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What Is A Hatchback? – What Is The Difference Between A Hatchback And A Wagon?

What Is A Hatchback? – What Is The Difference Between A Hatchback And A Wagon?

The hatchback is a vehicle that offers drivers a hatch-kind of rear door. This door typically opens upward and features room for cargo or large items.  The hatch-back vehicle rose to fame back in the 60s and 70s. Today, they can be found on economy cars, sports vehicles and even huge luxury vehicles.  

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What Is The Purpose Of Hatchback Cars?

Hatchback vehicles that can transport cargo, bulky items and other large components that a conventional car may not be able to transport. Many entrepreneurs or folks who own some sort of business may find a hatchback beneficial to transport goods for the business they own. 

Are there any advantages or disadvantages to having a hatchback? 

There sure are. Check out some plusses and minuses of owing a hatchback! 

The pros… 

While one of the biggest benefits of a hatchback is the utility, there are some pros and cons to owning one. Just about every modern hatchback offers drivers the ability to fold or pull down the rear seats – allowing the owner room or cargo space- that’s more than the conventional sedan. A hatchback is also a more distinctive and sleeker alternative to a sedan for many drivers. Gone are the days of the “soccer mom car” that was big and bulky. Today’s hatchbacks are functional, attractive and durable. 


The cons…

Lots of car owners vote against a hatchback, due to the lack of privacy. While there are tinted windows that can provide some obscurity to items in a hatchback, many onlookers can see what is in the back of a hatchback. And this may increase the possibility of theft of belongings. With the hatchback’s 

sloped roofline, lots of tall or oddly-shaped items can be an issue too. 


What Is The Difference Between A Hatchback And A Wagon?

Both hatchbacks and station wagons have five doors, five seats and that signature two-box body style configuration. So, what are some stark differences between the two cars? Let’s examine them! 

The obvious

Both the wagon and the hatchback segments are modeled from sedan vehicles. This means that they both use the same platforms that their counterparts use.  But one of the most obvious differences between the two is that the station wagon is a lot longer than the hatchback. Yes, both are five-seater vehicles. But the station wagon has a bit more cargo space and a longer body than the hatchback. 


Do some window counting 

Aside from the dimensions of a hatchback and a wagon, an easy way to tell the difference between a wagon and hatchback is the number of windows. For a hatchback there are only two pairs of windows: the rear windows and the front windows. This differs for a station wagon. On a wagon, there is an additional pair of windows located in the rear of the vehicle.  In this instance, there ought to be three pairs of windows. Other than that, the vehicle is a hatchback.  But here are indeed some hatchbacks that do have three pairs of windows. So, what can you do to tell the difference? 


Count the number of pillars 

Similar to the windows, the station wagon generally has more pillars than a hatchback. With a hatchback, you have: Pillar A, Pillar B and then Pillar C. With a station wagon, you have an additional pillar of D located in the rear.  If you recall, we stated that many hatchbacks have more than two pairs of windows on them. But you simply cannot call them station wagons. So, what do you do then? 


Look at the rear bumper and the roofline 

For a hatchback roofline, you will notice a dip that is located just past the passenger doors in the rear of the vehicle. For a station wagon, the roof will continue past rear door of the vehicle.  Additionally, the Pillar D on a hatchback is typically located on the station wagon and is also pushed further creating a rear overhang. Given such, the way to differentiate between a hatchback and a station wagon is the rear bumper or the rear clip. 


The “end all be all” in difference? 

To tell a hatchback from a wagon, is to see if the roofline takes a dip past the door. Does it? Then you have a hatchback! 


Are Hatchback Vehicles Practical? 

Many drivers find hatchbacks quite practical for a number of reasons. 

Hatchbacks are great for city driving 

While you would think that a rear bumper may be a disadvantage of a hatchback, it really isn’t. A hatchback is great for those times you have to weave in and out of traffic. And since your vehicle wouldn’t have that extension, you lessen your chances of getting hit. 


Parking is quite easy 

Need to park that hatchback? You can do so with great ease. Without that “butt” at the end of the car, you can park in spaces in a cinch! 

Cargo space 

Another advantage to a hatchback is the opportunity to put your big and boxy items in the back. With a sedan, you may hope for the best by putting items on your back seats. And you may also hope that if you place something in your trunk it will close. But with a hatchback, you can place huge items in the back with virtually no issue at all. 


Ventilated cargo space too! 

Forget the days of a hot trunk. Your hatchback will keep your items relatively cool. And if you need to cover your huge items, you can do so easily in a hatchback. 

You have a built-in seat! 

Are you taking an impromptu visit to a neighborhood baseball game? Just open up the hatch, place some pads on the platform and you have a seat for two or three! Grab some snacks and enjoy the ball game from the comfort of the back of your hatchback! 

What Is The Best Hatchback Car 2020?

In the market for a 2020 hatchback? Let’s take a few that receive high marks from the auto experts! 

2020 Toyota Yaris 

The Yaris hatchback is a small and cost-effective hatchback. You can hit the streets in style and store your items with no hassle.  The MSRP of this vehicle is about $15,000, and about $18,750 for one that is fully loaded. 

2020 Mitsubishi Mirage

The Mitsubishi Mirage is another cost-effective hatchback. It is also known for its fuel efficiency too. There is great detail, power and refinement in the vehicle. And storing your items in the back is a breeze. MSRP for the Mirage is $13,995. 

2020 Volkswagen Golf

When it’s time for style and room then it’s time for the Golf. As another cost-effective hatchback the Golf offers drivers luxury amenities and great space for items too. MSRP for a Golf is $24,115

2020 Kia Soul 

The Soul is another top-rated hatchback. Why? Well, you are in for a great driving experience and lots of space that offers more than meets the eye! MRSP for the Soul is $17,490. 

2020 Toyota Prius Prime

Need a luxurious and practical hatchback? Then it’s time to buy the Prius Prime. Why?  

  • You get total driving range of up to 640 miles!
  • Lots of safety features!
  • If you are eligible for a tax credit, then this will lower the price for you! 
  • Enjoy your Apple CarPlay and Amazon Alexa which can be fully integrated. 
  • Should you need single-occupant carpool lane access, then this is the car for you! 

MSRP starts at $27,900 for the Prius Prime. 

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