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What is a Wrecked Car? How Do I Get The Most Out of the Accident Value of my Car? 

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You’re dealing with the affects of a wrecked car. You are also wanting to know how you can receive the maximum benefit from your accident car value. In this article, we will examine what a wrecked car is, and what you can do in the aftermath of an accident, as you work to assess your accident car value. 

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What is a Wrecked Car? 

Let’s establish a working definition of what a wrecked car is. A wrecked vehicle, is one that has sustained tremendous damage, although not to the extent of being “totaled” or deemed a “total loss”. Have you been in an accident and you wrecked your car by hitting another vehicle? Do you feel that it’s time to get another vehicle? Before you make a move after and accident, you want to contemplate the following: 

  1. The cost of repairing and fixing your wrecked vehicle. 
  2. The amount of damage that has resulted in your car accident. 
  3. The actual value of your damaged car
  4. The full and complete accident car value. 

Let’s take a look at some common damage in the aftermath of a collision. 


Rear End Damage & Repair – Whether it be a simple and easy bumper repair that costs just a few hundred dollars- or extensive bumper fixes, rear end damage is a common occurrence after an accident. Rear end differentials are also common occurrences after an accident. Depending on the read end damage your car has sustained, you could be looking at a few thousand dollars, to up to $10,000.

Repairs to Car Doors – After an accident, another car part that is a collision casualty, is car doors. You can certainly factor these into your final accident car value. Painting and simple dent removal may be all that is needed to bring your car doors back to life. But you may be in need of more extensive dent removal and door repairs, if your car doors are severely dented and damaged. Do you have to fully replace your car doors? Then you may be looking at a cost of up to $800 per door. 

AC/ Heat Repairs– For a complete accident car value, you may have to add damaged heat and A/C to the value. The costs in fixing air conditioning and heating systems can range from a few hundred dollars to about $1,000. 

Car Roof/Car Hood Repairs– Another addition to your accident car value report, may be a damaged car hood or a damaged car roof. Depending on your car insurance deductible, you may be looking at a car roof repair that costs about $150-$200. If there is more extensive damage, you may have to shell out several thousands of dollars. Are you having to endure a smashed-in car hood or a complete roof replacement? You want to consult a reputable body shop for a repair that will last.  

Grille Repair– The typical cost of a replacement grille is about $100, in addition to labor costs. 

Repairs and Replacements of Headlights– The general cost of replacing a headlight can range from $200 to $700. You may opt to replace your car’s headlights with LED lighting. Check with your body shop for ideal headlight replacement. The damage should also be included on your accident car value. 

Front Car Bumper Repair– Perhaps the most common damage to a car in the aftermath of an accident, is that of a front car bumper. Basic front bumper replacement and repair can cost between $450 and $2000, depending on your car insurance and your deductible. 

$500. Some fixes to a front bumper can cost as much as $1,500. Major front bumper repair can cost thousands of dollars.

How Much Does A Car Accident Affect Car Value?

An accident will increase a vehicle’s depreciation at a rate of 10%, all the way up to about 25%, annually. The accident car value will depend on how bad the vehicle was damaged after the accident. 

After I have My Accident Car Value What’s Next? 

Now that you have dealt with the car insurance company, what do you do next, with your accident car value?  

Sell Your Car Online 

Perhaps you have been thinking about selling your car online. You can certainly do so, but you want to ensure that you include all accident details in the ad. After you have your accident car value, you want to create an honest ad, that attracts buyers, who may be interested in buying your car. Potential buyers may be interested in parting your car out. Or you may sell that car to a mechanic who fixes up cars with other car parts, for a living. Your job as the car seller who has an accident car value along with a car that has been in an accident, is to offer the most honest car ad to the public. Sites such as Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace and even eBay Motors are high-traffic sites. 

Selling Your Car’s Parts 

After you have a true accident car value, you may decide to sell your car’s parts. Is there any money in that? There sure is. Check out some of the most viable car parts that can net some cool cash for you. 

  1. GPS Systems 
  2. Wheels 
  3. Rims and more. 

Who Buys Wrecked Cars Near Me? 

Maybe you’re ready to part with your wrecked car, and you have your accident car value. You’re looking to make some money from that wrecked car. Thankfully you can, and Cash Cars Buyer is the place! Now that you have dealt with the insurance company and you now have your accident car value, it’s time to move on and sell that car. Cash Cars Buyer makes selling that dented SUV, damaged crossover and dented pickup truck with the front-end damage easy, FREE and fast for you! 

Your Accident Car Value And Your FREE online Offer! 

Now that you have your accident car value, you can now enter your car’s information to receive a real-time FREE online offer you can use, that will help you sell your car FAST! 

What are some benefits of your FREE online offer? 

  1. With your accident car value, you can obtain your FREE online offer, and know what are the next and best steps for you to take. 
  2. You can decide to sell your car on your own if you feel that is best. 
  3. Contact one of our experienced, accomplished and friendly car buyers! He or she will ask you some pointed questions, ensuring that you receive a guaranteed cash offer. We know that you’ll love it! 

Selling Your Car After an Accident to Cash Cars Buyer 

One of the biggest bonuses to selling your car to Cash Cars Buyer, after the accident, is the fact that we do take into account your accident car value. We then offer you a FREE online offer, that will make your car selling experience, fast! Instead of getting low-balled from a scrap yard, or a junk yard, sell that car to a licensed, bonded and insured car buying company, who treats you with respect from beginning to end! 

That Guaranteed Cash Offer Leads To Fast Cash! 

After we discuss your car in better detail, we will make you a guaranteed cash offer that we will stand by, once we come to appraise your car! We get down to the business of evaluating your car, validating your information and then paying you the money, right then and there! 

The Best Place to Sell Your Car Online! 

What makes Cash Cars Buyer, the best place to sell your car online? Check out the reasons below! 

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