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What Is Eco Mode? When Should You Use Eco Mode?

What Is Eco Mode

Driving today not only has to be a safe endeavor, but one that is friendly to our environment. From the time of day we choose to get gas, to the speed we use to drive our cars, so much plays a role in preserving our Earth. Many modern cars are equipped with Eco Mode. Do you have Eco Mode? Are you interested in learning more about this valuable feature? We invite you to keep reading! 

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What is Eco Mode? 

Eco Mode is a term that stands for “economical mode” of a vehicle. Once the driver presses that Eco Mode button, the function will alter specific features of the car, while the driver is maneuvering the vehicle.  Eco Mode is generally during driving, ensuring that the most miles can be covered with just a gallon of gas or just a liter of fuel. On the technical side, Eco Mode does inhibit the performance of the engine and transmission, by reducing the response of throttle in an effort to boost fuel economy.  As a result, acceleration of a vehicle is less responsive- leading to less fuel consumption. 

When Should You Use Eco Mode?

Eco Mode should be designated for car traveling at lower speeds.  For example, a trip to the grocery store, a drive around town for a few errands or for an evening out, are great trips to use Eco Mode for. Since acceleration is limited, Eco Mode is not a great idea for highway or long-distance driving. In other words, if you live in Detroit, Michigan and have family in Chicago, Illinois, then Eco Mode is not a good idea. 

Will Eco Mode Hurt My Engine? 

If you are a sensible and reasonable driver, then you have no worries of Eco Mode hurting your engine. But if you are in Eco Mode and you decide to take part in some drag racing, then you risk damage to your engine.  Over-compensation of minimal acceleration- i.e. slamming on your gas pedal and taking off into the wind- will negate the whole purpose of Eco Mode. Nice, small driving trips are ideal for Eco Mode. Save it and don’t use it if you are entering the NASCAR Coca-Cola 600


Does Eco Mode Really Save Gas?

Absolutely! Why? Once your car is in Eco Mode, your acceleration is stifled a bit and you are saving on electricity and fuel! Not only is fast and deep pressing on your gas pedal a detriment to your car during Eco Mode, but also pressing that brake hard is not good for your car either. Think of Eco Mode as the state your car should be in for a car trip that is not far from your home. Put your car in Eco Mode and save money on gas and electricity. Take it out of Eco Mode for a cross- country trip or a drive at high speeds. 


Is It OK To Drive In Eco Mode All The Time?

Many car experts see no harm in using Eco Mode all of the time. As long as you are a reasonable driver, you should be fine. Eco Mode provides adjustment to your car engine computer and changes the shift points. This allows for the best fuel economy for your car. Eco Mode also helps to reduce the AC system- as there is minimal compressor drag on your car’s engine. 

Eco Mode – Manufacturers Build Environmentally Safe Cars For Consumers

These days, car makers are building cars that feature Eco Mode, while offering functionality and dependability. Let’s take a look at some automakers and their Eco Mode offerings. 

Ford, Lincoln Eco Mode 

Ford offers the innovative Ford Eco Mode system. The Eco Mode system offers drivers a constant evaluation of driving behavior related to your vehicle’s fuel consumption. Furthermore, Ford’s Eco Mode system will analyze your speed, braking and gear shifting. The system is further outfitted with technology that can evaluate the trips you make in your car.  While Ford’s Eco Mode System operates in conjunction with a trip computer. There, the Ford Eco Mode system gathers information and sends that data to the driver through displays on the driver’s dashboard. The driver can see a rating of their fuel economy, thorough three icons that represent speed, gear shifting and anticipation. Ford believes that drivers can save around 5% of their gas consumption by adapting their driving style alongside Eco Mode. 


Toyota Eco Mode 

When a driver uses ECO Mode in a Toyota vehicle, the vehicle will begin to regulate various cabin controls. Some of these include the vehicle’s heated seats, AC and additional power outputs. With Eco Mode activated, the vehicle’s engine will not work as hard, as it does with Eco Mode deactivated. Additionally, the Toyota owner will enjoy less fuel consumption.  Toyota recommends utilizing the Eco Mode feature for any stop and go driving. 


Lexus Eco Mode / Drive Mode 

Save your money on gas, and enjoy a pleasurable drive with Lexus’ version of Eco Mode, called Drive Mode Select. This feature is an all-inclusive feature that allows Lexus owners to choose from a total of five drive modes, based on the Lexus you have. You can decide between Sport Mode, Normal Mode, EV Mode, ECO Mode and Sport S+ Mode.  Each mode is customizable to your driving habits. 


KIA/ Hyundai Eco Mode/ Active Eco 

Active ECO in KIA and Hyundai models is the feature that assists in improving fuel economy. It controls the transaxle and engine. The drier has the ability to change, based on the driver’s road conditions and driving habits. Once the Active ECO button is pressed, the driver will see the green ECO indicator, to show that the Active ECO is in operation.


General Motors/ Chevrolet Eco Mode 

For many General Motors/ Chevrolet cars, Eco Mode will lock the vehicle’s torque converter and allow the driver to drive at lower speeds. Eco Mode also cuts the engine’s speed at idle. Many drivers report that Eco Mode will begin to make the engine lug at about at 50 mph.  


What Are Some of the Best Eco-Mode/ Environmentally Friendly Cars For 2020? 

Check out some top vehicles that make a grade, when it comes to Eco Mode and environmentally-sound cars. 

2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid 

The car that tops the list for a great car that is great to our Mother Earth, is the Toyota Corolla Hybrid The car has an EPA rating of 53/52/52 mpg city/highway/combined. The car also features a great price tag too! You can get one for about $25,0000. 


Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Duramax Diesel

Need a pickup truck and need great fuel economy? Then you may be able to turn to the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Duramax Diesel for those needs. This truck has an EPA rating of 23/33/27 mpg city/highway/combined. 

2020 Honda Civic:

The Honda Civic is also another car that is rated high when it comes to environmentally-friendly vehicles. Consumers can choose from a variety of trim levels and has a general EPA estimate of about 32 mpg. 

Tips For Driving in Eco Mode 

Now that you know what Eco Mode is, it’s now time to get the most out of this feature. Check out some tips that will make your Eco Mode driving the best it can be! 

Before Your Drive 

  • Make sure that your tires are properly inflated. Tires that are inflated at their proper air, can last longer than tires that are not. You can also improve your gas milage by three percent. 
  • Make sure that you use the recommended grade of motor oil for your particulate car. You can check with your dealer, or just leave the oil changes to the pros. With proper and recommended motor oil for your car will improve your gas milage by over 1%! This may not seem like a lot, but it adds up fast! 
  • Make sure that your engine is properly tuned up. You don’t want a car that has a filed emissions test.
  • Evaluate and check your air filters. This is usually done during an oil change. The replacement of dirty of clogged air filters can improve your vehicle’s gas mileage by as much as ten percent! 

As You’re Driving… 

  • Do not speed! First of all, you shouldn’t be speeding in the first place. Secondly, speeding defeats the whole purpose of using Eco Mode. Gas mileage falls quickly above 60 mph. So, for each 5 mph increase above 60, you can think of forking out an additional 10 cents a gallon for gas. Your wallet is saying “stop! Slow down!” 
  • Road rage is not the answer. Sure, we have all been in situations where someone is driving like a maniac and acting like… well an a**. Aggressive driving will waste your fuel and lower your gas mileage over 33%. Forget chasing someone just to flip them off. Forget the weaving in and out of traffic. Play it cool and save your car. 
  • Skip the excessive idling. This garners 0 miles per gallon. Generally, vehicles with larger engines waste more gas while idling, than vehicles with smaller engines.
  • Use your cruise control. One you set your car on cruise control you’ll be at a constant speed and, while saving gas. 


Eco Mode is an awesome feature to have on a car. You save money, while preserving your vehicle. With common sense, patience and peace in the forefront, your Eco Mode will be the feature that you’ll turn to time and time again, for many of your excursions in your car! 

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