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What Does Fault Code U0073 Mean? Symptoms, Causes, and Fixes

What Does Fault Code U0073 Mean? Symptoms, Causes, and Fixes

If you have an error code “U0073,” you might wonder, “what does fault code U0073 mean?” when your check engine light is triggered because of an error code U0073, the communications between the vehicle's computer modules are lost.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

During your vehicle's lifetime, you encounter many situations where you notice a check engine light illuminating on the dashboard. Sometimes it can be scary for inexperienced drivers, but once you understand why this light is triggered, you shouldn't be as worried in most scenarios.

However, you must be careful about how you deal with the check engine light because it could indicate a major internal problem that needs your immediate attention. That's why we highly encourage you to take any check engine light illuminating seriously, no matter what it's trying to communicate with you.

One of the common reasons for a check engine light illuminating is an error code U0073. This error code indicates that your vehicle's internal computers cannot communicate properly because of a problem in the controller area network (CAN) bus.

This article provides all the details you need to know about the fault code U0073. It highlights what it means, what causes it, how much it costs to fix it, and more details to help you resolve the problem as early as possible before things get more complicated.

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What does fault code U0073 mean?

Your vehicle contains many smart components that work together to provide a vest and the safest car driving experience possible. A bunch of internal sensors and computers interact with each other all the time to ensure that the information about every component is communicated properly with the vehicle's computer. Hence, the computer decides what actions to take for your car to operate properly.

It's not rare to deal with situations where one or more components in your vehicle system go bad and cause this communication to last. Typically, information is sent to your vehicle's powertrain control module through the controller area network bus.

A lot of times, when this controller area network bus or CAN bus goes that, it makes it hard for your computer to decide on several actions, and that's why you'll notice a check engine light illuminating, and when you read it, you'll figure out that it's a little fault code U0073.

Typically, you won't be able to understand whether you're checking your light is related to this fault code or not. However, if you use a simple scanning tool and allow it to read through your engine, it will tell you that there is a full code U0073 and put a sentence saying: “control module communication bus ‘A' off.”

What causes the U0073 Fault code?

Dealing with a U0073 fault code will not happen without any result. There should be something going on in your car that triggered this fault code. One of the most important things you must familiarize yourself with as a driver is what causes the U0073 fault code.

The good thing is that envelope experts spend extensive research looking for all potential causes for many engine error codes. Let's say we also look at what causes the U0073 full code in general:

1.    Troubles with ‘A' circuit

The internal communication between your vehicle's computer and the other modules goes through several circuits and other electric networks. Therefore, when there is a problem with ‘A' circuits, it will immediately trigger fault code U0073. This way, you understand where exactly you should focus your efforts to resolve the problem.

2.    Problems with the CAN bus connections

In addition to the main ‘A' circuits, many other connections could go bad and prevent your CAN bus from operating properly; therefore, don't be surprised to deal with the check engine lights immediately after this happens.

3.    Open module harness

Another potential reason for triggering a fault code U0073 is a problem related to an available module harness or shorted harness paired. Again, check with your mechanic and have him thoroughly inspect the different connections and harnesses around this system to see if you can eliminate this problem.

4.    Troubles with the control module

Finally, if you're in a serious situation and your problem is related to the whole control module, you'll see a list of potential error codes, including this U0073 full code. Therefore, in this situation, you'll most likely have to do major repairs that will typically cost you a lot of money. Again, your mechanic should give you more details about how much to expect to resolve a faulty control module.

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How much do you expect for fixing fault code U0073?

After understanding what exactly causes the full code U0073, the next step is to prepare yourself for what's expected regarding repair costs. According to automotive experts, fixing this error code depends heavily on the root problem.

In other words, we've listed several problems that could trigger this full coat, and each one might require repair costs significantly different from the other one. Also, your vehicle's type and the location where you get the job done might be other factors to consider when evaluating how much to expect from fixing fault code U0073.

The only thing you can predict is this point is how much to expect for diagnosing the error codes and confirming that you're dealing with fault code U0073. Typically, you would expect to pay between $75 and $150.00 for the mechanic to look at your vehicle and perform the required agnostics.

Remember that there might be a lot of needed repairs after your mechanic finishes the diagnostics; therefore, do not assume it will be only a maximum of $150 because there will be all those things to deal with.

Symptoms of error code U0073

Not everybody can easily detect a fault code U0073. Therefore, understanding other symptoms to look for can help maintain your vehicle and resolve this problem as early as possible.

Let's take let's a look at some of the other symptoms you'll notice when your car is suffering from a check engine light that is associated with an error code U0073:

1.    A check engine light

Unsurprisingly, when your car has a problem that triggered error code U0073, you'll first see that your check engine light is illuminating on the dashboard.

You cannot immediately assume it's your suspect's error code unless you do a quick vehicle scam. Instead, you can rely on a simple OBDII scanner that helps you scan the vehicle computer and understand the current active miracles you should take care of.

If You look at the list and notice an error code U0073, you'll deal with a problem we're discussing in this article. You must follow the procedure required by your mechanic to fix the problem as early as possible for your car to operate properly.

2.    Another engine code

In most scenarios, your vehicle's check engine light will illuminate with another code associated with the U0073. Unfortunately, at this point, we cannot protect which code it will be because it will differ significantly depending on the cause of triggering the U0073 error code. But typically, they'll give you another one you must also take care of.

If you want to know what other cultures are dealing with, you can Scan the vehicle's computer using an OBDII scanner that will give you a list of potential troubles through dealing with. Typical, so look at what the scanner is selling, and if your scanner is advanced, it will provide you with additional details about what exactly is going on and what the repair options would be.

3.    Reduction in fuel efficiency

If there isn't enough communication between the different modules discussed in this article, you'll notice that your vehicle is consuming too much fuel than it should appear. In other words, you'll suffer from a significant reduction in fuel economy. Error code

This will be noticed by monitoring how much time you want to go to the gas station to fill your car. If it's more than before, that's no indication of something going on internally.

Remember that a reduction in fuel economy can be a problem sealed with our troubles, and that's why your mechanic needs to perform an inspection to confirm it's only related to U0073.

4.    Reduction in the engine's power

The other thing that could happen when you deal with this code is trouble with the reduction in the engine's power. Have you ever been in a situation where you press the gas pedal and realize that your vehicle is not picking up fast? That could be what we're describing.

Remember that reduced engine power is a common problem of various quality components. Therefore, you cannot immediately assume it's a fault code U0073 unless you confirm with your mechanic.

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Is fault code U0073 very serious?

Unfortunately, if you're dealing with a fault code U0073, you're dealing with a big deal. The problem will be very serious because there's no communication between the different internal components in your car.

In other words, if you continue driving your car with an error code U0073, it's easy to deal with major complications in no time. And that's why automotive experts recommend not to ignore this problem and continue driving this vehicle no matter what it's costing you.

Is it a good idea to fix fault code U0073 by myself?

Error code U0073 has to do with the vehicles in Toronto computer. That's why it's typically the professional job to resolve this issue, and it's not one problem you can solve alone.

The mechanic needs some computer programs and software to check what's going on in the car. However, unless you have the right mechanical skill sets and unless you have right tools, it's not recommended that you resolve the issue yourself because of the common mistakes that could lead to problems beyond your budget.

Most DIYs do not work the first time, and since you're dealing with some of these sensitive components like the vehicle's computer, your chances of causing expensive problems are very high. That's why we still recommend contacting a mechanic rather than fixing your vehicle, especially if your car is very valuable.

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Final thoughts

The check engine light is one of the very common warning lights you'll see on any vehicle's dashboard. This light will Illuminate more frequently as your vehicle gets older. There are tons of potential error codes behind the check engine lights, and one of the most common error codes you will experience is the error code U0073.

This article provided all you need to know about the fault code U0073. Highlighting the main causes, potential solutions, and expected repair costs.

Of course, you must never ignore an illuminating check engine light despite the error code you're dealing with. However, if you end up with a situation in which your mechanic asked for extensive repair costs, you must sit back and evaluate the situation carefully.

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