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What is an injector circuit malfunction? We Give You ALL of the answers!

What is an injector circuit malfunction? We Give You ALL of the answers!

Injector circuit malfunction will show up as a certain code in your car as a diagnostic issue that you will need to use a tool to decipher – the code will come up as P0200 – injector circuit malfunction. 

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Let’s find out what is injector circuit malfunction, what the code means, and how you can fix it.

What does code P0200 mean?


If you are trying to decipher what is the injector circuit malfunction code in your car, you need to know how to diagnose code P0200. P0200 is a generic OBD-II diagnostic trouble code that is similar to other codes, like the P0201, P0203, P0204, P0205, P0206, P0207, and P0208. Since all of these codes are in relation to the neigne, these are classified as engine misfire codes or engine lean or too rich mixtures.


P0200 means that the engine control module has detected a malfunction in the fuel injector circuit. The fuel injector circuit is what is in control of the fuel injectors and determines how much fuel should be added, and when to add the fuel.


The engine control module is basically the computer of your car that determines the optimal engine performance. The engine control module gains data from various sensors within your car, and uses multidimensional maps. After each reading analyzing your car, the engine actuators are then adjusted to determine what needs to be fixed in your vehicle. 


The ECM is in charge of regulating the four main parts of your vehicle’s operating systems, which include the air to fuel ratio, idle speed, valve timing, and ignition timing. Within the air to fuel ratio, the electronic control module uses sensors to regulate how much oxygen to fuel ratio is detected within your car’s exhaust and determine whether the reading is too lean or too rich.


Some of these sensors within the electronic control module are the mass airflow sensor, oxygen sensor, air to fuel sensor, and determining the crankshaft and camshaft to track your vehicle’s RPM and engine load by monitoring the speed. Since the engine control module is what determines the injector circuit malfunction, this plays a huge part in the diagnosis so that you can answer the question “what is injector circuit malfunction”?


In addition to the engine control module, the fuel injectors are also involved. They command how much fuel to spray and add to the fuel injector circuit. The fuel injection is the introduction of fuel in the internal combustion engine by using the injector. The benefits of using fuel injection include smoother and more consistent throttle response, like easier starting, accurate adjustment, and changes in air pressure.


The inclusion of fuel injector within the process of the P0200 trouble code helps to answer the question of what is injector circuit malfunction.

The code P0200 is set when the electronic control module detects sensor performance that is out of the range for either the voltage or the resistance within the injector circuit. The ECM can trigger the failsafe mode to prevent any issues in order to prevent damage, and this will continue happening until the error code is fixed.

So – what causes the P0200 code and injector circuit malfunction?


The causes of the P0200 code vary depending on the root issue and what mechanics are involved. One of the main causes of the P0200 code is a failing injector within the injector circuit malfunction. 

Rough Idle


There are many symptoms of a failing injector within the circuit. One of the symptoms is a rough idle or the engine stalls. Since your vehicle is not getting enough fuel to power your engine, then the RPM while idling can be below the optimum levels of performance, and can cause rough idle, or shaking idle. If the RPM gets too low in your car and prevents the engine from working properly, the car will be able to stall and you will need to restart the vehicle. The stalling of the car can harm the engine, and cause a lot higher of a problem than fixing the injector circuit malfunction. 

Engine Vibration


The second symptom of injector circuit malfunction is that the engine vibrates. A faulty fuel injector within the circuit will cause the cylinder to misfire or not be able to fire. This means that while you are driving, the engine can vibrate or shake after it tries to complete the respected cycle without enough fuel to use. 

Engine Stall


The next symptom of the injector circuit malfunction of a failing injector is that the engine will stall and you will have issues accelerating. If the engine does not get enough fuel into the clogged injector, the engine will misfire and you will not be able to speed up as quickly as you can. 

Check Engine Light turns on


The fourth symptom of a filing injector within the circuit that can cause the injector circuit malfunction is that the check engine light turns on. The most obvious sign of a problem is when the Check Engine light comes on and shows that the injector is not delivering enough fuel to the engine and causing inefficiencies.

Fuel Leak


Another sign of a failing injector is the fuel leak. A fuel leak can make you wonder what is an injector circuit malfunction – luckily we can solve this issue. Your fuel injector might be damaged from old age, and the gasoline will leak out of the cracked or ripped tube, preventing the fuel from reaching the nozzle and will leave the engine body. 

Fuel Odor


Further, if you smell fuel odor than the fuel injector is leaking. This goes hand in hand with the fuel leak previously, but can be a real sign of an injector circuit malfunction. If you have gasoline that is not getting burned to a damaged injector or an injector that is stuck open, then you are going to start to smell gasoline. 

Engine Surge


Lastly, the final sign of a fuel injector failing is the engine surge. If the fuel injector is spraying too much fuel, then this can create a huge jump in the engine, causing your acceleration to be very slow and not being able to speed up the car enough. A failing fuel injector can cause an injector circuit malfunction and help you diagnose the real problem behind the question of “what is an injector circuit malfunction”?

Open or Shorted Injector


Another cause of the P0200 code that can cause an injector circuit malfunction is an open or shorted injector. The electrical circuit is “open” and not closed, meaning that the electrons will not flow, and be due to an injector coil itself being broken. Similar to that an injector wiring harness being open or short and causing the injector circuit malfunction.


The injector wiring harness provides power to the injectors and the oxygen sensor, determining how much fuel and air is needed for powering the engine. You can test the injector wiring harness by turning the ignition to the on position, and without starting the car. Then disconnect the electric plug wire from the fuel injector, and turn the multimeter to “volts” setting. Insert the black and red multimeter leads on the sides of the fuel injector and read the multimeter. This can help you determine if the injector wiring harness is the cause of the P0200 code and the injector circuit malfunction.

Faulty ECM


The last cause of the P0200 code and injector circuit malfunction is a faulty electronic control module. As we know, the ECM is the computer of the car, and can control various components and mechanics. Without a working ECM, the injector circuit malfunction will occur.

What are the P0200 symptoms?


Symptoms will vary depending on the severity of the cause and the real issue, whether it be a failed injector, open injector, the injector wiring harness is open, poor electrical connection or a faulty ECM. in some cases, the Check Engine Light might be the only one that you notice as the driver or owner of the car. In other situations, the car might run poorly, not be able to accelerate, and constantly misfire or rough idle.

How to diagnose the P0200 code and an injector circuit malfunction? 


What is an injector circuit malfunction can be answered by a technician diagnosing the issue and the P0200 code. The mechanic will check for any codes present in the vehicle, and analyze the freeze frame data that is attributed to each diagnostic trouble code they will then clear the codes present in your car. After they have cleared the codes, they will perform a road test of the vehicle under the conditions that caused the code. 


After the test drive, the mechanic will inspect the wiring harness and fuel injectors to check for any damage or broken parts, broken components, and loose connections that are not secure. He will then use a scanning tool that can diagnose the code and observe the fuel injector operation and look for any irregularities or damage on the injector circuit malfunction. 


The next step is to check the voltage at each end of the fuel injector. The mechanic will then install a light to test the fuel injector operation. Lastly, they will perform the ECM test to make sure each part is working as intended. 


Several tools are needed to diagnose the P0200 properly. This means that it would be best to take the car to the mechanic instead of doing the fix yourself or trying to diagnose the code on your own. An advanced scan tool can check for the right operation of the fuel injectors and monitor through the ECM to ensure the computer is working in the right way. 


These scan tools can give data to the mechanic about the voltage, the injector resistance, and any malfunctions occurring. The other critical tool is a noid light to be a visible way to check for injector operation. 


How to fix the injector circuit malfunction?


Repairs for this type of error code P0200 directly relate to the engine and fuel system, which can drastically affect your car. The repairs or replacements necessary for fixing this trouble code are pretty easy and straightforward, but swill still require a mechanic due to the expensive equipment and scan tools needed. These error code sand causes are identified through diagnosis. 


The diagnosis process of the injector circuit malfunction can be either replacement of the fuel injector, repair or replacement of the connection issues repair or replacement of the wiring issues (like broken wires, frayed wires, cut wires, or shorted wires), and replacement of the powertrain control module. 


In some cases with the injector circuit malfunction, the mechanics might need to use several tools that are expensive and required to properly diagnose the Error  Code P0200. These tools include the advanced scan tool, which is required for testing the operation of the fuel injectors, ensuring the right fuel system, and monitoring the powertrain control module. 


In addition to the scan tool that you need to use on the fuel injectors or the engine system, then the noid light will be installed to he fuel injector wiring to aid in the visual inspection of the injector operation. This light can illuminate what issue is happening within the engine system and the fuel lines to see if the injector is working correctly and there is no damage. 

This code needs to be addressed as soon as possible, because without immediate fixing, the code can cause further issues in your car, like drivability problems, safety risks, and engine malfunctions, which can be much more expensive and dangerous. 


Being able to figure out the main issue behind the P0200 trouble code and the real root cause and solution to the question “what is injector circuit malfunction?”, then you can figure out the next steps. The next steps of diagnosing the trouble code is taking your car to a mechanic and having them run tests on the fuel injector system and fixing the circuit malfunction before the damage is done.