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Tow My Car For Free: Five Available Options To Consider

Tow My Car For Free

If you're searching for “how to tow my car for free,” below are five available options to consider:

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  • Roadside assistance programs
  • Insurance coverage
  • Manufacturers' recalls and warranties
  • Local municipal programs
  • Community social media

There are many instances where someone might be looking for an immediate car towing service. However, not everybody can afford it, especially in an era where the towing service can be very significant.

Interestingly, there are some options that I could provide you with free towing service if you don't know. This depends heavily on what insurance you have and what options are available in your municipality.

This article highlights five important options that you should consider to help you answer the question, “How to tow my car for free?”

How do I tow my car for free? Five options

Free towing is an available option, believe it or not! However, it's not available in every community and to every driver. Therefore, you might want to check in your community, and it might be worth investigating the following five alternatives for getting a free towing service for your car:

1-   Roadside assistance programs

One of the first and most common options for getting a free towing service for your vehicle throughout the year is joining some societies like the American Automobile Association (AAA).

Depending on your membership, you might be eligible for a specific number of towing services for free throughout the year. This is not completely a free towing service. Still, it's part of a package that provides many benefits, which you should consider if you expect to need free towing multiple times throughout the year.

Many experts think that getting such a service is very important, especially if you want to give yourself a Peace of Mind and keep it as an emergency option in cases of getting involved in an accident or needing help throughout the year.

Depending on your vehicle, some cars sometimes come with a specific manufacturer warranty. This means they can cover you for certain towing services to the nearest dealership. This can be very handy, especially when purchasing a good vehicle from a manufacturer.

One way to determine whether you have such a warranty is by calling the manufacturer and seeing if it applies to you and if they can help pick your car up to the nearest dealership. You don't want to do it when you're in the situation because it might take some time, and it should be something you have to discover and understand upfront.

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2-   Insurance coverage

In addition to the American Automobile Association, you might have a specific insurance company and policy covering those types. Therefore, before you pay for the towing service, check with the insurance company to see if you're including this in your insurance policy.

It's not expected that you'll have free towing service options added to your insurance if you're going with a basic one because it most likely is part of the premium option that might be a little bit more expensive.

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3-   Manufacturers recalls and warranties

There are some specific free towing available to those who have vehicles with recalls. In other words, if a specific manufacturer determines a certain problem in a vehicle and decides to bring them all to the dealership, they might offer free towing.

Therefore, it's worth checking with the manufacturer anytime you hear about any potential problem requiring you to tow your car to the dealership rather than driving it. For example, this might involve dealing with a problem that could impact and lead to significant civic damages in the vehicle if you drive it.

In addition to the recall-related free towing, you might also be eligible for certain extended warranties provided by the manufacturer. This depends on whether you included this type of warranty, and if it is, you can forget about any towing service fees that you need to take care of because it is part of the package. You have to confirm that.

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4-   Local municipal programs

The previous options we discussed about available free towing are very common, and many people know them. However, there are specific site-specific options for free towing that you might want to check in your local municipality.

For example, your city might have a specific service called the city towing service. It might involve towing your car for free if you are involved in a car accident on public roads within the city. I have to confirm with the local government to see if you're eligible for those types of free towing or not.

In addition to the community-provided free towing through the municipality, you might also consider checking the non-profit organizations. Many of those could provide free towing for people in need and can help you benefit and take advantage of this option.

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5-   Community social media

Suppose you cannot successfully find options from your city or any non-profit organization. In that case, you might want to check your local community's social media accounts. There are a lot of people who provide crowdsourced assistance.

Those could be just part of your community who would like to help others and take care of any towing service needed within their community boundary and for those who are community members. Therefore, if you know such a thing, you can ask around or check with your family members or friends.


Towing alternatives

Unfortunately, not everybody is eligible for a free towing service, which could be a hassle. However, some alternatives might not necessarily cost you a lot of money or sometimes will cost you nothing if you consider them.

Let's take a look below and add some options:

1-   Self towing

You can consider towing your broken car with another vehicle. For example, you can go ahead if you have another car suitable for towing another vehicle and the right capacity to tow the specific weight. Still, you have to consider what needs to be done and how the process should be done because it involves a lot of safety issues.

That's why you must evaluate the situation carefully and see if you can perform this towing service. In other words, if you're uncomfortable and haven't towed your car from one place to another, it might be worth leaving it to professionals and paying small fees to get your vehicle towed rather than causing any potential damages that might cost you thousands of dollars.

2-   Help from family members

In addition to towing your car yourself, you might have a family member or friend who's done it before and has the right experience and tools. In that case, it might not be a bad idea to consult your family member and check if they can help tow your car.

Not everybody is comfortable enough to bring their family members to help with that, but if that's an option, you might want to consider it. Remember that even if your friend has the right tools, if they don't know how it's done, the complications of safety issues might be your responsibility.

That's why it's also important to evaluate the situation carefully and confirm whether it's worth going this route or just paying the fees to the professionals and having your vehicle moved safely from one place to another.

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Tow my car for free: Final Thoughts.

Towing services are not cheap; if your vehicle gets stuck in nowhere and can't drive, you must request such a service. The good news is that plenty of options could help you get a free towing service for your car!

This article highlighted the five most common options to help you answer the question, “How to tow my car for free?” This includes prepaid programs like roadside assistance, interns, and extended warranties. Still, it might include specific community-related services like your city's towing service and other social media community programs.

If you feel that your car breaks down continuously and needs a towing service all the time, it might indicate that your vehicle is approaching the end of its lifetime. Therefore, if you're planning to sell the car and are nervous about who will buy it, you can call Cash Cars Buyer at 773-791-4363.

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