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11 Different Types of Headlights: All You Need to Know

Types of Headlights

Here are the 11 different types of headlights in the world of automobiles:

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  1. Filament bulb headlights
  2. H4 conversions
  3. HID headlights
  4. Halogen bulb headlights
  5. LED headlights
  6. Laser headlights
  7. Matrix headlights
  8. Nonquad headlights
  9. Projector headlights
  10. Quad headlights
  11. Reflector headlights

We might be familiar with one or two or probably three types of headlights in the world of automobiles; however, did you know that there are more than what you might know?!

Learning one or two things about the headlights has many benefits, including helping you know how to take care of them, determining what type of headlights you have, learning about which ones you should switch to, etc.

This article walks you through the 11 most common types of headlights in the automobile world. Let's read on for more details!

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Why is it important to learn about the different types of headlines?

Before we dive into the details about the different types of headlights, we must understand what you will get from learning about too many headlights?!

When you familiarize yourself with all the different types of headlights in the world of automobiles, you'll achieve the following benefits:

1.    Identifying your vehicle's headlights

Once you know what the different headlights are, you'll easily identify what type of headlights your vehicle has. You might get asked this question by your mechanic, someone trying to buy your vehicle, or something else.

There are many situations where you want to give details about your vehicle and knowing more about the headlights is very useful.

2.    Deciding on better headlights

When you know about other types of headlights and their benefits and energy saving, you might decide on switching to other headlights. Of course, you want to ensure that these headlights are compatible with your vehicle, but it's important information that could save your time.

3.    Learning about headlights protection

If you know for sure what type of headlights your vehicle has, you'll be able to learn about tips and tricks to help you extend the lifetime of the headlights and keep them clean and prevent their damage.

11 different types of headlights

Now you learn about some of the benefits that you'll get from learning about the different types of headlights, let's stick also look at the 11 most common types of headlights in the world of the automobile:

1.    Filament bulb headlights

You'll see the first and probably oldest headlight in the automobile industry as the filament bulb headlight. It will look very similar to the one you have in your house and is considered a very heavy-duty one.

Unsurprisingly, this old film and bold light do not use the best energy. In other words, it will consume more energy than you're expecting, and it will get very hot much easier than the other types of more modern headlights.

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2.    H4 conversions

The second type of headlights you will see in the automobile industry is the H4 conversions. It's similar to the reflective headlights, but you can easily replace the bulk without removing the whole housing. Keep in mind that this housing is only compatible with lead or bulbs, so you can't use every type of well you're interested in.

Some of the biggest drawbacks of the H4 conversions is that you might notice that the light itself is not the best in terms of brightness. It could look a little bit duller than the other types of headlights. Therefore, you might want to choose an H4 conversion headlight or place your Modern car.

3.    HID headlights

The HID stands for high-intensity discharge. These headlights are very popular, and you'll see them in many vehicles because of their high brightness, allowing you to have a more focused range than the regular filament headlights. They also have a long lifespan, allowing you to use them without needing to worry about replacing them frequently.

On the other hand, although these headlights are great, they take time to reach the full brightness you are looking for. Therefore, it might not be the most convenient option for those driving in the dark or where visibility is very limited.

4.    Halogen bulb headlights

Who doesn't know the halogen bulb headlights?! These are the second type of headlights after the filament bulb headlights. Unfortunately, they also use an older vehicle and rely on different designs to generate the brightness you're looking for.

Unfortunately, since these headlights are old, it's not surprising that they burn much faster than the more modern ones and do not provide you with the best heat. There's a sense that they get very hot easily.

5.    LED headlights

Most of us know the effectiveness of the L Ed lights in our houses. These lights have been incorporated into the automotive industry, but we're all aware of their powerful and energy-saving capabilities. They're considered one of the most cost-effective headlights in the automobile industry because they don't consume much energy and will not cost you as much as halogen or filament headlights.

Furthermore, these types of headlights do not get hot very easily, so they don't burn that fast. Thus, you can enjoy your headlight for a very long time without worrying about replacing the bulb.

Unfortunately, some people might claim some drawbacks to LED headlights. For example, some customers mentioned that they are very bright and need to be aimed precisely so you can see in front of them. Otherwise, they might cause some issues to people driving around you, especially if you use them at very high brightness.

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6.    Laser headlights

Have you ever heard about laser headlights? Marks yes! This recent laser technology was incorporated in the auto industry, and it will produce a powerful headlight that does not use as much energy as the other types of headlights.

Automotive experts mentioned that laser headlights are considered the future! They will provide the most cost-effective and powerful headlight that you would ever try in your vehicle's lifespan.

Unfortunately, some experts say that the laser headlights cannot be a good replacement for LED headlights, especially for taillights.

7.    Matrix headlights

This is a more advanced type of headlights than you will ever see in the automobile world! It is very smart and relies on a smart connection between your vehicle's computer and the headlights. It combines multiple lights that work through a sophisticated process connected to these vehicles' computers.

The nice thing about these headlights is that you don't have to worry about switching to low and high beams because it's somewhere between the two that provides you with the necessary visibility all the time and find the visibility outside.

Unfortunately, since these headlights rely heavily on their vehicle's computer and smart components, if you have any problems associated with the camera or the vehicle's computer, the headlights might not work properly, which could be a very dangerous situation.

8.    Nonquad headlights

The non-quad headlights are very common types of headlights that rely on a very limited number of light bulbs inside your vehicle. All it has is one bold on each side. It provides you with relatively good brightness, but it's not going to be as good as the other types of headlights. The good thing about it is that you don't have to spend so much on taking care of this type of headlights.

9.    Projector headlights

The projector headlights are a great evolution in the world of automobile headlights. It's considered a more advanced type of reflector headlights that relies on several mirrors, providing it with much more brightness focus on the ground there rather than keeping people blind around you when switching to a high beam.

Although you can get the best brightness out of the projector headlights, some people mentioned that it might be difficult to get used to this type of headlights if you're driving older vehicles.

10.  Quad headlights

Unlikely no quad headlights, these quad headlights rely on two bulbs at each site. There are typically included in more modern vehicles to provide you with better output and more enhanced visibility.

Typically, larger vehicles rely on quad headlights and water oil. However, smaller cars only used non quad headlights, which makes sense.

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11.  Reflector headlights

Finally, this type of headlight is considered one of the very convenient types of headlights that you will see in most vehicles designed after 1985. It is great, and many people are still using it now. In addition, it has a very simple design that gives you a relatively good brightness compared to other older headlights.

Of course, the older headlights might not be the best, and if you are only still using their reflector headlights, you might be missing a lot of great features associated with energy-saving and other types of long-lasting headlights.

Which headlights are best for my vehicle?

As you might notice, there is a long list of essential headlights. However, each one has its pros and cons. Therefore, determining which headlights is best for your vehicle depends heavily on many factors.

For example, not all the headlines are designed to fit every vehicle. In other words, you got to check with your vehicle owner's manual and confirm that it's compatible with this type of headlights.

Also, some headlights were focused on saving energy while not providing you with the best brightness. Therefore, if you're interested in more brightness, you might not necessarily choose this cycle of headlights.

On the other hand, if someone else is interested in saving money and energy on the headlights, they might want to go with the ones that will provide them with the best cost.

Therefore, deciding on the best type of headlights for your vehicle depends heavily on your goals and what you're looking for from this switch.

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Final thoughts

Did you know that there are more than the five headlight types you know about the automobile industry?! This article provided you with a detailed summary of the 11 different types of headlights

We recommend that you learn more about each one of them and determine whether your current headlights are the ones you should be using on your vehicle or not because you decided to go to higher quality more energy saving.

In the world of automobile, you’ll come across Filament bulb headlights, H4 conversions, HID headlights, Halogen bulb headlights, LED headlights, Laser headlights, Matrix headlights, Nonquad headlights,            Projector headlights, Quad headlights, and Reflector headlights.

If you decide to switch to a different type of headline, you must confirm that your vehicle is compatible with this side with headlights before moving any further.

If your vehicle is incompatible with your favorite headlights, you might want to switch to a more modern car. In that case, selling your older car might be a great idea! But, if your car has too many problems, you will find it very challenging to convince buyers to take your car.

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