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Volkswagen Oil Change – A Detailed Guide

Volkswagen Oil Change

A Volkswagen oil change must keep your engine in good condition and avoid engine overheating and, thus, failure.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

That been said, it is important to understand the required tools and steps needed for your Volkswagen’s oil change. Furthermore, you need to understand the type and required amount of oil needed to be added to avoid overfilling or getting in situations where you have low engine oil. 

In this article, we provide you with a detailed step by step guidance on how to change your Volkswagen’s oil and how to reset the oil change check light, in case you had it turned on. Lastly, we provide information on how much it will cost you to change your Volkswagen’s oil at home or a professional repair shop.

Volkswagen Oil Change


This section provides you with a list of the main tools you need to prepare before even starting the oil change process. Then, we walk you through what needs to be done to change the oil and reset the oil change check light.  


  • Prepare the required tools 



To change your Volkswagen’s oil, you need the following parts and tools; some of these tools are specific for a Volkswagen, and others are just general tools you need to have for any oil change despite the vehicle type.

  • Volkswagen required oil change parts
    • A filter
    • The appropriate type of oil needed for a Volkswagen
    • A drain plug washer
  • General oil change parts
    • Your vehicle’s owner’s manual. You will need to refer to the manual a couple of times as you change your Volkswagen’s oil. Thus, it is recommended to have a manual copy handy while you’re working. If you don’t have a copy of the manual, you can either download it from the web or request a hard copy from your local mechanic
    • A funnel to pour the oil
    • A pan to drain the old oil and prevent oil from splashing on the floor
    • A ½ inch 36mm socket
    • A 6-inch extension and ratchet
    • A 19 mm wrench 
    • A ¼ inch socket screwdriver that has a T-25 Torx Bit


  • Volkswagen oil change steps



To change your Volkswagen’s oil, you need to prepare the vehicle, drain the old oil, install a new filter and drain plug washer, add the required amount of engine oil, and reset the change oil check light.

  • Before starting any step in the actual oil change, you need to prepare your vehicle, including:
    • Please park your vehicle in a location where it is easy to work. Usually, an open area or your garage would be ideal
    • Run the engine for about five to ten minutes to warm it up. This way, your engine’s oil gets heated up a little, and it drains out of the drain plug easier.
    • Locate your vehicle’s under-body splash pan by referring to the vehicle’s owner’s manual. 
    • Remove the under-body splash pan by unscrewing the T-25 screws using the ¼ inch socket screwdriver.
    • Once the under-body splash pan is removed, place a big enough container to collect your old engine oil under the oil drain plug. 
    • Minimize the crankcase pressure by loosening up the oil fill cap to help easier oil flow out of the drain plug
    • Remove the oil drain plug using the 19mm wrench and let the oil drain completely inside the container.
    • Inspect the oil drain plug. The oil drain plug must be in good condition to prevent oil leaks. Inspect the oil drain plug by looking for any signs of the worn or crushed washer. It is important to note that a worn drain plug can damage the entire oil pan threads resulting in higher repair costs. 
    • After the oil finishes draining, it is recommended to clean excessive old oil 
    • Install the new drain plug, or the old one if it is in good condition
    • Move your oil container to a location under the oil filter in preparation for replacing the oil filter. 


  • Install the oil filter and replace the O-ring
    • Before starting with the process, you need to refer to the vehicle’s manual and locate the oil filter's correct location.
    • Once you know where the oil filter is located, make sure the oil container is placed in the right position to collect any oil splashes from getting to the floor
    • Remove the oil filter cap using the ½ inch 36mm socket and the 6-inch extension. 
    • It is important to note that the oil filter cartridge is made of plastic; therefore, you need to be a little gentle as you pull it out of the oil housing.
    • Allow the oil to drain out of the oil filter for about 30 seconds
    • It is good to compare the old oil filter to the new one to make sure you bought the right filter for our vehicle. You can also refer to the vehicle’s owner’s manual to confirm the type of filter needed.
    • Remove the filter and the old O-ring
    • Install the new filter along with the new O-ring
    • Before putting the filter cap back, it is recommended to add a little of the oil to the O-ring. This way, the O-ring doesn’t get bent inside the oil housing. 
    • When torquing the filter’s cap, you don’t need to tighten it too much to avoid breaking the oil filter housing in your next oil change, only about 17 ft-lb.
    • Now you are ready to pour the new oil
  • Add the required amount of oil to your oil filer
    • Locate the oil filter by referring to the vehicle’s owner’s manual
    • Remove the cap and put the filling funnel
    • Make sure not to overfill the engine’s oil filler. It would help if you had no more than 0.5 liters less than the vehicle’s full capacity
    • To make sure you put the right amount of oil, it is a good practice to monitor the oil level using the dipstick
    • Close the oil filter cap and start the car for about 30 seconds to warm up the engine and make sure the oil filter housing is filled as well
    • Watch for any signs of leaks from the oil filter housing or the oil drain plug
    • Turn the engine off and reinstall the under-body splash
    • Take a final look at your oil level after you put the vehicle on the ground level
  • You must dispose of the old oil to a certified recycling collection center.


  • Reset your Volkswagen oil change light



Resetting your Volkswagen’s oil change light might differ depending on your Volkswagen’s model. The best way to confirm if the coming steps work for your Volkswagen is by referring to the vehicle’s owner’s manual.

This section shows you how to reset the oil change light for the 2019 Volkswagen Jetta. 

  • Resetting change oil light for a 2019 Volkswagen Jetta with Digital Instrument Cluster
    • Turn on your vehicle’s ignition without starting the engine
    • On your steering wheel, press and hold the OK button for about four seconds while making sure the MFI is still in range
    • After the four seconds, release the OK button as you see the service menu popping up
    • Select “reset oil change” using the steering wheel’s control buttons
    • Finally, select “reset inspection,” then “OK” and confirm by pressing “OK” again
  • Resetting change oil light for a 2019 Volkswagen Jetta with a Conventional Instrument Cluster
    • Make sure the ignition switch is turned off
    • Locate the “0.0” button by referring to the vehicle’s owner’s manual. This button is usually under the instrument cluster.
    • Once you find it, press and hold 
    • While you are holding the “0.0” button, turn on the ignition switch without starting the engine
    • Select the appropriate message that serves your needs between the following messages:
      • “Reset oil change service.”
      • “Do you want to reset inspection?”
    • Press the 0.0 button to confirm your selection
    • Watch for a confirmation message 

How much does it cost to perform a Volkswagen Oil Change?


According to RepairPal.com, changing your Volkswagen’s oil costs you between $112 and $138 on both parts and labor costs. 

If you decided to change your Volkswagen’s oil by yourself, you could drop these numbers to $76 and $92.

While changing your Volkswagen’s oil can save you a lot of money, it is recommended that you don’t do it if you don’t have the required minimum mechanical skills. This is because most DIYs do not work the first time, and any mistakes in car repairs can cause significant damages that require a lot of money and effort to get fixed. 



The Volkswagen oil change is essential to prevent engine damage due to overheating. 

To perform your Volkswagen oil change, you need to prepare the required tools, drain the old oil, install a new oil filter, add the required amount of oil, and reset the change oil light button.


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