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What Does Fault Code P0705 Mean? Symptoms, Causes, and Fixes

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If you have an error code “P0705,” you might wonder, “what does fault code P0705 mean?” typically, fault code P0705 means that there is a problem with the transmission range sensor circuit.

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Many inexperienced drivers might interpret the check engine light as typically an engine-related problem. However, this light is just a general light that could indicate a problem with any other component.

You must take the check engine light seriously because while it sometimes means a minor problem, it could indicate a significant issue related to major components like the transmission.

The check engine light is typically associated with an error code that helps you identify the real culprit causing the problem you're dealing with. Unfortunately, these error codes can be overwhelming, and learning about one or two occasionally helps you avoid problems and understand what to expect next.

One common error code you might experience during the lifetime of your car is fault code P0705. While you might know that this error code is associated with your transmission, what does fault code P0705 mean?

This article will walk you through all the details you need to know to understand fault code P0705. In addition, it will highlight the main symptoms, causes, and expected repair costs to help you get out of the problem as soon as possible.

Check Engine Light Blinking

What does fault code P0705 mean?

Whenever you check engine light is associated with P0705 fault codes, your problem is related to a sensor inside your transmission. This sensor is called the transmission range sensor.

The transmission range sensor is responsible for communicating between your transmission and the vehicle's transmission control module or the engine control module. When there is any problem with this insert, the vehicle's computer will not receive the right information, and your vehicle might behave strangely.

Typically, fault code P0705 is set when the sensor does not send the right information to your vehicle's computer or when it sends logical information. For example, if you're driving at 60 mph and your vehicle's computer is receiving that the transmission is set to park, that does not make sense and could trigger a check engine light associated with a fault code P0705.

What are the different types of transmission range sensors?

In the world of transmissions, you might see one of the three most common types of transmission range sensors, including:

1.    The variable resistor forms

This type of transmission range sensor contains many resistors connected with each other and have the same voltage output. Every year inside your transmission, there is a specific register responsible for transferring the information from the transmission to the vehicle's computer.

2.    The pressure range switch

In this type of sensor, you'll see that it's connected somewhere close to the transmission valve. According to the shifter love our movements; the pressure range switch opens and closes to transfer the information to your vehicle's computer.

3.    The contact types

Think about the contact transmission range sensor as the simplest type of sensor that connects to the vehicle's computer and only transfers information related to the shifter level position. A bunch of wires is connected to the sensor, which is responsible for transferring the information between the transmission and the vehicle's computer.

Check Engine Light On

What causes the P0705 Fault code?

Full code P0705 is only set when you're dealing with a problem in one of the following components:

1.    TRS circuit

If the TRS circuit has a short or troubles, it will trigger a check engine light associated with fault code P0705.

2.    TRS itself

Sometimes, you might not have a problem with the TRS circuit; instead, you could have an issue with the TRS itself. In that case, you will deal with the check engine light and figure out that it's associated with fault code P0705.

3.    TCM or ECM

In some complicated situations, your problem might be associated with a bigger component like the transmission control module or the engine control module. In that case, your mechanic needs to perform a thorough inspection to confirm the real culprit and determine how to fix these major problems because it means lots of money on repairs.

4.    Shift linkage

In some instances, if you're dealing with a problem with the transmission, the liver might not be in the right position. So when you try to shift, there could be some miss adjustment in the way you shift, which translates wrong information to your vehicle's computer.

5.    Transmission fluid

Did you know that a dirty transmission fluid might lead to significant problems, including those associated with the check engine light illuminating?! Yes! When the transmission fluid is dirty, it impacts how much pressure you're in your transmission, which leads to transferring the wrong information to the vehicle's computer, thinking there is a problem with that TRS.

6.    Transmission valve body

Finally, if there is a problem with the transmission valve body, when you might deal with problems even with the TRS, and that could be translating only information to the Vehicles computer thinking that there is something wrong with the transmission.

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How much do you expect for fixing fault code P0705?

Now you have a good understanding of what exactly is causing the fault code P0705, the next step is to determine what to expect next, especially in repair costs.

As you might already know, mechanical problems end heavily on your vehicle side and where you get the job done. However, diagnosing your vehicle and determining what triggers the check engine light might cost you about $114. If you need follow-up repairs associated with P0705 fault codes, you might expect another $20.

Overall, this should not be a big deal unless you're probably listed with an internal vehicle computer, which means additional repair costs that might get you to appoint where you can't fix your vehicle.

You can save a little on taking care of the P0705 fault code by having your OBDII scanner. This is a small tool you can always use to determine which code triggers the check engine light in your vehicle. This saves you a lot because once you determine a P0705 code, you don't have to have your mechanic perform diagnostics. After all, you already know what's happening and can focus their peer costs only on resolving the issue.

Symptoms of error code P0705

Not everybody is experienced enough to determine that he's dealing with a P0705 fault code. In that case, you must keep an eye for any additional symptoms that could help you narrow down the potential culprits and understand whether you're dealing with this code or not.

1.    A check engine light

Of course, the 1st and most important thing you will deal with is a check engine light Illuminating. As we mentioned before, whatever you deal with the check engine lights, you should not ignore it because no matter how small the problem is, you can get into too complicated situations in no time by just ignoring it.

A P0705 fault code doesn't mean you should immediately stop your vehicle on the highway and request towing service. However, there are some instances where your check engine light might be associated with a critical problem that requires you to slow down, pull over, and stop your vehicle immediately.

Therefore, stay on the safe side; whenever you deal with the check engine light illuminating, you should consult your mechanic as soon as possible and prevent things from getting more complicated.

2.    Difficulty starting your vehicle

Another thing that you might experience is that your vehicle doesn't start as it should. Typically, the first thing that comes to mind is your battery which is the most common reason for starting problems. However, there are some instances where you could be dealing with a problem related to the TRS sensor that could be associated with a P0705 error code.

3.    Trouble shifting

When there is a problem with a P0705 area code, you'll notice that you cannot shift your transition as smooth as before. This occurs mostly when you're driving a vehicle equipped with a manual transmission that relies heavily on your input as a driver.

4.    The reverse lights are not working

In some extreme conditions, you might notice that the reverse lights are not activated whenever you try to shift your vehicle to reverse. This is a critical situation because it could lead to safety problems and might get you to be pulled over by a police officer.

5.    Need to put neutral to start

Finally, you might notice that you cannot start your vehicle unless you put the vehicle on neutral first so you can start it. Unfortunately, this is not the typical situation, and that should not be the case. Therefore, you must consult your mechanic to resolve the problem and prevent further complications.

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Is fault code P0705 very serious?

As we mentioned earlier, the P0705 code is not an extremely serious situation or error code that you might deal with. But you won't be able to pay us dictation test when you have a check engine light, whether it's related to this code or something else.

However, the more you wait for the problem, the more complicated it gets. For example, if you get to a point where this error code starts to make starting difficulties, that's when you will deal with situations that you cannot start your vehicle and locations where there's no help nearby.

To avoid these complicated situations, you must take this error code seriously, even though it will not stop your vehicle from working to stay on the safe side.

Is it a good idea to fix fault code P0705 by myself?

Typically, we recommend our customers rely on professionals to resolve any problems associated with the check engine light. However, if you have the right mechanical skill sets and have done this before, it doesn't hurt to start exploring what needs to be done.

However, if you think of the overall price turns off this problem, it's not that big of a deal unless you're dealing with a complicated problem related to the vehicle's computer. But, of course, if that's what you're dealing with, you would need to consult a professional so you don't mess up with this sensitive component and cause further complications that would cost you thousands of dollars.

Typically, any day does not work the first time and it's critical that you do not risk your own vehicle, especially if it's valuable.

Even though it's going to cost you some money trees all the mechanic shops, it's always better than introducing mistakes because of your limited experience and dealing with more complicated issues.

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Final thoughts

The check engine light is a way for your computer to communicate with you and bring your attention to internal problems. One of the common error codes you might deal with is P0705.

This article helped you answer the question, what does fault code P0705 mean? It means that there is a problem with the transmission range sensor circuit.

While this error code is not extremely serious, you must resolve it as soon as possible to prevent more complications that could impact your vehicle's drivability and prevent you from starting your car smoothly

If you realize that the problem is related to major components that require significant repair costs, it could be a perfect time to sell your vehicle now and buy a better one, so it doesn't have any problem.

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