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What Is the Best Car Air Freshener? Tips to Help You Pick One Out

What Is the Best Car Air Freshener? Tips to Help You Pick One Out

Do you get embarrassed when other people get into your car with you because of how bad it smells? Or have you yourself gotten sick and tired of driving around in a car with a pungent odor in it? If you just answered “yes!” to either of these questions, then you should go ahead and do something about it. You should pick up the best car air freshener money can buy and use it to keep your car smelling better than it does now. Let’s learn everything there is to know about car air fresheners below.

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What Is a Car Air Freshener?

In a few minutes, we’re going to talk at length about what the best car air freshener on the market is. But before we get into that, we want to take just a few seconds to talk about what exactly a car air freshener is. A car air freshener is a product that you can put into your car to make it smell more fragrant. Whether you want to give your car that classic “new car smell” or make your car smell like the holiday season, you can do it by investing in a car air freshener.


Car air fresheners have been around for a long time now. But if you haven’t picked one up in a while, you should know that you can purchase more than just air fresheners that look like little trees for your car in this day and age. Companies have actually started to mass-produce all kinds of car air fresheners in the hopes of catching the eyes—and noses!—have consumers. It has turned car air fresheners into must-have items for those who own a vehicle.

Why Does Your Car Need an Air Freshener?

When you first drive a new car or even a used car for that matter off a car lot, you won’t really need to have the best car air freshener inside of it. Reason being, most cars smell great when people drive them off a lot for the first time. Car manufacturers and car dealerships go to great lengths to ensure that cars smell amazing when they’re new or like new. But over time, it’s going to become more and more important for you to have the best car air freshener you can find in your vehicle.


Why? Well, there are lots of different types of smells that can slowly start to wreak havoc on your car. Every time you bring fast food into your vehicle and eat it, it’s going to leave a little bit of an odor behind that will linger in the air. Every time you forget your gym bag in the car on a hot day, it’s going to take a toll on the smell of your car. It won’t be long at all before your car smells way worse than it did when you first bought it. You’re going to need to have the best car air freshener handy to get rid of unpleasant odors and to make things smell great in your vehicle.

What Are the Different Types of Car Air Fresheners?

Now that you know why it’s so essential for you to have an air freshener in your vehicle, you might be convinced that you need to run out and pick up the best car air freshener. But one of the things that you’re going to discover when you do this is that there are all different types of car air fresheners available for you. It’ll be your job to sift through them and find the air freshener that’s going to work best for your car.


So, what are some of the types of car air fresheners that you’ll be able to choose from? There are, as we mentioned earlier, the so-called “Little Trees” that have been around for years now. You can hang these air fresheners right from your rear-view mirror to make your car smell great. These air fresheners come in a wide range of scents, including everything from basic pine to strawberry. But that’s only the beginning when it comes to your search for the best car air freshener.


Outside of the classic “Little Trees,” you can also find a whole host of other types of air fresheners. There are air fresheners that will clip to the vents in your car and keep great smells circulating throughout it. There are also air fresheners that come in the form of air purifying bags that will pull bad smells out of the air. There are even air freshening cans that you can stick into your cupholders to freshen up the air whenever it needs it. The choice is yours as far as which air freshener you choose to use in your vehicle.

What Is the Best Car Air Freshener?

When most people see how many options there are as far as car air fresheners go, they’re not always sure which direction they should go in. Do they go with one of the classic “Little Trees” since they’re been around the longest compared to most other car air fresheners? Or do they go with a new-age air purifying bag that will subtly make their car smell better than it does now? What is the best car air freshener?


It’s really tough to answer that question when there are so many options for people to pick from. But generally speaking, you should think about what you’re going to use your car air freshener for and then choose the best car air freshener accordingly. Essentially, you should think about what you’re expecting out of an air freshener and track down the one that’s going to get the job done for you in the end.


Here are some examples of when you should buy specific types of car air fresheners:

  • Need an air freshener that’s going to keep your whole car smelling amazing? Go with the Air Spencer CS-X3 Squash Air Freshener.
  • Need one that’s going to knock out the odors caused by smoking in your car? The Yankee Candle Car Jar will work wonders for you.
  • Want an air freshener that’s going to make the inside of your car smell like new again? Consider giving the Chemical Guys New Car Smell a try.
  • Interested in something that will eliminate pet odors from your car? The Febreze Air is fantastic.

At the end of the day, you really can’t go wrong going with any of these car air fresheners for your vehicle. They’ll all bring their own benefits. But when you’re trying to find the best car air freshener, you should look for the one that’s tailor-made to suit your needs.

Where Should You Put a Car Air Freshener?

You can buy the best car air freshener in the world. But if you don’t put it in the right place in your car, it might all be for naught. You need to make sure that your air freshener is able to do its job and make your car smell great at all times. To do this, you’re going to need to put it in a place like:

  • Hanging from your rear-view mirror
  • Clipped to one of your air vents
  • In your cup holder
  • Under one of your front seats

More often than not, you should look at the recommendations on the packaging for your car air freshener. It should tell you where you should put your air freshener in your car to get the best results.

What Should You Do If a Car Air Freshener Is Too Strong?

There are a lot of car air fresheners that are on the subtler side. When you place them into your car, you’ll get used to them in no time at all and won’t have to worry about them causing you any problems. But there are also some car air fresheners that are going to slap you across the face every time you climb into your car if you’re not careful. They could very well be too strong to hang on your rear-view mirror without them presenting issues for you.


To get around this, you should consider moving your air freshener to a different place if it becomes too strong for you. If, for instance, it’s too much for you to take when it’s on your rear-view mirror, you might want to see if putting it underneath a seat works. If it’s too much when it’s clipped to the vent on the driver’s side, most it over to the passenger’s side or to a rear vent to see if that makes a difference. By experimenting with your air freshener, you should be able to find the right location for it in your vehicle.

How Long Will a Car Air Freshener Last You?

Once you’ve found the best car air freshener and placed it inside your car, you should be able to start enjoying the benefits of it right away. But it won’t be long before you’re going to start to wonder how long it’s going to last you. You’re going to get used to smelling it and won’t even be able to tell that it’s working anymore. This can make it confusing with regards to when you should replace it.


So, when should you throw out an old air freshener and replace it with a new one? There are some air fresheners, like the “Little Trees,” that may only hang around for a month or two before they’ll need to be tossed and replaced. But it’s worth noting that there are also some air fresheners, like the PURGGO Car Air Freshener, that can last for up to a year.


You should, once again, look at the back of your air freshener when you buy it to see what it says when it comes to how often it should be replaced. It should provide you with a pretty good idea of how long you’re going to be able to keep your air freshener prior to finding a new one.

How Much Do Car Air Fresheners Cost?

It’s incredible to experience what a difference having the best car air freshener will make in your vehicle. You’ll love spending time in your car when it smells good all the time. But despite this, you’ll be happy to know that buying the best car air freshener isn’t going to force you to have to pay an arm and a leg. You should be able to purchase one for under $20 in most cases.


This is great because it’ll set you up with a great air freshener for next to nothing. But it’s also great because it’ll provide you with an opportunity to try different air fresheners out over time. You can pick and choose which ones you want to experiment with and see what kind of results they’re able to produce. It should lead to you finding at least one or two car air fresheners that you really like.

Are Car Air Fresheners Worth It?

In the grand scheme of things, buying the best car air freshener might not seem like it’s something that’s all that important. But in terms of car maintenance, it’s one of the simplest steps you can take in order to make the interior of your car more pleasant. You’ll feel like your car is way newer than it really is each and every time you stick an air freshener into it.


This alone makes the low cost of a car air freshener well worth it. You’ll appreciate the new car smell that you get with the best car air freshener, and you’ll find that people will enjoy driving around with you more when they sell how good that it smells.


In fact, if a car air freshener isn’t enough to improve the smell of your car, it likely means that your vehicle is officially on its last legs. Rather than trying to mask the odors in it with the best car air freshener, you may want to attempt to get rid of it instead. Cash Cars Buyer can help you with this process and give you top dollar for your car. Contact us today to find out how easy it is to sell an old car for cash.