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Value of Car With Blown Engine: What You Need to Know

Value of Car With Blown Engine: What You Need to Know

Blue and white exhaust, knocking sounds, coolant in the engine oil and at last an engine that does not start — all symptoms point to your car having a blown engine. And you know an engine rebuild or replacement is just not worth it. You may now be wondering how much exactly is the value of car with blown engine. Well, you can expect to get at least $3,000 less for your car if it doesn't have a working engine than you would for a working vehicle. So, if your car is worth $9,000 and is in good condition, you should expect to earn around $6,000 for it.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


Value of Car With Blown Engine: What Does Blown Engine Mean?


A blown engine simply signifies that the engine has suffered a catastrophic failure that will necessitate either a complete replacement or some rebuilding. A blown engine can be caused by a blown bottom end or a blown head gasket, which are the most prevalent problems.


Let's start by defining what a blown bottom end in an engine is. When the rotating assembly breaks at a very high RPM and actual broken-off components from the assembly harm the engine block, this happens. If the damage is severe, the engine block is typically beyond repair and must be replaced.


A timing belt or timing chain break is another engine problem that is sometimes referred to as a blown engine by some. When this happens, your engine's valves and pistons can be severely damaged. This can cause piston parts to fall into the oil pan, causing internal engine components to be damaged. Because the repairs may be too extensive in this instance, a replacement is usually recommended. This is why, before your vehicle's timing belt or timing chain fails, it's critical to have it replaced according to the manufacturer's recommendations.


A blown head gasket is another severe engine problem that can occur in a variety of ways. Its primary function is to maintain combustion pressure and avoid the mixing of oil and coolant. If it fails, coolant or oil may mix or leak, resulting in engine overheating and combustion issues. The head gasket can be replaced, but the engine must be inspected to establish the extent of the damage. Other repairs, in addition to the head gasket, may be required to restore what was lost when the head gasket failed.


These are just a few of the most common problems that a blown engine might cause, but the word more broadly refers to an engine that is deteriorating. If you have a blown engine, the extent of the damage will determine whether or not it can be repaired. A minor damage and a few pieces that need to be replaced is worth the fix. However, if the damage is severe and unrepairable, you may need to replace the entire engine. And given how costly a new engine is, dramatically decreases the value of car with blown engine.


Causes of a Blown Motor


A blown motor is, for the most part, avoidable. Lack of maintenance and overexertion are the two most typical culprits.


Maintenance deficiency


Cars, like animals, people, and even plants, require regular maintenance to be in good working order. That implies that if your oil has a problem, such as a buildup or a leak, you're more likely to have an engine failure. You must also ensure that your filter is replaced on a regular basis.


The Engine Has Been Overworked


It's sometimes necessary to rev your engine. Other times, you simply want to do it for the sake of having fun or to show off your vehicle. While both of these justifications are valid, they do not come without costs. Certain pieces of your car can get misaligned and break if you overrev it. This can cause your engine to fail.


If any of these things have happened to you recently and you're wondering if you've blown your motor, here are some warning indicators to watch for.


At what point is a car not worth fixing?


Recently, your car has spent more time in the shop than in your driveway. You also have another major repair looming on the horizon. You're tired of putting money into it, but you're at a loss for what to do next.


Do you sell it and put the proceeds towards a new ride? It's a significant decision. If you must decide if a car is worth fixing then begin looking at the scale of the repair that has to be made and then research the current value of your vehicle. Online resources can serve as a pricing guide. Two particular websites are Edmunds and Kelley Blue Book


According to Edmunds, an automotive site, and Consumer Reports, a product review site, it's time to break up with your vehicle when repair expenditures exceed the vehicle's value or one year's worth of monthly payments on a replacement.


Consumer Reports recommends that you consider the savings from a new car with improved fuel efficiency as well as the new car's loss in value over time when making your decision. Manelis also advises considering your current vehicle after repairs. What will it be worth once it's been corrected, and how long will it run reliably?


Do a cost-per-mile comparison using the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association's “Fix-it or Trade-it” tool to help you decide whether to fix a car or buy a new one. But, according to Ron Montoya, senior consumer advice editor at Edmunds, there's another factor to consider: peace of mind. “If you're having frequent problems and feel uncomfortable on the road, it's time to replace it.”

What to do with a car that's not worth repairing?


Do you have a vehicle that requires more repairs than it is worth? Like a vehicle with blown engine? You can always sell that kind of a vehicle. You may be surprised with the value of car with blown engine and that is if you know where to sell it.


When your car's engine blows, it's unlikely that anyone will want to buy it as is. Engine repairs are costly and time-consuming, so instead of selling it as a fixer-upper, think about your alternative possibilities for selling, such as these.


If you wish to make the sale immediately you can always go to junk or scrap yards. If you want to get a car replacement quick then go to a dealership for a trade in. But if you want to get the highest value of car with blown engine then go to a private buyer or sell the car online of which you will have many options to choose from.


Junkyards and scrap yards usually offer you your vehicle's scrap metal worth. This may or may not be the best deal on your automobile, depending on the brand, model, and year. In order to compare quotes, you may need to phone several different yards. Most junkyards will gladly tow your broken automobile for free from your office, house, or even from the body shop. They will also transfer all documentation for free, and pay you cash for your car without requiring any extra repairs or detailing. So you can immediately sell your car now.


Your wrecked car may also be of interest to private individuals. Keep in mind that potential buyers will need to book a time to visit the car. In addition, if the automobile doesn't start, you and the buyer will have to agree on who would pay for the towing. Some private individuals may be looking for the specific car that you have or may know exactly what to do with your kind of vehicle so they will be willing to give the best value of car with blown engine as it is what they need. Promoting your vehicle online is usually the quickest and most convenient way to receive an offer and receive payment.


A damaged car may be accepted as a trade-in for a new vehicle by some dealerships. This could speed up the process of getting a replacement vehicle. It's important to remember that many dealerships don't specialize in swapping and selling damaged vehicles. You might not get the highest trade-in value for your automobile, and your options for a replacement vehicle will be limited.


Trading your car in at a dealership will more likely also come with hidden fees, and that includes towing costs and paperwork transfer, so you will not be getting a lot in return.

How to Know the Value of Car with Blown Engine


Repairs may be prohibitively expensive depending on the age and condition of your vehicle. Most people don't want to spend a small fortune on a car that would break down again in a few months or weeks. But your car, van, or SUV, believe it or not, does not need to start or run to be valuable. It could be filled with high-value parts, as well as improved features such as sunroofs and leather interiors. On the secondary market, these might fetch a significant premium.


Even if your car's engine is blown, it still has a lot of usable parts that you may sell, such as the doors, mirrors, and bumper. If you're prepared to put in the effort to remove the pieces without causing damage, you can recoup a significant chunk of your investment by selling the parts on Craigslist.


Craigslist is a website that functions similarly to an online yard sale. You may sign up for a free account and then make a listing to sell anything, including car components. If your automobile is in good aesthetic condition, this is an excellent alternative.


How do you figure out how much your vehicle is worth when the engine is seized and it won't even start? Blown engine vehicles are difficult to sell and even more difficult to appraise effectively. When it comes to junk cars, most people go to a junkyard. Some may argue that it isn't practicable as towing your car from one local scrapyard to the next could cost a small fortune. But it could if you only just know how to choose the right junkyard for you.


It makes no difference if your car is totaled, has a salvage title, or has significant damage. If you accept their offer, you can let them know, and they'll send a tow truck to pick up your car for free and deposit the money in your account within 24-48 hours. You might be eligible for same-day pickup depending on your location.


Does a replaced engine affect value?


Under any conditions, selling a used vehicle can be tough, but a used car with a new engine can significantly improve the selling process and have a net positive influence on the price compared to value of car with blown engine. In a secondhand car, a brand new, factory-built engine is unquestionably a selling element.


A used car with a new engine can be more expensive than one with the original engine. This is due to the fact that the new engine will not experience the same wear and tear as the old engine and, as a result, should improve the vehicle's overall performance.


Depreciation models are used by organizations like Edmunds and Kelley Blue Book to calculate the current value of a used car based on the original manufacturer's suggested retail price and current operational condition. As a result, a new engine in a secondhand automobile that was previously in poor condition may improve the condition to good or very good, increasing the potential selling price.


The fact that the engine is new does not guarantee that the car will sell for more than its Kelley Blue Book value. This is because those figures are based on the assumption that the car is already in good working order and has a reliable engine. The installation of a new engine does not render the vehicle “new,” and it cannot be sold as such.



Whatever it may be one thing is for sure, a car with blown engine has value. By how much? It all depends on the path you are willing to take to have the best value out of it.