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What is FordPass and What are the Benefits of Signing Up?

What is FordPass and What are the Benefits of Signing Up?

Today’s generation has the power to do things at the point of their fingertips – literally, thanks to the sweet discovery of mobile apps or applications. Anything can be done through the apps, you can order food, transfer money, pay bills, talk with friends who are thousand miles away, watch movies, read books, book flights, and many more. Apps have become a way of life. In fact, it has become the only option for many people in this stay-at-home time to go on with their lives. It allowed them to continue working, shopping, doing business, and for some students, to attend online classes. 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


Mobile apps are without a doubt so significant and reliable today. With the mobile apps continually proving its worth by its functionality and practicality, Ford created one – the FordPass. Ford has been building cars for over one hundred years and at the same time helping the drivers feel secure and comfortable while they are on the road. This time, Ford wants to help the drivers feel that their cars are secure too, even when they are away. It is a perfect platform that reimagines the connection between the automaker and the car-owners.


What is a FordPass?


Fordpass is an app that was formally launched in 2016 that is available on Android and iOS. It is one of the ways Ford meets their goal of making people's lives easier by using this revolutionary technology to our advantage. It helps you to be well-informed of anything related to your vehicle. Fordpass has many features and benefits that can help you stay connected with your vehicle and with the Ford community. 


Connect and Control


There is a modem called the FordPass Connect installed or can be installed  in your vehicle that makes it possible for you to have a WiFi hotspot in your vehicle.With the FordPass Connect in your car coupled with the FordPAss you downloaded in your mobile phone, you can do great things. 


You can add your VIN or Vehicle Identification Number to your app and access the app’s advanced remote features. One of which is the ability to lock and unlock your vehicle’s door using your phone. There will be no need to hurry back to your vehicle if someone needs something inside your car, you can just lock or unlock your vehicle wherever you are. Or probably at times when you are not sure if you already locked your car or not. 


You can just simply tap on your phone. You can also start or stop your vehicle with your app. You can even set a schedule to start it, that makes sure your car is ready when you are. The app also lets you manage your climate control system and it can remember the previous temperature setting you selected. You can select Auto or Last Setting in your app to set it to the same temperature.

Vehicle Details


Softcopies of books or manuals are being used today. More and more transactions are becoming paperless and documents are being sent and saved online. It is understandable, really. Digging through old documents, papers, receipts is quite a hassle – especially when it is not organized. With the use of the FordPass, you can forgo having to dig through this kind of clutter everytime you need your vehicle details, service history or maintenance schedule as the app stores anything you need to know about your vehicle. 


You can check your vehicle’s battery and oil levels without you having to lift the hood. You can also check your tire pressure and fuel levels straight from the app’s Vehicle Details tab. From that tab, you can also easily view and access your vehicle’s digital maintenance records. You can check the estimated mileage and miles of your car. With this feature, you can manage your vehicle’s service schedule and maintenance and can even set a schedule for it at your preferred dealer. 


The app is also equipped with a digital glove box where you can readily access your owner’s manual, warranty information, and health alerts. With the health alert feature, you will receive vehicle health alerts directly on your phone. It is for times when you forgot to do the scheduled services or maintenance and the oil gets too low or cloudy, or if someone else is driving your car and the vehicle temperature becomes way above the normal level. Anything that concerns your vehicle will be sent to you. The vehicle health alert will also let you know the severity of the problem and how you can resolve it step by step. If there is a recall for a certain vehicle model and you own one, Ford will alert you immediately for the details


Road Assistance


Ford has always been prioritizing its customers’ safety and comfort, it is clear in the kind of vehicles they build. With the help of the FordApp, it became possible to extend this kind of concern and care for their patrons for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. In the Road Assistance tab in your app helps you to drive comfortably and with peace of mind. In case of emergencies, you can call 911 immediately through your app. You can also call the number 1-800-241-3673 if you need certain road assistance like towing, battery jump-start, flat tire change, and winch out.


The Road Assistance team can even deliver fuel to you if you need it. They can also help you if you lock yourself out of the car. Incidents like this happen, even to the most prepared and careful ones. No judgment here but trust the Road Assistance feature of FordPass to send rescue and assistance in times of need. This feature is included for certain Ford owners and is accessible to everyone for a per-service fee. 


FordPass Rewards


When you register or sign up to join FordPass online or through the app, you automatically become a member of FordPass Rewards. With FordPass Rewards, members can earn and redeem points at participating Ford dealerships. You can earn points when you purchase a brand new or pre-owned Ford vehicle, and by leasing one. A complimentary Welcome Rewards of 42,000 points will be given to you when you purchase a new one and 11,000 points when you buy a certified pre-owned Ford vehicle. 


You can also earn points when you purchase Ford parts or oils, getting services or maintenance in any participating Ford dealerships. Every $1 spent for each item or services will give you 10 points. You can accumulate these points and eventually redeem it for discounts, free services, special offers, and awards. You can even redeem your points for purchasing a new Ford vehicle. You can view and manage your accumulated points in your FordPass app.


FordPass Wallet


The FordPass Wallet feature allows members to add multiple debit cards and credit cards to their account to make any  payments related to their vehicles easier and secure. You can pay for your vehicle’s financing, parts, maintenance and services, or even parking right from the comfort of your smartphone. The app will assume that the members will use the default payment method but you can easily switch it to another account. 

Vehicle Locator


There are moments when it seems that our brain fails to remember some tiny details, like where we parked. This could really happen, especially in a very crowded and huge parking space. Fortunately, you can now avoid this seemingly embarrassing situation with the FordPass app. FordPass remembers your vehicle’s parked location and saves it every time you turn off your engine. Not only does it remember and save your car’s location, it can also help you find, reserve, and pay for a parking spot in commercial lots even when you are not there yet.  All this and more can be done and managed directly from the app. 


Additional Benefits


Ford knows the value of time and would want you to spend it on things and people that matter. For that reason, FordPass provides all its members with easy access to  some on-demand vehicle care services like Spiffy and Sparkl which is only available in the Chicago area. These car care services offer car wash, cleaning, detailing, and disinfecting. It also provides services such as oil change, tires, and other maintenance options. 


You can book a schedule with your app and the chosen car care service provider will come to you with power, water, and all the needed materials to get the required job done. Thanks to the app that lets you lock and unlock your vehicle through it, you can just park your car and go on with your daily activities with just providing the technician an access to the lock and unlock feature of your car via their Technician app.


This access will only be temporary, just for the time when they need it to work on your car. After the service, they will lose access when the technicians lock it, in which you will be sent a notification saying the vehicle has already been locked. You can also track the services being done to your car through these notifications. When everything has been completed, you can rate and pay through the app. Perfect at this time when contactless transactions are being encouraged.


Which Models Can Use FordPass?


Since its launch in 2016, the FordPass Connect has been made available only to select  2017 models and onwards. It was a standard feature on the Ford Escape Titanium, Ford Fusion Platinum and Platinum Hybrid, and Ford F-150 in King Ranch, Platinum, Limited, Lariat Luxury, and Raptor Luxury trims. On select models and trims, the FordPass connect was being offered as an optional feature. Today, Ford made an announcement that starting with model year 2021, all Ford vehicles will be equipped with FordPass Connect.


Fordpass features have previously been via subscriptions. It was offered for the subscriptions of one, two, and five years. But now, Ford made the most convenient features of FordPass for free. It is something we could all take advantage of and enjoy the convenience it offers. 


How Can I Connect and Use the FordPass App? 


Like most of the mobile apps available today, the FordPass can easily be installed and used. First step is to download FordPass from Google Play or the App Store then follow the prompts or instructions to set up your own account. Create a four-digit security pin or a touch ID. When your new account is ready, make sure that your vehicle is turned off and tap ADD to add your vehicle. 


Next step will be adding your VIN or Vehicle Identification Number. You can either type it manually or scan it. You can usually find your VIN on the driver side door frame or in your vehicle handover documents. After that, name your vehicle and tap the Activate Vehicle. 


Start your vehicle, you will receive a pop-up message on your SYNC touchscreen, tap Allow. You can also add another vehicle if you own more than one Ford Vehicle. Just make sure that they have the needed FordPass Connect. It works like a digital garage where you can check your vehicles, add vehicles, and even shop for a new vehicle. You don’t have to go through each of your vehicles to know when is the next maintenance schedule, or what their needs are. You can just directly view it in the app. If you are using your vehicles alternately, you can simply switch vehicles using the app’s dropdown menu to use its Connect and Control features. 


Signing up to avail the useful features of FordPass definitely enhance our vehicle experience. It keeps all your vehicle’s important details or information in one place which you can easily access whenever you need it, gets you rewarded with loyalty points, and keeps you safe and secure with real-time assistance. With all these benefits and more, FordPass is totally worth having. It is a great way to make use of today’s technology.