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Do you have an antiquated truck sitting in a junk heap in your yard? Has your commuter car seen better days? If so, you should consider scrapping it for cash. Junk car buyers are willing to pay substantial amounts of money for vehicle scrap, giving you the chance to make fast cash at little loss to you.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

It doesn't matter whether your vehicle was made in 1955 or 2005, if you turn it over to a junk car buyer, you will be rewarded with monetary compensation.

Interested? Looking for junk car buyers in Columbus OH, specifically? Then read on!

junk car buyers

Understanding the Car Scrapping Process

To put it simply, the car scrapping process is an easy one. Once you've decided that your vehicle is no longer beneficial to you, you give a call to your local junk car buyer and arrange a pickup time. A representative of the company will then come to your desired pickup spot at your arranged pickup time.

Once there, the representative will assess your vehicle, taking a look at its internal components as well as its body. He or she will then assign a value to it, effectively informing you as to how much money you can make by selling it.

If you agree to the assigned value, you will hand your vehicle over to the representative. In exchange, he or she will hand you the agreed-upon amount of money. This will come in cash form and will be given to you on the spot.

Once the representative has driven the vehicle away, the process will be over. You'll have some extra cash in your pocket and a little more space on your property.

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How Does Selling to Junk Car Buyers Compare to Other Selling Options?

Selling to a junk car buyer might not be the only car-selling option available to you, but it's certainly the most convenient. When selling to a junk car buyer, all you have to do is make a few calls and be present for the pickup. The buyer will handle all of the complex issues, from assessing the vehicle's value to dealing with paperwork and otherwise.

Selling to a dealership or private buyer is much more burdensome. Not only do you have to operate on someone else's schedule, but you also have to haggle over the car's value. Not to mention, you have to physically leave your home and meet at an agreed-upon location.

And after all of that, the sale could still end up falling through. After all, dealerships and private buyers are much more particular about a vehicle's condition than are junk car buyers. Should they encounter body defects or mechanical issues, they could turn down the deal altogether.

This is not true of junk car buyers. Junk car buyers will buy any vehicle in any condition. They're not necessarily concerned with the transmission being operational or front fender having a dent in it. Everything can be repurposed to add value to a future product.

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What Paperwork is Needed to Scrap a Car?

When scrapping a car, you'll generally need to submit a few pieces of paperwork. This paperwork proves your ownership of the vehicle, confirming to the buyer that the vehicle was not stolen or unlawfully obtained.

In most cases, the vehicle title will suffice. However, in rare cases, other paperwork will be needed as well. For confirmation of what you'll need to scrap your car, give us a call!

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Can You Ever Scrap a Car Without the Title?

While it's not commonplace, there are cases in which cars can be scrapped without a title. Note, however, that this is typically only true of old cars. And even so, a valid driver's license and registration will likely be needed.

Make note, cars without titles generally see smaller monetary returns than do cars with titles. In other words, if you don't have the title, you won't make as much money.

That said, it will be difficult to sell a title-less car to anyone. So, if you can find a junk car buyer who's willing to accept it, you're advised to make the deal.

How Much Money Can You Make Scrapping a Car?

The amount of money that you can make from scrapping a car varies based on a number of factors. These factors include but aren't limited to the vehicle's materials, the vehicle's ability to operate, the vehicle's age, the vehicle's physical condition, and more.

Generally speaking, new cars see larger monetary returns than do old cars. This is so for a number of reasons.

Not only do newer cars contain more commonly-used components, but they're also more apt to still be running. As such, they provide more value on the open market.

A vehicle's weight can affect its value as well. Because of this, you'll often find that vans and trucks command a larger monetary return than do cars.

One of the most important components contributing to a scrap car's value is whether or not it comes with the title. Cars with titles are deemed low-risk to junk car buyers, and thus command higher monetary values than do cars without titles.

Whereas some vehicles will see returns of only a few hundred dollars, other vehicles will see returns of several thousands of dollars. In fact, here in Columbus, scrapping your vehicle could make you up to $15,135.

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