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What to do with a car that needs a new engine? 

What to do with a car that needs a new engine 

There's nothing more frustrating than hearing your vehicle's engine needs replacement. You probably started with a check engine light illuminating, then went to the repair shop and ended up with a blown engine. At this point, the only question in your mind is probably what to do with a car that needs a new engine.

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Before making your final decision, it's very important to evaluate your situation and see whether it's worth repairing this vehicle or getting rid of it and buying a new one that doesn't have any problems.

To help you go through this exercise, we will provide you with a step by step guidance on how to answer the question of what to do with a car that needs a new engine

What to do with a car that needs a new engine: Are you sure you need a new engine? 


Before diving into the different options, you have when your vehicle requires a new engine, you need to ask yourself whether your vehicle needs an engine?

If you didn't go to a professional mechanic and you think that the vehicle needs a new engine, there are plenty of symptoms indicating that your vehicle's engine gave up and you need to install anyone:

  • Your engine has very low oil
  • You hear loud noises coming from under your vehicle's hood
  • Your engine regularly overheats without any clear reason 

Even if you order any of the mentioned symptoms, it's also important to take your vehicle to a professional mechanic and get a final confirmation. 

You might need to get multiple different opinions from different mechanics about replacing your vehicle's engine in some cases. Changing the engine is a big deal, and it needs a lot of money. Thus, it's worth spending the time and effort getting ideas and thoughts from multiple mechanics. 

What to do with a car that needs a new engine?


If you have noticed that your vehicle's engine is acting strange the last couple of days, there is a high chance that the engine got completely damaged. After you do your homework and confirm that the vehicle's engine got damaged, it's the next step to think about what to do with a car that needs a new engine?

In that case, you have multiple steps that you could follow in order before you end up buying a new engine. 

  • Have you tried rebuilding your engine?


Before moving into purchasing a new or used engine, you might need to give it a try and rebuild your vehicle's engine. 

Replacing a bad engine might cost you up to $6000 in some situations, if not more. However, you might find the engine rebuilt for only $1000. $1000 is not a small number, but it's still less than installing a new engine

Engine rebuilt involves taking your current engine apart, looking into any damaged or worn-out components, and replacing them. While engine rebuilt doesn't require buying a lot of components, it requires advanced mechanical skills, and the labor costs usually add up to the Bill. 

In some scenarios, after rebuilding your vehicle's engine, the engine might fail. Thus, before deciding on rebuilding your engine, you need to be ready to deal with fast engine failure surprises. 

  • Did you think of trading and your car? 


Yes, your vehicle doesn't have a working engine. This doesn't mean that dealerships are not interested in your vehicle. Many dealerships are interested in vehicles with problems because they can take advantage of any other parts they can use as parts replacements for similar vehicles.

If you know that your vehicle has high demand and your area has lots of people owning similar cars, you might be lucky enough and find a dealership that would accept trading in your car even if it has a bad engine.

Keep in mind that the dealership will never pay you what you are expecting. Dealerships are great at negotiating, and they can point hundreds of problems in your vehicle to drop the price down significantly. Thus, if you don't care a lot about the amount of cash you will be receiving, and you're hoping to buy a brand-new vehicle from this dealership, it might be worth sacrificing the low price. 

  • Have you tried junk car buyers? 


The last and best option for you at this point is to sell your car to a junk car buyer.

For example, Cash Cars Buyer is one of the top-rated junk car removal companies in the nation. Even if your vehicle doesn't have any other problems than the engine, Cash Cars Buyer is willing to pay you up to $15,000 for the right vehicle.

Our company is interested in every car despite its size or condition. We are willing to come to your house or office and remove your car within one to three days.

We never have any hidden fees, and all our towing services free of charge for all customers no matter where they live around the United States. 

Our process is very simple and always takes you is a quick conversation with our team describing your vehicle type and condition. We will then provide you with an instant offer that doesn't take more than a couple of seconds in most cases. Lastly, we will meet with you at a specific time and location of your choice to remove your car safely and hand you the cash payment right on the spot!

What to do with a car that needs a new engine: the bottom line 


As we've discussed in this article, before you dig into the different options for dealing with your vehicle's damaged engine, it's very important to confirm that the problem exists.

Then, you could either sell your car to a private buyer, trade it into a dealership, or best, sell it to a junk car removal company.

The best choice for you at this point is to get in touch with a junk car removal company like our company and receive your instant offer. 

Give us a call at 8669244608 or visit our website and click on the free instant online offer.

Your offer is free, and it's waiting for you today! 


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