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Selling Your Unwanted Car – Getting the Most Money From Your Junk Car!

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Selling your unwanted car can take great effort, but it doesn’t have to, if you have a plan. Instead of looking at that mound of metal giving you a headache, construct a strategy to get rid of that car, and get some cool cash in your hands!

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In this post, we’ll examine some facts about unwanted cars as well as junk cars. We’ll also provide you with additional information as well as how you can make some money off of that unwanted car!

Things to do Before You Get Rid of Your Unwanted Car

Things to do Before You Get Rid of Your Unwanted Car

You know you want to get rid of that old sedan or SUV. But there are things you can do beforehand that will make the sale of it, even better. Check out some cool tips we offer before you get rid of that unwanted car!

  1. Remove personal belongings from the car. Once you ‘re ready to sell your unwanted car, be sure to take out all of your items. Whether it be old books, family heirlooms that once at the jewelry store for repair or something else, take your personal property out of the car. Cars become second homes to us. We eat in our cars, take care of business matters in our cars and more. So, don’t forget to take out all of our personal belongings out of your unwanted car.
  2. Assess the condition of your car. You may wish to get a mechanic to help you assess the total condition of your car. For example, you may not have a good starter, but your engine is a great one. Perhaps your cooling system is broken, but the tires are in good condition and still have some tread on them. Check out your car totally and completely. That way, you will know if you need to remove any parts or just note the ones you have in good running order. This way, you will decide either to junk the car or remove the parts from that unwanted car and sell them individually.
  3. Cancel your car insurance. Don’t forget to cancel the insurance on that unwanted car. You don’t want to pay for a car that you are no longer driving. If you paid for collision or full coverage and you didn’t use all of it, you may even get a refund. Even if your coverage is nearing the end, you still want to call and cancel the coverage on it. Any amount of money is great money! You could be looking at a refund of a good few hundred dollars, based upon your car insurance rate. Once you cancel, you are helping to build a strong and solid business relationship with your car insurance agent. As a result, this could mean discounts on car insurance and other bonuses in the future.
  4. Take care of all paperwork. Once you have decided to sell your unwanted car and you are preparing for the sale, make sure that you have the car title and all necessary paperwork for the sale of our unwanted car. When you get your unwanted car’s paperwork in order, this allows you to transfer the title easily and almost effortlessly. You have everything you need and you are ready to sell your car! And if you can’t find that title, just call your local DMV office or the office that handles duplicate car titles and obtain one. There is a fee for getting that duplicate car title too.
  5. Don’t forget to remove the license plates! As you prepare to sell your unwanted car, you want to remember to remove the car’s license plates. It’s important to remember this: your car’s license plates don’t stop being useful when a car is no longer being driven. Also, in many states, removing license plates from the vehicle upon transfer of ownership is a legal requirement. Chances are that your local Motor Vehicle State Office or your DMV will ask for the plates when you apply to cancel the title.

Unwanted cars for cash – Getting the Best Deal for Your Unwanted Car

Now, you’ve taken care of the preparation for your unwanted car, it’s time to get ready to get a good deal on that car! Check out some steps we offer as you work on getting paid from that non driving car!

  1. Make your list. When preparing to sell your unwanted car, it’s a good idea to make a list of places that you are interested in selling your car to. You may even opt to get a notepad and jot down both the name of the place and their number. If it’s a few junkyards in your area, be sure that you have them on the list.
  2. Check reviews and what others say. OK. So, you have your lists, and now it’s time to see what others are saying about these places. In today’s online world, reviews can make and even break a business. Go with reputable places and see if these places are licensed, bonded, insured and have been in business for a while.
  3. Shop around for the best deal for your car. Now is the time to shop around for the best deal for your car. When it comes to money for unwanted cars, you want to see who will give you the best deal ever.
  4. Decide to sell your car or the car’s parts. This tip is tied in with #2 from our previous list. After you assess your car, you want to make sure that you are ready to sell. But do you sell the entire car as is or do you sell the various parts of the car? This would depend on the condition of the majority of the parts on the car. If you have a great number of car parts that are working but the car is in bad shape, you may be better off selling the car by its parts. Or if your car is a good car, but just doesn’t run and you’re ready to get rid of it, then you may want to sell the car as a whole. Only you know what’s best. Or you’ve consulted with a trusted mechanic for help.
  5. Check to see if your business is a licensed business. In many states, you can’t do business with a scrap car or junk car company that has no license. So, once you do the calling, you may want to ask if they are licensed.
  6. Perhaps you need to remove any nonmetal elements. While some dealers will purchase your junk car in its as is condition, there are others who may prefer to buy after it has been stripped down to bare metal. So, if you want to do business with a dealer that prefers a stripped-down car, then you may consider selling your unwanted car, when it’s stripped down.
  7. Know the current price of metal! Be sure that you have the day’s metal prices. We live in interesting times and you have to know what you are able to sell and the money you are able to make.

Sell Unwanted Cars Online

Sell Unwanted Cars Online

Perhaps you’ve heard it before: “What’s one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” The same can be said for your unwanted car.

Just because you no longer want your car, doesn’t mean that it isn’t a “wanted car”! So, another and viable way to make money on your car is to sell it online, or sell its parts online.

Such sites as Facebook and Craigslist are great marketplaces to get some quick cash for your car.

Like anything, if you want a great outcome, you have to provide a great income. This means, putting in the work to make your car sell be the best. Check out what we are offering to have a great sale of your car!

  1. Take photos of what you are selling. If you are selling your car as a whole entity, or you’re selling the parts from it, each need plenty of photographs. You need to take pics of the front of your car part or car, as well as the back. Don’t forget the sides too!
  2. Next, write a description of your car. Be sure to include details about your car that any perspective car or car part buyer will ask. Answer every question you think folks will ask, in that ad!
  3. Mention the title. BE sure that you mention in your ad, that you have either the duplicate car title, or the original title. People have a right to know this and will ask this of you.
  4. Provide some contact information. Be sure to include your email or phone number in your ad, so that perspective buyers can call or email you about that car part or your car.

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