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Toyota Prius Oil Change – A Step-By-Step Guide

Toyota Prius Oil Change

It is recommended to change your Toyota Prius oil frequently according to the vehicle's owner’s manual. Whether you need to do an oil change because you saw a change oil light illuminating on your dashboard or your vehicle would be due for an oil change soon, you must learn the correct steps needed to perform a Toyota Prius Oil Change. 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Changing your Toyota Prius engine oil requires certain parts, tools, vehicle preparation, and several steps. 

In this article, we provide you with a step-by-step on how to perform a Toyota Prius oil change along with additional information you might need about the vehicle’s specifications. We also provide you with guidance on resetting the change oil light on your Toyota Prius dashboard. Finally, we list rough estimates on how much it costs to have Toyota Prius oil change at a professional mechanic shop or a dealership.

Toyota Prius model specification and oil change guide


This article focuses on performing an oil change for the 2010-2017 Toyota Prius vehicles. 

These vehicles come with 1.8 Hybrid engine with ZVW30 configuration. The engine’s oil capacity is about 4.4 US quarts, and it requires an oil viscosity of 0W-20. 

To change your Toyota Prius oil, expect the repair to take from 25 to 35 minutes, assuming your vehicle is already raised and the required tools and parts are ready.

Toyota Prius oil change


This section is considered step-by-step guidance on how to perform a Toyota Prius oil change. More specifically, this guide explains the main tools you need to do the oil change, the steps needed, and some safety recommendations. 


  • What tools do you need for a Toyota Prius oil change?



Before even getting started with the oil change, you need to prepare certain tools to help you do the job efficiently, including:

  • Required parts for a Toyota Prius oil change
    • An oil filter with an o-ring. For a Toyota Prius, you need a part number 04152-YZZA6
    • A drain plug washer with a size of 12mm. For a Toyota Prius, you need to look for part number 90430-12031 or a similar part.
    • Appropriate engine oil for a Toyota Prius. You will need about five quarts of OW-20
    • A special oil filter wrench for a Toyota Prius
    • An optional oil drain pan specifically for a Toyota Prius
  • General tools needed for an oil change
    • A funnel
    • A wrench
    • A 27mm socket
    • A 3/8 inch ratchet
    • A flathead screwdriver
    • A pick tool
    • A 14 mm wrench


  • What are the steps needed for a Toyota Prius oil change?


Once your tool is ready, you can get started with the oil change. You need to follow the following steps:

  • Open the vehicle’s hood
  • Open the oil filler by removing the cap and make sure to place the cap in a location where you can find it easily and not lose it. 
  • Using either a car lift or jack stand and a jack, raise your vehicle to a level where you can stand and reach under
  • Once the car is security raised, you need to take out the engine’s lid or skid plate using a screwdriver
  • Using a bungee cord, you can tie the skidplate out of your way. This step is optional and depends on how comfortable you are with thing hanging in your way
  • Put the oil drain pan in a position under the oil drain plug; this way, it collects any old oil and prevents it from spilling on the floor.
  • Take the wrench and remove the oil drain plug while ensuring the oil pan is right under it
  • When you remove the drain plug, check and make sure the washer was also removed with it
  • As you are waiting on the old oil to drain in the oil pan, you can go ahead and replace the drain plug washer and reinstall it after the oil is completely drained.
  • Secure the drain plug using the wrench
  • With the MX2321 wrench, take out the oil filter cap
  • Change the oil filter O-ring. To prevent the O-ring from bent while installing, you can apply a bead of oil to it
  • Check that the new oil filter matches the old one. You can also review your vehicle's owner’s manual to get more information about the appropriate oil filter for your Toyota Prius. If you don’t have a copy of the manual, you can download it from the web or request a hard copy from your local mechanic
  • After confirming it’s the right filter, go ahead and install the new filter in the filter housing
  • The oil filter must be tightened to 18 ft-lbs
  • The review you work and ensure you closed and secured the oil filter and the oil drain plug
  • Finally, untie the skid plate and close it securely
  • You can now lower your car to the ground using the car lift or the jack and the jack stand
  • Now you are ready to add the required amount of oil. Review the manufacturer’s recommended amount of oil needed for a Toyota Prius.
  • Install the funnel in the oil filler open and add the suggested amount of oil, which is about 4 quarts of oil for a Toyota Prius
  • Start your car’s engine and keep it running for a couple of seconds
  • As you are filling the oil, it is recommended that you check the oil dipstick frequently, so you don’t pour more than the required amount
  • Once you have the right amount of oil, remove the funnel the place the filter cap


  • How to reset the Toyota Prius oil change light?



The oil change light is one of those lights that doesn’t turn off even if you changed your vehicle’s oil. Thus, you must reset the Toyota Prius oil change light after changing the oil. To do so, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Without starting the vehicle, only turn on the ignition switch
  • On your steering wheel, locate the trip button.
  • Press and hold the trip button while monitoring the display screen. Once the trip says “TRIP A,” you can release your finger
  • Turn off the ignition switch
  • Locate the start button on your vehicle’s dashboard and press it while pressing the KM/H MPH button and making sure NOT to press the brakes 
  • Do not stop holding the KM/H MPH button until the vehicle says the reset is complete
  • That’s it! You are done!

How much does it cost to perform a Toyota Prius oil change?


According to RepairPal.com, you are changing your Toyota Prius oil cost from $110 to $142. The number is almost split evenly between labor and parts costs. A rough estimate is your Toyota Prius oil change requires about $66 to $86 on parts only and $44 to $56 on labor. 

Of course, changing your Toyota Prius oil at a small repair shop costs much less than changing it at a Toyota dealership.

An oil change is one of the repairs that you can not do on your own to save money on labor costs. This is because you will need certain tools and machinery to raise the vehicle and reach under it. 

Can I drive my Toyota Prius without an oil change?


Depending on how long you waited after the last oil change, you might still be able to drive your vehicle. However, ignoring the oil change after the recommended period can result in engine self-destruction due to overheating. 

Over time of use, your engine’s oil might breakdown as it picks up contaminations. Furthermore, the oil filter can also be partially or completely clogged.

Both situations could prevent the required amount of oil from reaching the engine. Without this oil, your engine’s moving parts can wear out against each other and cause heat due to friction. This heat can damage your engine. 

Therefore, even if it will take you around half an hour to change your engine’s oil, think about how much time, money, and effort you will need to replace the engine itself. 

Specific check engine light codes related to an oil change


Missing your engine’s regular oil change can trigger your check engine light. Some several codes and errors are related to an oil change, including:

  • P253F indicating engine oil deteriorating
  • P0011 indicating a camshaft position issue
  • P0021 indicating a camshaft position issue as well



It is important to regularly perform Toyota Prius oil change according to its manual’s recommendation. This way, you save your engine and prevent engine overheating and, thus, self-destruction.

Changing your Toyota Prius oil consists of preparing the required tools and parts appropriate for a Toyota Prius, replacing the oil drain plug O-ring, replacing the oil filter, and resetting the oil change check light.

To change your Toyota Prius’s oil, expect to pay between $110 and $142 on both parts and labor. 

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