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What Are the Most Expensive Car Parts to Sell? 

What Are the Most Expensive Car Parts to Sell 

The vehicle's lifespan has increased by about 5% since 2018. Experts expect vehicles will last up to 16 years for most customers. While that's true, it's very hard to convince someone to drive a more than one-decade-old vehicle. Thus, a smart decision would be to take advantage of every single part in your car and sell it separately. The question is always remaining what are the most expensive car parts to sell?

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This article helps you identify valuable parts in your vehicle that you could sell separately and take advantage of their money before getting out of your vehicle to the salvage yards. 

Most salvage yards are only interested in the metal part of your car, and they will pay you based on how heavy your vehicle is. Thus, it's wise to separately sell additional nonmetal components before handing your car to the salvage yard. 

What Are the Most Expensive Car Parts to Sell? Make Good Money Out of Your Engine and Transmission! 


If you are at a point where you decided to sell your car to a salvage yard or a junk car buyer, it's recommended that you take advantage of any valuable components in your car as possible.

You can reach to your professional mechanic who could help you remove these items safely Anne sell them separately. Keep in mind that removing any car item must be done properly that doesn't harm the environment. For example, you can't simply dump the coolant or any other vehicle's fluids into your municipal Landfill. 

Here are the most expensive car parts to sell: 

  • Your car's engine is one of the most expensive parts to sell 


There's no doubt that your vehicle's engine is one of the most expensive parts to sell. Your engine can be more valuable than you think if there is a high demand on your vehicles in your area.

Check whether your vehicle's engine runs properly and take advantage of it by selling it to someone interested in a car replacement cheers

Even if your vehicle's engine doesn't work anymore, you can still make some money out of it. Expert mechanics can take advantage of the aluminum parts in the engine and sell them separately. 

While your vehicle's engine is one of the most expensive parts to sell, taking the engine out of the car can be a little complicated and requires some assistance from a professional mechanic. This is because you have to drink your vehicle's fluid and dispose of them properly, as we mentioned earlier. Then, the engine must be transported to the nearest salvage yard. 

Imagine if someone has the same car make as your car who is looking for an engine replacement. Usually, engine replacement costs range from $4000 to $7000 in some vehicles. Thus, people will be excited to hear that they found a used engine in good condition to save them a lot of money. 

  • The car's transmission is also one of the most expensive parts to sell 


Following the engine, your vehicle's transmission is another one of the most expensive parts to sell. Experts predict that the automotive transmission market will reach $130.25 billion by the year 2026. 

Without a perfectly running transmission, someone's vehicle will never operate at all. The transmission is responsible for converting the engine's energy into torque and allowing the wheels to rotate while not over stressing the engine.

There are many causes for vehicle transmissions to fail and therefore, you will always find someone interested in a used transmission in good condition.

If you found a good professional mechanic who could help you take out the entire transmission system, you can make good money out of it. You can also sell your transmission to someone interested in the aluminum part if your transmission is not in good shape. 

  • Catalytic converters can make good money 


The catalytic converter is responsible for converting harmful gases into less harmful gases released into the environment. Without a catalytic converter, a vehicle cannot pass the emission test, and you will be contributing to impacting the overall air pollution in your area.

There is always a high demand for catalytic converters because they fail and require high repair costs, but several people report catalytic converters assessed in the United States. Some studies showed that every year, about 4000 catalytic converters are stolen from vehicles around the United States. 

Whether someone's catalytic converter got damaged or stolen, he needs to install a new one or a used one in good condition to his vehicle. By contributing to selling your catalytic converter to someone in need, you're saving them a lot of money on repair costs. Did you know that replacing the catalytic converter might cost about $2000? 

Even if your catalytic converter is not in great condition and you think it's not going to make you want to, you can still take advantage of the scrap metal component out of it. Did you know that the catalytic converter might have about from 4 to 9 grams of valuable metals? 

  • Take advantage of the GPS 


Salvage yards don't scrap your DPS system. They will only sell the metal parts and pay for those only. Therefore, instead of having them sell your GPS and make money out of it without paying you, you can do the same thing!

Check with your local repair shop or interested buyers who have the same car make and model. While the GPS is not very expensive, you can make a couple of $100 out of it. 

  • Your vehicles fenders are also one of the most expensive car parts to sell 


When a vehicle got involved in a car accident, the fenders are most likely to get damaged more than other components. These vendors are responsible for protecting the wheels, wells, and parts of the undercarriage of your vehicle.

In more modern vehicles, fenders are now connected to the vehicle bumpers, which increased their values significantly.

Therefore, it's very likely that you will find someone interested in your vehicle's fenders and willing to buy them separately. Buying a Fender from a private buyer can be less expensive than buying them from a dealership or any other select. 

  • Take advantage of your vehicle's doors 


Every vehicle needs doors unless you're driving a Jeep Wrangler!

Take advantage of your vehicles' doors and sell them separately to a private buyer who might be interested in replacing his old damaged doors.


Again, your vehicle's doors will not get to a lot of money, but still, they will make you some cash. Car doors are most likely to get damaged in car crashes than other vehicle components, and that's why they are considered valuable items. 

If your vehicle's door doesn't work entirely, you can still take advantage of some of its components like the locks, side mirrors, handles, etc. Of course, these parts will not make you rich but, it's still better than nothing. 

  • Sell your vehicle's bumpers 


Your car's bumpers are using several layers of aluminum, fiberglass, and steel. With this combination of materials. Your car's bumper provides extra protection to reduce the chance of damages, especially if you're driving at low speed and got involved in an accident.

If your vehicle's bumpers are in good condition, you can make a couple of $100 out of it depending on your car's make, model, and year.

Even if your car was rear-ended, you might be looking at his house front wipers in great condition. If you're lucky enough and have a popular model, you might be good money out of your bunkers; especially there is high demand. 

  • Take advantage of your car's battery 


In general, car batteries are not expensive, and if you're looking to sell a used car battery, you might not get more than a couple of $10. However, by disposing of your car's battery properly, you're preventing harmful chemicals from reaching the environment and affecting living creatures.


  • Your air conditioning is one of the most expensive car parts to sell 


If you're living in a hot environment, you can imagine how tough it is to drive a vehicle without air conditioning during July or August.

Therefore, if your vehicle has good running air conditioning and living in a hot area, you will most likely find high demand for people interested in buying it. 

Check with your professional mechanic and have him help you take the air conditioning parts safely and properly without damaging him out of your car. 

  • Your car's airbags can be valuable  


If the airbags get deployed, there's no way someone can drive the vehicle. When it comes to car safety, all people agree that it's unsafe to drive a vehicle without airbags, and actually, airbags are one of the greatest inventions in automotive history.

Replacing an airbag can be extremely expensive because it usually requires replacing the steering wheel and the front box. By offering a used airbag in good condition, you're helping customers reduce repair costs significantly.

Your vehicle might also have a steering wheel and front desk parts to go with the airbags for someone to purchase them together. Thus, you can fetch a good amount of money by selling your vehicle's airbags separately. 

  • Your car's radio 


While driving a vehicle without a car radio doesn't hurt, many people prefer to have background music as their driving, especially for longer distances.

If you know that you've installed a new radio in your car recently, you can still take advantage of it and sell it separately without necessarily sell it with the car itself.

Thus, consider reaching out to your professional mechanic and have him help you take out the new radio and sell it separately. 

  • Take advantage of your wheels and tires 


You can easily make good money out of your vehicle's wheels and tires by selling them to private buyers.

The wheels have a good amount of aluminum where you can get some extra cash immediately.

You can take good advantage of your vehicle's tires in many ways. For example, if your tires are working properly, you can sell them to people interested in car parts replacements.

If you know that your tires are not in great condition, you don't necessarily need to sell them with the wheels, assuming that your wheels are not in great condition. You can sell the tires separately as just the rubber component.

Lastly, you can scrape your tire and wheels and sell them to any recycling agency. 



If your vehicle got very old and you're not interested in driving it anymore, you can always select a salvage yard that will pay for your car's metal component.

However, most salvage yards will not pay you for any other nonmetal components in your vehicle. Many experts recommend that you take advantage of every single component in your car and sell separately to increase your profit. 

This article highlighted the most expensive car parts to sell.

For example, if any of these components are in good condition, you can sell them separately and take advantage of the extra cash: your vehicle's engine, transmission, catalytic converter, GPS, vendors, doors, bumpers, battery, air conditioning, and airbags.

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