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Vehicle Scrapping Near Me: What Is It and How Does It Work?  

Vehicle Scrapping Near Me: What Is It and How Does It Work?  

Vehicle scrapping involves tearing apart your car and selling each part separately. You can do it by yourself or have a scrap yard company help you. 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Vehicles are not designed to last forever, and there will be a point of time where you must get rid of it because it's beyond repairs. Sometimes you might not find a potential buyer, and you will end up with a pile of metal sitting in your backyard.

Luckily, Vehicle scrapping is a new idea that many people follow to get some money from their vehicles. Did you know that your vehicle has more than 30,000 components? Some of them are minor while others are major?

Even if you see that your car is not operable, there is still a chance to make some money out of these components.

Remember that scrapping a vehicle will not get to the top dollars; however, it is still better than nothing.

If you're new to the idea of vehicle scrapping, it might be a little challenging for you at the beginning but, once you go through this article, you'll have a good understanding of what is vehicles crabbing, how to determine the most valuable parts in your car, and what's the advantage of selling your car to Cash Cars Buyer instead. 

When is the right time to scrap your vehicle? 

Before we move into the details about Vehicle scrapping, it is very important to understand when it's the right time to scrap your car. 

Several people might get very emotional and attached to their vehicles. They might drive it for up to 20 years and keep investing in repairs until the vehicle is no longer roadworthy. 

For some reason, many people might invest in repairing their vehicles, hoping they can keep going. However, these repair costs can pile up and increase the debt you own to many lenders. 

If you notice that three pair costs are getting close to 75% or more from your vehicle's value, this is a great sign that it's not worth repairing this car, and instead, you should get rid of it by selling it to a junk car removal company or a scrapyard.

If none of the mentioned companies accept your vehicle, it might be worth investing in scrapping your vehicle and tearing apart full valuable parts from it to sell them separately. 

In general, your vehicle is expected to last up to 15 years or probably 200,000 miles before it starts facing major problems like engine issues in the transmission problems. Thus, it might be worth investing in scrapping with only able to make someone at this point. 

Can you get money for scrapping a car? 

Of course!

By scrapping your car, there's a high chance of getting a good amount of money instead of leaving it sitting in your backyard collecting dust and rust.

The first step in scrapping any vehicle is to understand how much is your vehicle's scrap value.

The scrap value of your vehicle depends heavily on its type and condition. It also depends on how well it was maintained.

You will not get an accurate understanding of your vehicle's scrap value without interacting with potential buyers and negotiating the price.

One of the easiest and fastest ways to understand how much your vehicle worth is by reaching out to Cash Cars Buyer online tool.

The nice thing about this tool is that it provides you an immediate offer within 30 seconds by inputting your vehicle type and condition. 

You can then decide whether to move forward and sell your car to Cash Cars Buyer once the offer makes sense to you.

Cash Cars Buyers offers are based on an in-depth evaluation of your vehicle by comparing it to the most recent transactions around your area while considering the price of scrap metal. 

What are the most valuable car parts to scrap? 

As we mentioned before, your vehicle has more than 30,000 internal components. Some of them are major, while others are minor.

It is very important to understand which of those 30,000 components are the most valuable.

Let's take a look below

  • The engine 

Your vehicle's engine is one of the most expensive car parts. Have you ever looked for how much it will cost to replace your vehicle's engine? Rebuilding any engine costs at least $4000, and if you want to do a full engine replacement, it might cost you up to $7000. 

Tons of potential buyers might be looking for a second hand or an engine. If you know that your vehicle's engine is in good condition, you can take it apart and sell it separately.

Keep in mind that's taking your engine apart or removing it out of the engine block should be done very carefully.

You don't want to cause any of the fluids to drain or leak to the nearest soil because they might contaminate it. You also don't need to damage your vehicle as you're taking the engine apart.

Thus, if you don't have the required minimum skill sets to remove this engine, you might need to reach out to some of your friends or a potential professional mechanic near you.

  • The transmission

Following the engine, the transmission is another one of your vehicle's most valuable components that you should consider selling it separately. If you know that your transmission is still in good condition, it might be worth taking it out and selling it separately. A lot of potential buyers might be interested in buying a secondhand transmission.

Even if your transmission is not in great condition, you can still sell it as scrap metal. Did you know that you do our transmission has about 85% of expensive metals? Yes, it has a lot of steel, cast iron, aluminum, etc. 

Thus, your transmission can also be sold as scrap metal.

  • The catalytic converter 

Many people might be surprised that the catalytic converter can still make you a lot of money, even if it's very small. 

The catalytic converter is very expensive because it consists of valuable metals, including Palladium, rhodium, and platinum. Replacing any catalytic converter might require more than $3000.

If you know that your catalytic converter is in good condition, you can make good money out of it.  

  • Other potential components 

While the first mentioned three items might be the most expensive in your vehicle, there are some potential other items that many people might be interested in.


For example, your vehicle's bumpers are the first thing that could damage any car accident. Thus, you will find love with wires more interested in a secondhand bumper.

Also, the doors, fenders, GPS, battery, air conditioning, airbags, etc. All of these items can be very useful to a lot of people who are looking to repair their cars and want some parts replacements. 

How to prepare your vehicle for scrapping? 

If you decided to go for scrapping your vehicle, there are certain steps you need to follow to prevent getting into any complications:

  • Prepare your vehicle's title 

Your vehicle's title is one of the most important pieces of paperwork you need to prepare before scrapping it. Most people will not do their scrapping by themselves, and instead, they will have a scrapping company to tear apart their vehicle.

If you don't have a title, you might need to reach out to the scrapping company and check with them if they exit vehicles without titles. Some companies do.

Also, consider checking with your DMV regulations and see what they have to see about selling or scrapping a vehicle that does not have a title. Things might differ depending on the signal you're living in. 

  • Take out all personal belongings 

Once you're ready to scrap your car, it is now time to remove all personal items. If we own the vehicle for a long time, it can easily turn like our second house, and therefore, don't be surprised to find a lot of your old paperwork an important item in your vehicle.

Do consider checking your vehicle's trunk, door pockets, gloves, sun visor, dashboard storage, etc. 

  • Don't leave any gasoline 

Describe company will drain all fluids out of your vehicle. Thus, it might be worth taking out the gasoline and using it for another vehicle. 

You don't need to drive this car in most scenarios, and the scrap company will either till the vehicle to their yards or have you to it. 

Those, there's no need to leave any gasoline in the car. 

  • Take out any nonmetal component 

In general, your scrap company will not pay you for any nonmetal component. They will only consider the metal part of your vehicle and pay for it.

Thus, consider removing any nonmetal component and sell it separately.

For instance, you might find some people interested in buying your vehicle door panels, window glass, seats, plastics, etc. 

Although selling nonmetal components will not make you rich, it is still better than nothing. 

  • Take care of license plates 

Depending on your state, you might need to remove the license plates and take them to a local DMV office to cancel the vehicle's registration.

Some other states might ask you to leave the license plates on the vehicle.

To get the most accurate answer, you'd better check your local DMV office website or give them a call and ask them about the details. 

  • Cancel your insurance policy 

Who wants to keep paying for a vehicle that he doesn't own? Well, make sure to reach out to your insurance company and cancel the policy.

Your insurance company will appreciate it and might provide you with future discounts for your brand-new vehicle. 

The bottom line 

Vehicle scrapping is a great option for you if your vehicle is not in great condition. You can make a good amount of money by selling each car component separately.

Whether you decided to scrap your vehicle or have a company do the job for you, it is good to understand the most valuable car components and familiarize yourself with how much each component will get you.

If you don't like to deal with all this hassle and would like to get some money out of your damaged car, there are some potential options that accept your vehicle as is even if it's completely damaged's not available.

Did you know that Cash Cars Buyer guarantees to buy your nonrunning vehicle? Yes! We even pay you the top dollars for your vehicle.

Compared to most recent transactions around your area, we evaluate your car and consider the price of scrap metal to give you the top dollars.

Furthermore, our company provides you with free towing no matter where you live around the United States! 

Here's how our process work 

  • Provide us with basic details about your vehicle: we will need to know your vehicle's make, model, and year. We will also need to know exact information about major problems in your vehicle or missing components.
  • Let us know whether your vehicle has a title or not because this will go directly into our evaluation process. Even if you don't have a title, we will still buy your vehicle if your vehicle's legal owner can prove it by showing some paperwork.
  • Receive our instant offer that is usually generated within 30 seconds and accepted.
  • Once you accept the offer, we connect you to one of our local car removal specialists, who will come and pick your vehicle within one to three days.
  • Since we are a 24-hour car removal company, we allow you to select the time that works best for you from our regular business hours, weekends, evenings, or even the same day! 
  • Get your vehicle removed and receive your cash payment immediately on the spot! 

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