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Walmart Oil Change Coupons: 2022 Update

Walmart Oil Change Coupons

Most up-to-date Walmart oil change coupons are available through email, newsletter, traditional coupons, price match, and the Walmart website.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Your vehicle oil change is critical maintenance that you must perform. This maintenance requires replacing the old oil with new fresh oil. If you ignore the oil change, your engine will get overheated and self-destruct.

To avoid damaging your engine because of old oil, you don't need to skip any oil changes. However, you also don't want to spend so much on something you can save on. Right?

The nice thing is that many larger companies and retailers provide you with some discounts to help you save on oil changes and other auto-related maintenance. One of the biggest ones is the Walmart oil change coupons!

This article walks you through all the details about the Walmart oil change coupons. It also highlights potential ways to find and print the coupons so you can enjoy the discount on your next oil change.


Where can I get Walmart oil change coupons in 2022?

Walmart is a huge store; people like it because it's reputable and trustworthy. With the expanded Walmart auto, you now get the advantages of high-quality products at lower prices.

Interestingly, Walmart does not only provide you with coupons for groceries and other items, but you can also enjoy these coupons in the auto store as well.

However, you get to know where to find these coupons, so you stay up to date and never miss a discount. However, some customers complained

Automotive experts and researchers put together a list of potential pathways where you can find Walmart oil change coupons in 2022. Let's take a closer look below:

1-      Walmart email list

Have you ever registered on Walmart's email list? If you're a regular customer and your email is in their system, you should receive the Walmart email newsletter. Typically, Walmart will put together a list of deals and discounts throughout the store.

Check your email regularly and look through this newsletter to see any potential available Walmart oil change coupons.

You have to be very careful about reading the emails because some of the coupons might be expired or valid for a certain time. Therefore, once you find the email and get the code pond, look at the expiration date and take advantage of the deal before it expires.

2-      Walmart newsletter

Many people don't like to find things through emails—people who love to read newsletters in a physical form. Therefore, you can request the Walmart newsletter and magazine. You can get this newsletter in your mail and go through the paper to find any potential oil change coupons.

3-      Walmart coupons at the checkout counter

If you missed the Walmart newsletter and didn't like to go through the email to find the coupons, there is another great way to find any available oil change coupons. Check out the traditional Walmart coupons as you're checking out at the checkout counter.

You can also go to Walmart auto center and look for coupons made specifically for oil changes. The nice thing about asking at the counter is that the potential workers might point you to certain discounts you're not paying attention to.

For example, you might get discounts for other services provided at Walmart. You can probably get some services related to your vehicle wheels and tires that you never thought of. Keep in mind that some of these services might be provided only to certain premium customers, so it's critical that you get the details from the worker about whether you are eligible or not.

4-      Groupon website

The Internet is filled with great information, and there are designated websites for collecting any available coupons from larger companies. For example, check out Groupon and see if you can get any discounts from Walmart.

Groupon is a huge website that provides you with oil change discount coupons at Walmart, highlights other service discounts, and walks you through other coupons in locations other than Walmart.

Therefore, it's nice to sit and take your time flipping through Groupon and enjoy potential discounts on all sorts of items in your life, not only on your auto financials.

5-      Consider matching the price

Say that you found another location with a lower oil change cost and would still like to do it at Walmart. In that case, you can ask the Walmart workers to provide you with a price match.

In many cases, Walmart is more than happy to match the price you found if you have proof so you can get a discount on your next oil change.

Before considering this option, you must call Walmart Auto Center and check with them if they even provide you with a price match. Sometimes they might not, but in other cases, they might be more than happy to do so.

6-      Walmart website

Finally, if none of the previous methods helped you find a Walmart oil change coupon in 2022, you can search on the website. With the new algorithm and updated technologies, the website is very smart to find these coupons, and you can search or use the available search criteria on the website to find these coupons.

You can even ask the store workers working on the auto section to help you use the website to find the available coupons. Of course, they'll be more than happy to help you as long as they can do it and they have the experience.

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Can I use an oil change coupon if the oil is different than what my vehicle needs?

We mentioned many times that finding ways to save on car maintenance is very helpful. However, you don't want to get to a point where you cause problems with your car.

Many inexperienced car drivers might think that switching to another lower quality oil could be a good idea to save on oil and take advantage of available oil change coupons. However, that's wrong!

Your vehicle manufacturer understands what mechanisms and processes go inside the vehicle. If you decide to go with a lower quality oil to save money, these processes will be impacted annually vehicles might get severe problems.

There are many instances where choosing the wrong type of oil caused significant engine destruction and required installing a new engine. Therefore, you don't want to be in this situation and want your vehicle to stay healthy as much as possible.

Therefore, even if you're excited about this specific coupon, if it's not matching your vehicle's needs and if it's only available for certain oil types that are not the top quality needed, you should leave it because it's not worth it.

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Can I save on oil by skipping oil changes?

Of course not! Skipping an oil change is a recipe for killing your vehicle. If you decide to skip an oil change to save money, many things could go wrong. Let's take a closer look at some of these consequences:

1-      Oil leaks

If the oil in your engine is not clean, the overall pressure in the system will be impacted, and there's a very high chance that oil will leak and seep from certain weak locations around the engine. An oil leak is never a good thing because it can result in significant consequences that will cost you the entire vehicle in some scenarios.

2-      Damages to close components

When oil leaks throughout the system, the problem doesn't stop there. You will start dealing with other complications in the adjacent components around your engine compartment. Therefore, this problem that started small by skipping the oil change can cause many troubles down the road.

3-      Engine overheating

If you go back to the basics of oil changes, you'll understand the linkage between an oil change and engine overheating.

Your engine contains a lot of interacting components that have metal parts. When these metal parts interact, they cause a lot of friction and, therefore, a lot of heat. Using engine oil prevents this unnecessary interaction and the heat from happening and damaging the engine.

Overtime reviews show the oil can get Old, and when it's old, it cannot perform the right task that it was supposed to do. As a result, your engine will end up overheating and being damaged.

4-      High-temperature gauge reading

When the engine overheats, it will be translated as a high-temperature gauge reading on the dashboard. That's why you'll see a lot of warning signs on the dashboard, bringing your attention to an internal problem.

It's critical for you as a driver to never ignore any warning light on the dashboard because the more you ignore it, the worse the situation gets, and the more money you have to pay to fix the problems.

5-      Higher repair costs

If you ignore oil change for a long time, and once it impacts significant components, we're talking about thousands of dollars in repair costs!

Imagine how much it will cost you to install a new engine. Even if you decide to go with a rebuilt or used engine, still repair costs are in the ballpark of thousands of dollars.

Therefore, the most persuasive consequence of skipping an oil change is the expensive repair costs. Therefore, if you're planning to skip oil changes to save on cost, think long-term about what could go wrong and how much money you must pay to fix these major problems.

6-      Reduction in the vehicle value

If your vehicle has significant problems, many drivers might give up on the vehicles and decide to sell them as is pure. As a result, the car's overall value will be reduced significantly.

Vehicles are one of the most expensive assets to many people, and dealing with major problems in these vehicles can be extremely heartbreaking. Therefore, if you can control preventing your engine damage and if you can control keeping your investment safe, you should not skip an oil change at all.

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Final thoughts

Oil changes are very important to keep your vehicle healthy and prevent major engine damage. However, oil change costs money and performing the air oil change is not something you can skip, so finding a way to save on all changes is always a good idea.

This article provided you with detailed guidance on Walmart oil change coupons. In addition, it highlighted the different ways to help you find these coupons and print them so you can take advantage of them in this count in your next oil change.

If your vehicle is consuming too much oil and you feel that you need to perform oil changes more often than before, it could be a significant problem in the vehicle itself and might be a perfect time to sell this car.

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