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What A Car Is Worth With A Blown Head Gasket – Is The Repair Price Worth The Cost?

What A Car Is Worth With A Blown Head Gasket

To best answer the question of what a car is worth with a blown head gasket, drivers need to know a few key facts about their head gasket and car anatomy. By knowing the function of a head gasket, the cost to replace a head gasket, the importance of this part in your engine system, and the step of replacing the gasket, you can analyze if the repair prices are worth it. 

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What is a head gasket?

Before we tell you about what can cause a head gasket to blow and what a car is with a blown head gasket, we need to tell you about the function and anatomy of the head gasket. The head gasket is the part in your engine system that pushes the piston down, creating enough force necessary to start the vehicle motor and put the car in motion.


For the engine cylinder to function correctly, the head gasket must seal off the enclosure and ensure no liquid leaks out of the system. The seal is also known as your head gasket, a crucial part that is often overlooked in most cars. However, knowing the seriousness of this part can help answer what a car is worth with a blown head gasket.


If you find that a leak is present in your engine, the faulty part is typically the head gasket causing an external or internal leak. However, sometimes it is difficult and time-consuming to detect the exact location of the leak in the head gasket, meaning that drivers may end up driving long distances before noticing something is wrong with their car.


In this case, they should bring their car to a mechanic as soon as possible to determine what a car is worth with a blown head gasket. Preventing a blown head gasket can help you avoid permanent and expensive damage to your vehicle. 

How much does it cost to replace a blown head gasket?

When looking at the overall repair cost for this fix and what a car is worth with a blown head gasket, you need to know the amount of money you’re going to be spending on this costly repair. The cost of head gasket repairs typically runs in the thousands of dollars range, meaning it is sometimes easier to scrap or sell the vehicle to CashCarsBuyer instead of paying for the hefty price.


The average cost of head gasket repair is typically between $1,000 and $2,000, with the labor cost having the highest price and the parts being relatively inexpensive. 

Why are head gasket repairs so costly?

When determining what a car is worth with a blown head gasket, you need to understand the amount of work, time, and energy that go into fixing this crucial part in your car. The high costs attributed to head gasket repair are generally due to the amount of labor associated with fixing the problem, rather than just paying for the parts’ cost.


Since replacing or repairing a blown or broken head gasket is such a time-consuming and complicated task, mechanics charge a high hourly rate for their work. With the location of the engine head, this part has to be removed and replaced during the entire procedure. The high cost of the labor shows what a car is worth with a blown head gasket.

How can you prevent high head gasket repair costs?

Keeping your head gasket repair costs at an all-time low can help you save thousands on a blown head gasket. When looking at what a car is with a blown head gasket, car owners must know how to prevent a costly head gasket repair cost. 


By preventing coolant to cylinder leaks, cylinder to coolant leaks, blown head gaskets, and coolant to oil leaks, you can keep your engine and transmission systems working optimally for a long period of time. If you wait too long and wait for your head gasket to blow, you will pay an expensive out-of-pocket cost to keep your car on the road. 

What happens when the head gasket blows?

When your head gasket blows, you notice some signs and symptoms that are clear to drivers and passengers. Noticing these signs before they worsen can help prevent a blown head gasket and the need to answer what a car is worth with a blown head gasket.


The top symptoms of a damaged head gasket are white smoke from the exhaust, leaking coolant beneath the exhaust manifold, overheating engine, milky oil, the cooling system not working properly, and bubbles in the coolant overflow tank. Any one of these signs can alert the driver to the engine or head gasket damage. 


The vast majority of head gasket concerns deal with internal leaks that cause coolant to flow outwards from the system. The combustion area is affected in the car, meaning the coolant starts overheating and evaporating before it can do its job of lubricating and cooling the engine parts. 


Another sign of a blown head gasket or damaged engine is overheating within the engine system during extended driving periods. This overheating is due to excess coolant being used, causing insufficient power to cool down the hot engine. If you do not have proper lubrication and cooling, you will need to know what a car is worth with a blown head gasket.


Furthermore, if you ever see white oil on your dipstick or around the engine cap, this is a clear sign of a damaged head gasket. If the coolant is not filtering the liquid in the combustion area, water and oil will mix together and cause white oil and white smoke from the exhaust. Over time, this can cause your head gasket to blow.

Can you drive with a blown head gasket?

When finding the answer to what a car is worth with a blown head gasket, you need first to know if it is safe or dangerous to drive with a blown head gasket. It is advisable from dealerships and mechanics that driving with a blown head gasket can cause overheating and excessive engine damage that will be hard to repair.


For one, coolant can interfere with your vehicle’s electrical components, like spark plugs. It can reduce engine performance due to blocked fuel lines and contaminants in the engine system. Furthermore, balancing the coolant levels is key to engine performance since coolant will prevent engine oil from overflowing and cool down overheating parts. 


Finally, if you continue letting gas seep out of your car’s combustion chamber, this can cause additional damage and stress to the leaking area. Cracking and leaks could occur from a lack of maintenance, causing you to need to answer what a car is worth with a blown head gasket.

Steps to Fixing a Blown Head Gasket

To prevent the need for what a car is worth with a blown head gasket, you need to fix the internal engine components or bring your car to a local mechanic so they can replace the required parts. Even though the new cost of a head gasket could be as low as $100, the price of the labor can significantly increase the overall replacement cost. 


If you decide to do the repair or replacement yourself, you will need extensive mechanical knowledge and car wherewithal. 


First, you need to remove the thermostat and flush the coolant system. Then, begin filling the cooling system with water and ensure the port gasket sealer is tight to prevent leaks. Let the engine idle for around one hour after you install the new app, letting the coolant system drain before adding a new thermostat and refreshing the coolant with new liquid. 


Once this step is over, the most challenging and difficult part awaits. You or a mechanic will have to remove the old thermostat. Before you do so, make sure you know your vehicle’s anatomy to see where the thermostat is located so you can prevent harming or damaging any other parts. 


The main step of removing the thermostat is to remove the housing, take out the thermostat, and reinstall the housing. Once the thermostat is removed, this allows the right amount of coolant to flow through the system to prevent overheating. By keeping your car at the proper level, you can prevent needing to answer the question of what a car is worth with a blown head gasket. 

Average Head Gasket Repair Cost

Calculating the total head gasket repair cost depends on your specific car make and model. Unfortunately, this repair or replacement can be quite costly for any driver. With a scale on a price that depends on your mechanic and other parts’ cost, you can still expect to pay around $400 for your head gasket repair cost.  


Once you have a blown head gasket, you have a few options to choose from. The first option is to fix the problem and sell your car for parts. You can sell an old scrap vehicle or pre-used car at a local shop. Better yet, you can use CashCarsBuyer to get the most money for your vehicle and use trusted agents who will keep you informed every step of the way.


The other option is to fix the issue and keep the vehicle. Although paying for a head gasket replacement can be very expensive, it can be worth the price if your car is in good working condition. Determining the answer to how to fix a blown head gasket without replacing it can help you decide whether to keep or sell your car.

The Bottom Line

Figuring out the steps to replace your head gasket and the total repair cost can help you answer the question of what a car is worth with a blown head gasket. You may find that trading your car in, selling your vehicle, or bringing your car to CashCars`buyer is the best option for you! 


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