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What Is LKQ Junkyard and How Does It Work 

What Is LKQ Junkyard and How Does It Work 

LKQ junkyard is a huge Corporation. It is considered one of the top 500 corporations in the United States. They are known for distributing and selling car parts replacements. They are also focused on purchasing junk cars for other people to take advantage of.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

This article tells you the whole story about LKQ junkyard focusing on how to purchase parts from LKQ junkyard, how to sell your card to L AQ junkyards, and some information about employee’s experience in LKQ junkyard another Corporation office. 

LKQ junkyard corporation 


You might be already aware of the term LKQ, but do you know what it stands for? Well, it stands for the Like Kind and Quality.

This Corporation is focused on providing customers with parts repairs and additional automobile accessories for their cars.

LK Q is one of the largest operators in the world. It provides service to areas around North America, Taiwan, and Europe.

In LKQ, you can purchase components, car repairs, replacement systems, and additional items for your car, truck, and any other recreational vehicle.

According to the Fortune 500, Which lists the largest corporations in the United States, al KQ was included in this list as one of the largest 500 corporations in total revenue in the previous year. 

This company started back in 1998, and it was first in Akron, OH. Around January 2017, the companies headquarter was moved into Nashville, TN. In December 2018, the headquarter was opened officially. 

The founder and owner of this company were Donald Flynn hope died in October 2011. The company continued to expand and have about 2000 acquisitions of auto part suppliers and manufacturers. 

LKQ is hoping to be the leading global distributor of car parts as they indicated in their current mission “our mission is to be the leading global value-added distributor of vehicle parts and accessories by offering our customers the most comprehensive, available, and cost-effective selection of part solutions while building strong partnerships with our employees and the communities in which we operate.”

LKQ junkyards: self-service auto parts yard  


One of the most features LKQ junkyards is known for is the self-service auto parts yard.

These are huge yards made specifically to place old cars and trucks. You will find rows and rows of trucks, cars, Pikes, etc.

The idea behind the self-service auto parts yard is to bring your tools and labor to remove the car part of interest. You can walk through the LKQ junkyard looking for a core part of your interests similar to shopping in any grocery store.

The best thing about the LKQ junkyard self-service auto parts yard is that you save a lot on mechanical labor costs. You can also purchase these parts for a very low price that is significantly lower than regular store prices or dealership prices. 

One might think that the LKQ junkyard self-auto parts yard might not have high-quality items. However, several people reported that they were lucky to find very valuable items within these junk cars. 

The good thing about these cars is that you will find original car parts, which means that mechanics did not touch them and are only installed by the manufacturer. 

LKQ junkyard provides a customer interchange suggestion which helps you define parts replacements that you can't find within their junkyard. 

If you are interested to see how they how KQ junkyard looks like, you can watch many videos on YouTube like these

How can you sell your car to the LKQ junkyard to pick your part? 


While LKQ is not known for providing car parts for people to purchase, you can also sell your old car and add it to the LKQ inventory.

Their process is fairly simple, and you can get your instant code from their main website by visiting their home page and clicking on get your instant code. 

LK Q purchase about 150,000 cars every year. Thus, they will find value in your car and add it to their inventory.

When someone your card to LKQ, you have peace in mind that they will take good care of it and remove all toxic components properly, so they don't harm the environment.

For example, LKQ drains all toxic fluids in your car and store them in proper containers to dispose of them in the right location other than throwing them in the municipal landfill, which could harm the environment again sometimes kill living features. 

Their process is very straightforward, and all it takes you is the following simple steps: 

  • Get in touch with the LKQ junkyard 


To get the process started, you have two ways of getting in touch with the LKQ junkyard. You could either give them a call at the toll-free number of 800-962-2277. 

Once you call that number, one of the customer representatives will contact you to provide you an instant offer for your car depending on its type and condition. 

Another option for you is to use the online system where you could chat with the customers and provide information about your car to provide you with an offer pretty quickly. 

  • Receive your LKQ junkyard offer 


Once you provide them with your vehicle's information, the customer service will provide you with an offer that usually doesn't take time.

With decades of experience, LKQ customers are willing to expect how much their vehicle is worth immediately by just knowing its type and condition. 

You can review the offer and accept it if it makes sense to you. In most scenarios, LKQ junkyards do not negotiate the offer, and whatever they tell you, it's the final decision.

  • Schedule pick up time and location to get paid and remove the car 

After the LKQ junkyard representative reviews your vehicle's information and confirms it, they will schedule a pickup time and location to remove your card.

When they meet with you, they will do a quick inspection to ensure that your car's information matches the information they have in their system.

Lastly, they will remove your car safely and provide you with your payment right on the spot. 

Are LKQ engines good? 


Many people visiting LK Q some order service junkyard are usually interested in buying expensive parts like engines, transmissions, etc.

Since this huge junkyard has vehicles sitting most of the time in the sun, many people wonder, are LKQ engines good or high quality?

Several customer reviews and feedback indicated that you could bound an LK Q engine in great quality. Some customers even said that you could add a warranty to this used engine. 

Here's what some of their customers reported “LKQ sells very good used engines. You can put a warranty on their used engines also. I used to sell them years ago. We would put the low mileage 4.6L explorer engines into Tbirds, Mustangs, etc.”

What does LKQ pay for cars?

When selling your junk car, you would want to receive as much payment as possible. According to our reviews, it seems like LK Q he's around $150 per ton for vehicles. This indicates that the heavier car, the higher you offer woman curious 

While this number might be a rough estimate, it might change depending on the current price of scrap metal. 

Can you buy a whole car from LKQ?

If you are a professional mechanic or you're looking to train yourself on car repairs, you might be thinking of purchasing a complete car from LKQ and train yourself on it. 

However, LKQ usually does not sell complete vehicles. The idea behind LKQ is that they purchased the car, labeled its title for destruction, and allow customers to purchase it as separate parts. 

How much is a bumper at LKQ? 

Whether you're purchasing your bumper from LKQ or any other salvage yard, the price first significantly depending on your car's Nick, model, and year.

However, there are some rough estimates for car bumpers by vehicle type, according to LKQ pick your part self-service auto parts website. 

The great thing about these bumpers is that you can add a warranty and an extended warranty for a couple of dollars for each bumper.

For example, if you are looking for a 4X4 Actuator bumper, you can purchase it for $25.25. You also can add a warranty for $7.58 or an extended warranty for $10.10. 

Similarly, if you're looking for other components like an AC dryer for your vehicle, there is plenty of information on their website. For instance, if you're looking for an AC evaporator, you can purchase it for $20.75 and add our warranty for $6.22. You can also add an extended warranty for $8.30. 

How much does LKQ charge for shipping?


Shipping costs are always a concern for many customers who are purchasing things online. Shipping costs can be much more complicated when it comes to larger items related to the automotive industry.

According to LKQ FAQ, you can ship larger items for somewhere between $100 and $1000.

LKQ uses the less than truckload service to ship these items for you. Most of the time, place items in 6 X 6 or 4 X 4 pallets and cover wrap them to keep them safe. 

Keep in mind that if you are looking to ship some items from LKQ, you need to have a commercial address because they can't be shipped to any other location. Otherwise, they will ship it to the closest freight terminal to your zip code. 

If you are interested in shipping your item to our residential address, they can add a $75 charge where they provide you with a truck liftgate. They will unload your items at your car address curb. Keep in mind that they do not load items in your driveway or the garage, and you have to make your arrangement before the shipment comes to your house. 

Is LKQ a good company to work for?


Aside from purchasing car parts or selling them, one might be interested in working for the LKQ company, and we receive a lot of questions about whether LKQ is a good company to work for or not.

According to reviewing several customers reviews who worked in elk AQ, they indicated that it's a great company to work for, and here are some of the customer's reviews about their experience when working for LKQ: “Out of all the companies I've worked for I'd say that LKQ is the best one by far! My managers are always very flexible with scheduling/WFH, and the benefits are great. Management is awesome Great community activities to get involved with.”

Does LKQ remove parts for you?


As we mentioned earlier, LKQ is designed for self-service. In other words, there will be no one to help you remove your items, and that's why their costs are significantly lower than regular junkyards.

When you go there, you have to have someone who can help you remove the car parts safely, and you must also bring all the necessary tools that you need to help you remove the car parts without damaging them. 


LKQ junkyards bottom line


As you've seen here, LKQ is a huge Corporation. It doesn't only provide all sorts of car parts to millions of customers around the United States; it also allows you to go and pick up your car parts for a very low cost.

You can also sell your junk car to LKQ and contribute to this huge inventory of vehicles for someone looking for car replacements from your car. Even if your car is not in great condition, it also still has many valuable items that one could take advantage of.

The best thing about LKQ junkyards is that they are environmentally friendly, and they drain all toxic liquids and store them to dispose of them properly according to the regulations. 

Give it a shot and visit an LKQ junkyard near you! It seems like fun, and a lot of people enjoyed it!