying a new engine, it's not the case. It is slightly cheaper, but it could be cheaper. In other words, before installing a rebuilt engine, you need to do the math again and figure out whether it's worth repairing this vehicle.

  1. Change the engine with a used one

If you want to avoid installing a new engine considering the repair costs, you can still install a used one. The used car market still has many examples of people who got rid of their vehicles and have perfectly running engines.

The biggest challenge about installing a used engine is that there is no guarantee that the vehicle will work again. In other words, you will put this investment which is not very cheap still, and then you don't have the perfect 100% guarantee that the vehicle is going to work and it's not going to break down in no time.

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  1. Donate your car

Did you know that even if your car has a major problem with the engine, you can still donate it? If you have a favorite charity or purpose that you want to support, you can use this vehicle and take advantage of its value to support the charity.

The charity's not going to drive the vehicle necessarily. The old can take its value and use it towards other goals and services for the charity. You can still get some tax deductions at the end of the year, even if you did not sell this vehicle. You need to understand how much you can claim from this donation based on your vehicle's value and circumstances.

  1. Sell the vehicle as is

Another potential alternative would be to sell your vehicle as is. Many potential buyers might be interested in purchasing your vehicle even if no one's going to like this car, considering the engine problems.

Many car owners with vehicle problems think they need to have options for selling these vehicles. The only thing that comes to mind is private buyers looking for perfectly running cars. However, that's only sometimes the case.

For example, you can find a potential wire like Cash Cars Buyer, who will exchange your vehicle with money. You will receive cash payments immediately on the spot and in exchange for your vehicle. All you have to do is to call our team at 7737914363.

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Is it worth repairing a car with a cracked engine block?

One of the critical questions that many of our readers reach out to us whenever they deal with a cracked engine block is whether it's worth fixing this vehicle. The short answer is that it depends on several factors.

Typically, automotive experts recommend calculating the total repair cost for your vehicle, including the money needed to fix the cracked engine block and any other potential repairs like those related to the transmission or oil changes or probably tire rotations.

After having this final repair cost, you need to compare it to the value of your vehicle, and if you find that repair costs are approaching 75% of your vehicle’s value or more, that's when you should not invest any money trying to fix this car.

Keep in mind that even if the repair costs are not close to 75% of the value of your vehicle, sometimes you might be looking to upgrade to a new car. If that's the case, you should invest less money trying to fix a vehicle that will not serve your needs soon.

A good example is that if someone is looking to buy a bigger car because he's expecting a baby or he is taking care of some older adults who need a specific vehicle with disability support, it doesn't make sense for him to fix a small vehicle that he's not going to ride in the future.

The same principle applies to those looking to get rid of their vehicles just because they are bored with them. Also, if you have a ten-year-old vehicle with a cracked engine block, you might consider buying a new one because the vehicle is approaching its lifetime.

Therefore, deciding whether it's worth fixing a vehicle with a cracked engine block depends heavily on your circumstances and your vehicle situation. We highly encourage you to go through that evaluation process yourself and determine the final decision based on some knowledge.

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How much does it cost to repair a cracked engine block?

It's very significant. Sometimes if you have a minor problem in your engine, it should be a maximum of a couple of hundred dollars to fix it. However, if the problem is very severe, it can easily approach $10,000, if not more inexpensive, vehicles.

If you would like a more accurate estimate, we encourage you to consult your mechanic, who might better understand your vehicle’s current circumstances. Also, remember that the cracked engine block requires certain repairs depending on how long you've been ignoring it.

For example, if you've noticed that the engine block has had an issue since a week ago, your potential repair costs will not be as expensive as someone who's been ignoring it for months.

That's why it's important for you as a driver never to ignore any potential signs of a cracked engine block and take care of the problem as easily as possible to avoid paying thousands of dollars on repair and to avoid losing your vehicle if it's your preferred one.

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What are the signs of a cracked engine block?

One of the most important things you need to familiarize yourself with as a driver is the signs of a cracked engine block. A lot of inexperienced drivers might need to pay more attention to the cracked engine block and might intentionally ignore it. In that case, a good skill would be to teach yourself about some common car problem symptoms, including the cracked engine block.

Here are the common symptoms and signs of a cracked engine block that you might come across during the lifetime of your car:

  • Reduction in the coolant level due to leak
  • Vehicle overheating
  • Reduction in the vehicle’s overall performance
  • Loud engine knocking

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How do you diagnose a cracked engine block?

As we indicated before, dealing with a cracked engine block is not simple, and it's not one of those things you can't fix or diagnose at your home. Instead, it requires a visit to the mechanic shop as soon as possible because your mechanic should have the required tools and software that helps him inspect the vehicle easily.

Your mechanic will look at the vehicle and perform the required diagonals to confirm whether your vehicle has a cracked engine block. If you notice any of the previously mentioned signs of a cracked engine block, it could be a starting point for you to mention this to the mechanic and have him take a look before things get more complicated.

While your mechanic should be the perfect person to diagnose the vehicle, you can still understand whether your vehicle has a big problem. For instance, if you have a scanning tool that can read the vehicle’s computer, this tool should display some error codes that could narrow down the list of potential culprits your vehicle is suffering from.

Depending on the tool’s complexity, you might get some details about the available repair options and costs. You can also get a sense of how complicated the problem is and how much time you have left before your vehicle breaks down.

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Final thoughts

Dealing with a cracked engine block is never fun, and one of the first questions that you will ask yourself is what to do with a car with a cracked engine block. This article locked you through all options available for you when it comes to dealing with a car with a cracked engine block. These options range from fixing your vehicle to donating and selling the car.

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