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U Joint Replacement Price – What Is The Average Price You Have To Pay? 

U Joint Replacement Price

The u joint is a very important piece in your car that often drivers have not heard of – or don’t know the importance of. When determining the overall u joint replacement cost, keep in mind that this small portion of your vehicle is the one in charge of allowing the shaft to rotate properly and at the right times.this is not a repair or replacement you can skip, as the u joint is a crucial part of your vehicle, helping it run smoothly, safely, and efficiently. 

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This u joint is in charge of keeping the shaft from breaking when the wheels move, as in you are driving forward or reversing, and allow for a wide range of movement in your vehicle. The hinge on the u joint allows for full movement and mobility in any direction the car is going and allows for independent movement between the separate shafts.


Since this part is so crucial, you can expect to pay for it – however, you will be happy to know that the overall price is not going to be as much as many other key parts like the engine or transmission. The average price for the u joint replacement cost ranges between $190 and $260 for the replacement, while the labor on this job runs between $170 and $210 on aveage, with the parts ranging between $20 and $50. Keep in mind, the average u joint replacement cost will vary depending on the type of vehicle you have. 

Symptoms of a Failing U Joint


As we know, the u joint, or the universal joint, are parts that comprise the driveshaft assembly that has is connected and a huge part of most cars, like rear-wheel drive trucks, four-wheel drive cars, trucks, and SUVs, along with the more specialized and performance oriented cars like off-road vehicles, such as the popular Jeep Cherokee or Jeep Highlander cars. U-joints, which are typically located in pairs on the driveshaft of the vehicle, compensate for the misalignment of the height of both the transmission and the rear axle.


The transmission is the part whose main function is to make sure that the precise amount of power goes to your wheels and the internal system of your car. It works by shifting the gears in a likewise fashion to what people would typically find on a bicycle, meaning that if you do not do the proper maintenance to keep your chain from deteriorating, that you might lose some fuel economy. If your transmission is not working correctly, this can increase the U joint replacement cost. 


Furthermore, the transmission of power between the rear axle and the transmission allows each separate end of the driveshaft to move at the same time as the rotation of the driveshaft. This movement is to compensate for any misalignment between the transmission and the rear axle. The driveshaft is responsible for transferring torque and engine rotation into vehicle motion when you shift your vehicle into the drive position.


As with any part, the u joint can break down over time – leading to the u joint replacement cost. In order to figure out how to keep this cost low and prevent this part from harming any other components in your vehicle it is imperative to know the symptoms of a bad or failing u joint. By keeping these in mind, you can catch the problem and keep the u joint replacement cost low. 


Squeaking noise when moving


You might notice a squeaking noise when your car movies, regardless if your vehicle is moving forward or in reverse. The bearing parts of each u joint and each universal joint are lubricated and ensured proper working at the factory, but might not have the proper fitting to permit a higher amount of lubrication. This means that after the vehicle is in use for a certain amount of time, limiting the service life of the bearing joints. Since the bearing portion of the u joint twists with each rotation of the driveshaft, this can cause the grease to diminish over time and lessen the lubrication.


If the grease lessens throughout use and evaporates or is thrown out of the bearing cup by prolonged use and evaporation, the bearing then comes dry, and enhances friction due to the metal to metal contact. Basically, this process means that the u joint bearings will start to make a nose and squeak as the drive shaft rotates while driving, leading the owner to realize that the overall u joint replacement cost will be much higher than they initially thought. 


The squeak will usually start off as just a quiet noise when the vehicle accelerates and enhances faster than 5-10 miles per hour due to the other vehicle noise, so it will be a quieter squeaking sound at first than what you might hear from the other bigger and more important mechanisms in your vehicle, like the engine or the transmission. The squeak is just a warning sign and symptom that the u joint should be serviced by a professional mechanic.

Vibration while moving quickly 


The vibration that you might feel while driving and that is felt in your car can lead to a more expensive u joint replacement cost. This vibration usually can lead the driver to assume that the bearings between the u joints have become damaged and worn down, causing the driveshaft the range to move outside of the normal rotational path. This movement that is extraneous to where it should normally be rotating can cause imbalance and excess vibration.


The higher frequency of the shaking and vibration in your car can cause a problem, with the balancing and rotation of the wheels meaning that the drive shaft is turning at a higher rate and speed than the wheels, sometimes even double the speed, causing a higher u joint replacement cost. The worn out and damaged u joint is now causing excess damage and stress and breakdown to other important parts of the internal workings of the car, including the transmission. A breakdown of the transmission can increase the overall u joint replacement cost. 


To see if you need a transmission repair that can be due to the u joint break down and a potential higher u joint replacement cost, there are some signs and symptoms that your transmission is not working correctly and might need to be fixed or repaired.


First, you might have a problem with shifting gears smoothly and like you are used to. This can be typically seen by hesitation when putting the car into the gear, falling out of gear, shifting gears for no reason, and jerking while shifting gears. If you notice any shifting issues, this is a sign of transmission issues and can lead to a higher u joint replacement cost. 


In addition,if you notice that there is a grinding and jerking when trying to change gears, producing a grinding sound in manual transmission and a shaking in automatic transmission cars. Furthermore, you might hear strange noises and high pitched whines in your vehicle, that can be indicated and clearly seen as soon as your car begins making a loud buzzing or clicking noises, especially while the vehicle is in neutral. These loud sounds are clear signs that your u joint replacement cost might be much higher and imminent repair. 

Transmission Fluid Leaking


As we mentioned earlier, a sign of your transmission breaking down and needing a replacement or a repair in your vehicle can be easily seen by the transmission fluid leaking from the rear part of the transmission system. A poor transmission that is failing or worn down after prolonged use can lead to a higher u joint replacement cost and a more extensive replacement. This is often the result of a badly worn universal joint that has become damaged over time.


The vibration that we realized before, especially if you feel shaking in the steering wheel, can wear down the transmission tail shaft and damage the output shaft seal, which makes these parts then no longer able to hold the transmission fluid at the proper level. If the fluid is suspected of leaking and is not holding in the car, then the transmission should be inspected to determine the source of the leak and the higher u joint replacement cost. 


There are main causes of transmission fluid leaks and a typical repair cost that you can expect to pay along with the u joint replacement cost. Besides the u joint replacement cost being a main cause of the transmission fluid leaking, there are other common reasons that you might notice. One of the other causes is the transmission pan or drain plug being damaged or cracked. Over time, your transmission pan will wear and tear and breakdown, and the pan is susceptible to damage due to the loose rocks and debris on the road. 


The overall repair cost of a transmission fluid leak, which can reduce the price of a joint replacement cost, is an average priced between $150 and $200. For this cost, you will usually be able to reap the benefits of the mechanic servicing the replacement of pan bolts, drain plugs, seals, gaskets, and fluid lines. Replacing these parts can lengthen the longevity and proper use of the universal joints and lower the total u joint replacement cost.


 Driveshaft dislocated


Your drive shaft dislocating is a serious issue and a clear sign that your u joint replacement cost needs to be addressed right away. This is a clear sign and symptom of the ultimate failure for a universal joint and the main reason that the u joint replacement cost is especially high when compared to the normal price. If the driveshaft dislocates and the u joint physically breaks, sometimes in two, this means the driveshaft will fall down to the pavement and no longer be able to transfer power and drag on the street. A repair at this point will include much more than just replacing or repairing the universal joint, and can require a full driveshaft replacement, leading to a higher u joint replacement cost. 


A drive shaft replacement cost can significantly influence the total u joint replacement cost. Sample prices for the driveshaft replacement can vary depending on the make, model, and year of your car., along with the mechanic or auto body shop that you visit The least expensive option is for the model car 2008 Saab 9-7x, with a total estimate being around $389, with the parts cost being around $310. The second least expensive option on this sample list of drive shaft replacements is the 2011 Mazda CX-7, which costs a total of $772 and has the parts costing around $660.

U Joint Replacement Cost


The average cost for a u joint replacement cost is generally between $222 and $275 for most cars. Labor costs are typically estimated to range between around $100 and $126, while the parts are more expensive than the labor, costing the owner between $123 and $149. There are u joint replacement cost estimates which can be seen for popular modern cars on the market today, giving you an idea of how much you might spend out of pocket. We have given you some simple prices so that you can determine how much you might pay for a u joint replacement. 


The least expensive choice is the Ford Escape, which runs between $189 and $219 on average, while the second cheapest option is the Ford F-250 Super Duty, costing between $237 and $265 typically. The middle of the road options is the Ford Explorer and the Toyota Tacoma, with both of these makes and models ranging between $279 and $325 for the average u joint replacement cost.


The more expensive choices for the popular cars on the market today for the average u joint replacement costs are the Ford cars – the Ford Ranger and the Ford F-150. The Ford Ranger has an average u joint replacement cost of between $309 and $341, while the Ford F-150 ranges between $317 and $342 for the total u joint replacement. 

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