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What Does Fault Code P0506 Mean? Symptoms, Causes, and Fixes

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If you have an error code “P0506,” you might wonder, “what does fault code P0506 mean?” whenever you deal with an error code P0506, there is a problem in the car engine idle control system. This might lead to troubles with vehicle stalling, which can get too involved in major car accidents.

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The check engine light is one of the most important warning lights you must pay attention to. It appears whenever your vehicle has an internal problem, and it's just a way for your car to communicate with you.

When you look at the dashboard and realize there is a check engine light, it can be very scary and might get you thinking about significant problems. Although some of the check engine lights might be associated with minor problems, they can also refer to significant issues in your vehicle.

That's why we highly encourage our readers to learn one or two things about the error codes triggering the check engine light between now and then. For example, one of the common error codes you might encounter is the fault code P0506. What does this fault code mean? What triggers it? And how to deal with it?

This article provides all the details you need to know to help you with the question, what does fault code P0506 mean?

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What does fault code P0506 mean?

Every time you scan the vehicle's computer and if you confirm that you're dealing with a fault code P0506, the issue is related to the engine idle control system. This might not be very intuitive for inexperienced drivers, but in simple words, the fault code P0506 means that your engine is not idling as it should; your car engine does not have enough rounds per minute as the vehicle manufacturer prescribes.

Most likely, the fault code P0506 has to do with the ETC  or the electronic throttle controls, and it needs a professional mechanic to take a detailed look and confirm what's going on in this unit and help you resolve the problem.

What causes the P0506 Fault code?

The fault code P0506 is going to happen from nowhere. In other words, there got to be something going on internally that triggered these fault codes and got you to deal with the check engine light.

Typically, fault code P0506 is triggered because of problems with the following components:

1.    Idle control valve or motor

The ailing system inside your engine has many interacting moving components, and if any of them go bad, it can lead to some problems, including the error code P0506.new paragraph. The first thing that could trigger this error code is when you have a problem with the valve idle control or the motor.

2.    Vacuum leaks

The second potential cause for the P0506 fault code is when you have a vacuum leak. Typically, the manifold intake vacuum leak might be the one causing this problem.

Throttle body

You might not necessarily be dealing with a completely failed throttle body. Still, minor things like dirt or contaminants inside this throttle body can easily lead to problems that could impact your vehicle's behavior, including how it idles.

3.    Power steering system

There are some instances where the problem might be outside the engine. In other words, some studies have shown that a problem with the power steering pressure switch might cause some issues that could trigger the error code P0506.

Therefore, if you confirm that the previous components do not have any problem, look at the power steering system and see if any faulty components are causing them.

4.    Engine problems

Finally, there might be some internal engine issues that could be impacting the way your vehicle idles. Therefore, your mechanic must do a thorough inspection and needs to take a closer look at every single component through certain software or tools to help detect the culprit causing this error.

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How much do you expect for fixing fault code P0506?

It all depends. Many variables are going on that might be associated with a fault code P0506. In general, you need the following:

1.    Perform diagnostics

Whenever you deal with the check engine lights illuminating, you cannot immediately know what's happening inside the vehicle. That's why your mechanic needs to use a specific scanning tool that allows him to read inside the vehicle's computer and understand what's triggering the check engine light.

You don't necessarily have to go to a professional mechanic because if you have an OBDII scanner, you can do the job and save on labor costs. Keep in mind that many mechanics might not like this and would still do the scanning process, but at least you'll get a sense of what to expect next regarding repair options and repair costs.

To perform a check engine light diagnostics, expect to pay between $75 and $150, which is around one hour of Labor work. There might be some changes in the cost if you're going to a small independent shop versus a big dealership, but it's not going to be that huge.

2.    Resolve the problem

Once your mechanic confirms that you're dealing with an error code P0506, the next step is to define the complex components and replace them if necessary. This is where the variability in the expected repair costs comes in.

For example, if the problem has to do with a bad idle control valve, you might want to pay somewhere between $150 to $500 in addition to the previous costs for diagnostics.

On the other hand, if a mechanic mentioned that your problem has to do with the throttle body and you must clean it up, then you might want to pay somewhere between $226 and $300.

Finally, if you're dealing with a more serious situation and the whole throttle body requires replacement, repair costs can climb up a little bit and might reach somewhere between $250 and $650.

3.    Other repairs

When you go to the mechanic trying to resolve a problem, your mechanic might point out a couple of other problems that your vehicle is dealing with or is about to deal with. Therefore, when you are doing the calculations for expected repair costs, you must add some margin for things that might show up as your mechanic looks at your vehicle.

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Symptoms of error code P0506

Not every driver can detect a fault code P0506. If you are unfamiliar with the different symptoms of these error codes, it can be challenging to understand what's going on. Unless you scan the vehicle's computer, you won't understand if it's an error code P0506 or something else.

That's why we highly encourage you to go through the following symptoms of error code P0506:

1.    Warning lights on the dashboard

The first thing you'll see whenever you deal with an error code P0506 is a check engine light illuminating the dashboard. Without this symptom, it can be very challenging to convince drivers to perform an engine inspection because nothing is showing up.

Thus, it is critical that whenever you deal with a warning light on the dashboard, you take it seriously, even if this warning light is not a check engine light. In many instances, detecting problems early can save your vehicle and prevent you from investing thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs.

2.    Strange idling

In addition to the check engine lights, when you try to idle, you'll notice that your car is not behaving as it should. This strange idling and rough behavior might be related to an error code P0506.

Remember that when your vehicle does not idle as it should, the problem could be related to a long list of potential culprits. Therefore, you cannot immediately assume it's an error code P0506, and you must confirm with your mechanic using certain tools that could pinpoint the actual culprit.

3.    No idling when cold

Have you ever tried putting your vehicle to idle during very cold temperatures and realized that the vehicle does not idle? This is a very critical situation and can be most likely related to a problem with the error code P0506.

Talk to your mechanic or at least perform a quick inspection of your vehicle's computer to detect any error codes that might trigger a check engine light.

4.    Vehicle stalling

Finally, when there is a problem related to error code P0506, you'll notice that your car immediately stalls every time you try to stop. This is again a very critical situation and can easily get you involved in major car accidents, especially if you're driving in traffic or on the highways.

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Is fault code P0506 very serious?

Unfortunately, error code P0506 is one of those serious errors that you must take care of immediately. Think about it this way, you're trying to drive your car, and the vehicle stalls or does not idle; how will this be an OK situation?!

That's why whenever you confirm that you're dealing with this error code, you got to talk to your mechanic and have him fix the problem as soon as possible. In some instances, experts recommend not continuing to drive this vehicle no matter what it's costing you.

You can also contact your mechanic and describe the situation you're dealing with. Your mechanic should better understand your vehicle's condition and might even recommend that you tell your car to the nearest shoppers to drive it because of whatever other existing conditions.

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Is it a good idea to fix fault code P0506 by myself?

Regarding fixing vehicles, we always recommend that our readers consult a professional mechanic. So many things could go wrong, especially if this is your first time trying to fix your vehicle.

For fault code P0506, you're dealing with one of the very sensitive components, the throttle body, that could require specific skills you might not have. Therefore, if you don't want to risk your vehicle and would like to get the best results without introducing other mistakes, it makes sense for you to consult your mechanic and have your vehicle fixed at a professional shop.

On the other hand, if you have previous mechanical experience and have done this thing before, it might be worth saving on labor costs, and you can go ahead and fix your vehicle, assuming that you have the right tools.

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Final thoughts

Fault code P0506 is one of the very common codes you might experience during the lifetime of your vehicle. This code means a problem in how your vehicle idles, and you have to fix the problem immediately.

Ignoring fault code P0506 is never a good idea because it might put your life at risk of major car accidents and could impact your safety and other people driving around you.

If your mechanic confirmed that you need a lot of money to fix your vehicle, it might make more sense to sell your car rather than wasting your time, effort, and money.

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