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Tow Car For Cash – Everything you Should Know!

Tow Car For Cash

A tow car for cash is a kind of service that will collect your scrap car with the promise of immediate payment. The amount will be agreed on in advance and since most tow car for cash service providers do not sell used cars they often offer the best value for your car. 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

There is still a way to make money once your car will get to the point where it is no longer anything than a scrap. It does not matter if that car became junked because of an accident or because of aging, you can still benefit through a tow car for cash service. It is probably also the most cost-effective way to get rid of that unwanted car because you will also definitely make some money with a tow car for cash service.

Holding on to an old or damaged vehicle on your property just indicates that maintenance and repair costs will be incurred. Instead of stretching the budget for a car that may not get better, why not use the tow car for cash service. You could even add the money you'll be getting to get another car for yourself.

Tow Car for Cash Benefits

  1. Free your environment from the eyesore and from a potential health hazard that is a junk car. You finally can have a better use for the space the car has been occupying.


  1. Free Quote as Tow Car for Cash Service. As soon as your car is considered scrap they quote for free how much you can get for your car in its salvaged state and since it is business, you can always negotiate on the quote.


  1. Tow Car for Cash also means free towing service. Your car does not even need to be driveable. All you have to make sure is that the car is in a location accessible to a towing truck.


  1. Tow Car for Cash also could mean same day service. It can be as convenient as having your junk car booked for towing in the morning and having it towed the same day. Most Tow Car for Cash companies also takes care of the paperwork so no hassle.

There’s no need for long waits for approval and all the hassle that there is in other car trade-in options. And you do not have to worry if you still need to use the car for a couple of more days. Just arrange with the company when they can pick it.

  1. Tow Car for Cash service as the name suggests means they can pay in cash. Unlike other used car trade in options, they offer spot-cash by the time they pick up the car. So in case you need cash for an emergency, this can be a very good option for you.


Tips on Making the Most out of the Tow Car for Cash Service

In spite of the advantages of tow car for cash service, it is not a guarantee that you will be getting the best value for your junk vehicle instantly. You still need to do your due diligence, like any commercial arrangement, to ensure you get the best deal. Here are a few tips:


  1. Familiarize yourself with the real value of your car. Do not readily settle with what a provider will quote you. Most people will end up selling their junk cars for less than they are really worth so get accurate data about the state of your car. The evaluation can be done by your trusted mechanic. 


Make sure you understand all the damage or missing parts and their effect on the value of the vehicle. Take note that vehicles that are roadworthy are more valuable than stranded cars. You can also check online how to calculate the salvage value of your car.


  1. Have all your paperwork ready. Even if it has been in your backyard for a decade, you can't tow away another person's vehicle. Only if you can show it's yours will a tow car for cash service provider accept a car. 


Also have your maintenance record for your vehicle ready, most especially if it is still a drivable car. This will support your claims on the value of your car. So before calling a towing company for cash, work on these papers first.


  1. Compare quotes from several providers and get the most fair price for your junk vehicle. Consider all the options after you get multiple quotes, and take the deal that tops the rest. When talking to the dealers, ask all the questions you have to ask. Here are a few questions you have to ask:


  • Are there no additional fees? (Some providers will not be upright about this). Make sure that towing is really free. Towing a junk car can be costly, especially if the recycler's junkyard is located in a different city or town). 


Many businesses provide towing services for free, but not all of them do. Some have a distance limit for towing. In addition, some businesses subtract the towing expense from your payment.


  •  Are you going to pay in cash? (Some providers may not pay spot cash. Ask about the payment process before you make the deal). This is where car buyer scammers take advantage of clients who are unsuspecting. If they inform you that only after a further car inspection will you be able to collect payment, then forget it.


  • Paperwork is always the most time-consuming part of many transactions. That is also true when selling a car, either new or junk. So if you need the money right away settle for a company that does it for some will not do it for you.


  • Are you taking the car as is? (Upon seeing the vehicle some providers who are not able to disclose this info may lower your agreed payment upon seeing even minor dents, scratch, high mileage, etc.


  • For what reasons can you possibly not accept a car? (Every tow car for cash company has eligibility requirements. Getting a hold of a list for that will not only guide you in preparing your car, but it will also make it possible for you to sift out services that have costly or petty demands.


  1. Pick a trustworthy provider: This can be the most telling step. You need a tow car for cash dealer that is reliable with a solid reputation. There is no point in getting the best quote if that company will not live up to their word anyway.


Do your own homework and make sure that the provider of that Tow Car for Cash service is licensed, bonded and insured. You can start by going through their website and checking out customer reviews on reputable consumer review sites. If they have good reviews stretching out for years you can be confident that they deserve your business.


  1. Remove parts that can be sold with more value separately. Before having the car towed, make sure you remove useful parts of the car that hold more value when sold alone. Examples of this may be new tires, stereo systems, or new batteries. 


  1. Pick an Eco-friendly tow car for cash option. When selling your junk car, why not hit two birds with one stone and go for a provider that also pays their respects to the environment. Choose a provider that will recycle most of the metals and other materials of junk cars. The legitimate ones that really do this will be willing or will even proactively walk you through their recycling processes.


  1. Prepare the appearance of the car. Regardless if it is a junk car taking time to clean the vehicle can boost the value of your junk vehicle. And before having it towed, take time in advance to remove all the personal belongings you might have forgotten that are still stored in the car.


Other Frequently Asked Questions:


How much will a junkyard/tow car for cash provider pay for a car?


When a car is damaged beyond repair, it is declared a total loss by automobile insurance companies. While repairing the vehicle may not be cost-effective, it still has some salvage value. The vehicle may have, in addition to the value of its scrap metal, some serviceable parts which may be removed and sold separately as repair parts for other vehicles.


If your car is still commonly in use, is one of a kind or if there is a high demand for its parts, it will be more highly valued. You can subtract the cost of repairs needed to get it back into running shape, using the Kelley Blue Book value as a starting point. It's not going to be worth as much, but it's going to give you a rough idea.


You can use the weight of the car to estimate the price you will get, as a last resort. Calculate that using the average price of between $240 and $299 per ton, so on average a car is usually worth between $100 and $400 to a tow car for cash provider.


Selling your car through a tow car for cash provider may be fast and easy compared to other vehicle selling options but remember that it will still involve some work on your part if you want to make the most out of it. Keeping these guidelines in mind may even get you more money than you initially thought so living by the tips mentioned is surely worth it..

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