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What Is A Branded Title And Why Does It Matter?

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If you're wondering what is a branded title and why it matter, the short answer is that a branded title indicates that the vehicle had major problems or a history of damages.

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Understanding the different vehicle titles might be overwhelming, especially for inexperienced drivers. However, learning about one or two of those titles helps you avoid complications that could impact your investments, especially if you're planning to purchase a used vehicle.

While shopping for a used vehicle, you might come across a branded title, which means something important about the vehicle's history. Thus, what is the title's brand, and why does it matter?

This article gives you all you need to know to help you understand the idea of the branded title and its importance before purchasing a used vehicle with a branded title. It also helps you protect yourself from potential complications from purchasing such a vehicle.

What does a branded title mean?

When you hear the term branded title, it refers to a vehicle involved in major problems or damages. The vehicle might have the name of the branded title, or you might hear it in terms of salvage title or potentially rebuilt title.

Owning or purchasing a vehicle that has a branded title is a huge risk and might have a lot of implications on the vehicle's value. So, you'll need to understand the Inns and outs of the potential complications and effects of the branded title on the value of the vehicle.

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How does a branded title affect the value of a vehicle?

As we highlighted before, a branded title is not a good thing about the vehicle. In other words, it means that the vehicle was involved in certain damages that made it claimed as a total loss By the insurance company.

For example, a vehicle might receive a branded title because it was involved in a major car accident. Similarly, the vehicle saddle might change to branded or rebuilt if the vehicle was damaged in a flood or fire. Finally, it's common to see branded titles for stolen vehicles because the insurance company doesn't know what was stolen from the vehicle and what happened to it once the thief got his hands on it.

Insurance companies are not giving this title for anything. In other words, when the insurance company decides that a vehicle is beyond repair or should be considered a total loss, this should be a huge red flag on such vehicles. So, you should avoid those if you're planning to buy a used vehicle.

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What to look for when purchasing a vehicle with a branded title?

Although a branded title refers to a bad history of a vehicle, some people and experts still think that these vehicles have some value. For example, if a vehicle was stolen and nothing happened to it or was removed from it, it still received a branded title, but it doesn't mean that the vehicle is worthless.

If you're planning to take the risk and purchase a vehicle with a branded title, you need to do and look for a few things before making a final purchase decision. Let's take a closer look at some of these things:

1.    Perform a thorough inspection

The first and most critical thing is to inspect your vehicle thoroughly. When purchasing a vehicle with a branded title, you need to be aware of many hidden things, and if you quickly check for a used vehicle, you should spend much more time inspecting the vehicle.

As we're looking at the car, try looking for signs and symptoms that could help determine why the vehicle received a branded title. For example, find signs of engine issues or look for symptoms that could indicate any potential flood damage.

Remember that your skills play a major role in determining what type of vehicle you buy at the end of the day. In other words, if you have previous mechanical experience, this will serve you very well in preventing purchasing a vehicle that's not worth it. However, if you've never done this, leave it to professionals.

2.    Hire a mechanic

As we indicated earlier, only some people are good at detecting what's wrong with a branded title vehicle. Therefore, it might be worth hiring a mechanic with the best experience to determine anything wrong with the car.

However, some still think it is not worth hiring a mechanic, especially if the branded title and the vehicle's value are relatively inexpensive. In other words, if the mechanic will cost you $100 to purchase a vehicle worth $600, you need to do the math and decide properly.

3.    Understand the state laws

Finally, you'll need to be able to familiarize yourself with the different laws in your state. Like I said and always indicate about things that have to do with the vehicle titles, every state is different, and some of the regulations might apply to some vehicles but not others.

The more information you gather about the state laws regarding branded titles, the fewer consequences you will face after purchasing the car. There are tons of available resources and articles online to help look for what is a branded title and why it matters.

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How to protect yourself and avoid purchasing a vehicle with a branded title?

Suppose you feel discouraged about purchasing a vehicle that has a branded title and is worried about some scammers out there who might be selling a vehicle as a good car. In that case, you need to learn about some recommendations from automotive experts.

Automotive experts provide you with the following recommendations to help you avoid purchasing a vehicle with a brand title where some scammers might change it to something else.

1.    Check the VIN

One of the automotive experts' first and most common recommendations  by automotive experts is to take the win from the owner. You can use this number to help yourself find the vehicle's history, learn where the title was issued, and detect whether there is something suspicious about the title.

2.   Don't underestimate the symptoms

Inspection is your key to determining whether a vehicle was involved in major problems. For example, if you feel that there are some signs of flood or wooded areas around the corners of the vehicle, it could indicate the vehicle was involved in a major flood.

Similarly, suppose you feel that there are some interior components. In that case, it could indicate that the vehicle received significant damages and the owner didn't have the chance to purchase brand-new items to match the interior.

3.    Discuss with the mechanic

You don't necessarily need to hire a professional when inspecting the vehicle, but you can check with one of your family members or friends. In every family, one person is good at checking the vehicles and telling you whether it's in good condition or not.

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What to do with a vehicle that has a branded title?

If you end up with a vehicle with a branded title, you must never scam people and try to sell it to those who don't know about it or hide the details.

Here are some recommendations from automotive experts about what to do with your branded title car:

Be upfront with the buyers

The first and most critical thing is to be clear with the buyers that this vehicle has a branded title. It's not worth mentioning to them that this is a good car, especially if they have access to and understand the vehicle's history. The last thing you want to do is to scam anybody and make them lose their investments, especially since vehicles are costly.

Find the right ways to sell your car.

Consider additional car-selling methods if you're not finding a good number of  buyers through classified websites. For example, you can try salvage and junk yards that guarantee buying your car, but those might only provide you with the best offer if you research.

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Final thoughts

A branded title is typically associated with a vehicle that has a history of damage. These Damages could be related to major car accidents or problems that prevent as many potential buyers from purchasing this vehicle.

This article gave you all you need to know to help you deal with this title and avoid purchasing such a vehicle. However, if you get stuck with such a title, it can be challenging to sell this vehicle.

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