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What does engine clicking sound like?

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Your car’s engine is probably one of the busiest components. The engine contains a lot of different parts that move, rotate, or contact each other. Not to mention, there are other parts of the engine where explosions happen which is why an engine being loud is normal. However, there are also signals that your car sends when there is a problem. Hence the question, “What does engine clicking sound like?”

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In this article, you will know if your car is having issues or if the noises you hear are just normal. Engine clicking may also manifest through other sounds from the engine such as humming, clucking, screeching, or ticking noises. There are various reasons why the engine makes different sounds. Stay tuned and keep reading to know why and what to do when engine clicking happens.


First things first, you must know how the engine functions since the strange sounds come from it. You will get a better answer to your question “What does engine clicking sound like?” if you already have basic knowledge about what an engine is and what it does. An engine is a form of a machine inside your car that transforms fuel into mechanical energy that can make the vehicle move. The engine used in modern vehicles is called the internal combustion engine. Pistons inside the engine are crucial to start the combustion process.

Is it okay to drive with a clicking noise?

As you know from the first part of this article, noise coming from the engine is normal. However, clicking sounds pose a different issue. If you are wondering “What does engine clicking sound like?”, you may also look up engine knocking, humming, time. Engine clicking noises could be the signal from your vehicle that something has gone wrong. Driving while there are unchecked issues in your car is dangerous, more so when it is the engine that we’re talking about. You may be able to drive for a time, but that does not make continuing driving with a clicking engine a good idea. If you notice any strange noises coming from your engine or close to the wheel while you drive, take your vehicle to the side. Calling a car service is also a great option for you.

What happens when your car makes a clicking sound?

Anything that goes bad with the engine affects your vehicle a lot. After all, the engine is what causes the vehicle to move and to function. The engine is made to be heavy-duty. But this does not mean that you won’t be having issues with your car’s engine. Since this component is used each time you drive your car, the engine has a lot of work to do to keep your car moving. Because this is the case, it is reasonable to have issues with the engine after some time. The good news is that there are signs that the engine gives off so you will have an idea of what the problem is and how you will be able to solve it.


The signals that the engine gives off usually come as clicking sounds. And so your inquiry goes, “What does engine clicking sound like anyway?” This article has given you the answer a while ago and that’s not the end of it. The question now is what happens when you hear the clicking, humming, and ticking sounds from your engine. Here is a list of some of the things you may be dealing with once you hear the clicking signal.


  • Check the engine more carefully

It is important to troubleshoot your vehicle first before calling in a professional to fix anything. Most noises coming from the engine is only normal. Depending on the design of your engine, most noises are actually commonplace. This is true if your car is fuel-injected. You may hear the clicking noises once the injectors fire. What does engine clicking sound like in this case? For this special case when hearing ticking noises is normal, clicking noises sound like a rhythmic pattern of a pencil beaten gently to a wooden table.


  • Valves may not be adjusted well

Valves continuously open and close as the engine rotates. The valves’ motion is quick and must be precise. They move between a small distance and are connected to shims and other adjustments that usually wear when movement is too much to be handled. What does the engine clicking sound like from the valves? At times the clicking sound is caused by excess oil that builds up where the valves are. The oil build-up causes unwanted friction with other components thus, the ticking or clicking sounds will follow.


  • Your car is low on oil

What does engine clicking sound like? Aside from the two mentioned above, low oil level is probably the most common cause of engine clicking. If you hear clicking noises coming from your car, the most practical thing to do is check the oil level right away. You may choose to use oil additives to top off your engine oil. Oil additives are helpful to stop oil leaks. If you have enough oil in your engine, you won't have to clarify “what does engine clicking sound like” because you won't hear much of it. A well-lubricated engine is also safe to drive. It's a win-win for your safety and for the overall condition and performance of your car.


Now that you know what causes the clicking sounds, the answer to your question “What does engine clicking sound like?” becomes clearer. If you hear clicking noises, immediately check the engine for the issues mentioned above. In the instance that you fix these issues and the clicking sounds persist, you may need to ask a professional to look into the problem. If your car is old enough to be replaced and is continuously causing issues, you may consider selling your car to Cashcarbuyer. They buy used cars for a price that is right for you. In addition, keep reading to know where else the clicking sounds may be coming from.


What parts of my car make these clicking noises?

Aside from the engine we've talked about in this article, the alternator may also make clicking noises. It is important for you to know that not all clicking sounds come from the engine. What does engine clicking sound like? It usually sounds like tapping a pencil's head on a wooden platform rhythmically. On the other hand, clicking noises from the alternator may sound like a high whine.


What causes the clicking noises from the alternator? The culprit of a noisy alternator is a loose bearing. This means that the alternator is not able to deliver the right amount of power to make the vehicle work optimally. You may also hear grinding sounds aside from the clicking noises coming from the alternator. If you hear these strange noises and you find nothing wrong with the engine, the alternator is the next component you must troubleshoot. Other issues that may cause clicking and grinding sounds from the alternator may be the intermediate components and the head unit.


Why does my car make a clicking sound when I turn it off?

Engine clicking can happen at any time and when the engine produces sounds when it is turned off, most of the time it is due to the alternator. Since you asked the question what does engine clicking sound like, it is a must that you know that there is more to the engine than it seems. The engine is made up of different segments and the alternator is one of its most vital parts. The alternator is the one responsible for the conversion of energy into electricity to mobilize your car. Knowing this, you might get the idea that it is related to turning the engine on. It makes use of the electrical conversion to power up the car. Because the car needs a significant amount of energy to turn on, you can envision a car that lacks the energy to turn off easily. That is when the clicking sound enters. It clicks owing to the speed it turns off. Knowing the answer to your query about what does engine clicking sound like can make you more aware of the specific time it produced that sound and what triggered it. In this case, the alternator is what can be pointed out as the suspect for engine clicking. Here are some things you can do to fix the clicking sound whenever you turn off the engine.


  • Inspect the bearings of the engine

If you are still wondering about what does engine clicking sound like, you can try listening to the bearings of your engine. They easily produce ticking or clicking sound when they become even a little bit loose. Do not worry, worn-out bearings can be replaced. The first thing you must do is to adjust the cap screws to lift the main bearing. You can work with the crankshaft afterwards.


  • Check for a faulty alternator

You will need a digital odometer to measure the amount of voltage circulating the engine. You will know if there are issues with the alternator when the voltage level does not reach what is required to charge the battery of the car. If you are already knowledgeable regarding your question what does engine clicking sound like you will be able to observe and distinguish your faulty alternator. Once you have confirmed where exactly the damage is, start working on that segment of the alternator and the engine.


  • Clean and lubricate all threads

The threads play a key role in preventing engine clicking. You should make sure that they are in their best shape to avoid getting stuck. Whether you probe into what does engine clicking sound like, you will get the idea that it is related to the condition of threads in the engine and the overall state of the alternator.

Is it bad to have engine clicking noise?

Considering what causes engine clicking noises, it is possible for clicking noises to indicate serious issues within the engine. Once you acknowledge your question, what does engine clicking sound like, you will be able to decipher what sounds signify serious issues and what are just normal and are of no reason to worry. Checking what causes the clicking sound is the first step to gauge the severity of the problem and what measures you can take to solve them.


Surely, you are already conscious about engine clicking as you keyed in the words what does engine clicking sound like. This kind of sound produced by your engine is usually due to the dirt that entered your fuel injectors. Most of the time, it is a dilemma with the fuel more than anything else. Keep in mind the level of your fuel in the tank. Once this is left unchecked, the clicking will persist. Not that the clicking itself is causing negative effects to your engine or your car, but it is an indicator of a complication that needs your immediate attention.

Why does my car make a clicking sound when idling or accelerating?

Click sounds during acceleration of your car as well as when it is idle can be normal. You do not have to worry too much if this happens occasionally. However, if the clicking sound is already recurring and it is affecting your driving negatively, then you have to take care of the problem as soon as you can. As mentioned earlier, it helps a lot to ask questions related to the signals your engine or vehicle makes such as what does engine clicking sound like or is it bad to experience clicking noises with the engine.  These queries are helpful to gain a deeper understanding about your automobile and more importantly, to be able to troubleshoot and solve the problems you will encounter.

How do I fix clicking noises in my car?

Fixing a common car problem such as engine clicking has so much to do about identifying what caused the stumbling block. You are on the right track for sending the inquiry,what does engine clicking sound like. After doing so, you must consider understanding then solving the problem. If you are looking for an instant fix, you can try refilling your oil tank. This works most of the time in stopping the clicking noises. Nevertheless, it is not a long-term solution. It is best to solve the problem from its roots. Meaning, you have to troubleshoot your car and find the damage. Consequently, that damage must be repaired. Like any other engine issue, you must make sure to address it as early as you can since the problem can get worse if you delay.

How much to fix engine clicking noise?

The cost for fixing engine clicking noise varies depending on the segment of the engine that is damaged. Generally speaking, it could cost around 25 to 1000 dollars. There is a great difference with those prices so you must make sure to spot where specifically the damage is.


All in all, being a good listener and watching out for what your vehicle is trying to tell you can save your car from further complications.Familiarizing yourself with the sounds your car produces precedes the success of your driving now and in the future. It is a good call to search what does engine clicking sound like and it would be better if you take heed and follow the points in this guide.


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