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Top Ten Used Car Brands – What You Need to Know

Top Ten Used Car Brands – What You Need to Know

Buying a used car can be a little tricky and risky since you won’t really know much about the vehicle’s history. You won’t know how it was used, handled, and maintained. For this reason, many are trying to make sure that they’d get more from what they paid for by choosing to buy used cars with brands that are known to be reliable. Sometimes, the brand’s reputation just speaks for itself.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


This year, used car sales increased significantly. People have become fully aware that owning a great car needs not be expensive and brand new. A reliable car can be had even with a tight budget if you just know where you can find it and of course, you should know how to pick the right one. To help you look and pick the right one, here is our list of the top ten used car brands that also excel in terms of reliability and serviceability. 



Over the past decades, Toyota really worked hard to get where they are now. Their reputation of making top-notched and reliable vehicles is known and enjoyed all over the world. Consumers all around the globe all agree that Toyota makes efficient, sturdy, and reliable vehicles.


Why is Toyota of the Top Ten Used Car Brands? 


One of the reasons is its durability. According to various consumer reviews and ratings, 80 percent of Toyota vehicles that were sold two decades ago are still on the road. Numbers like this indicate that the Toyota brand is really serious when it comes to building vehicles that are safe and durable. It is not only durable it is also one of the car brands with highest resale values. 


Safety is also a reason why Toyota makes a great used car brand. Toyota takes it very seriously. There have been lots of Toyota vehicles that were named Top Safety Picks by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety or IIHS. Toyota also has a meticulous Certified Pre-Owned program that provides a 12-month/12,000-mile warranty on vehicles that are approved.


Whatever type of vehicle you need, trust that there is always a Toyota that is right for you. There is something from each vehicle class that is well-known for its durability and reliability. If you’re looking for a midsize sedan, there’s the Toyota Camry or the smaller Toyota Corolla. If you want a hybrid, there’s Prius. Toyota SUVs are also popular like the RAV4, Highlander, or the much tougher Land Cruiser.


One of the most popular and most trusted auto brands in the market today is the Chevrolet. It has been here for more than 100 years, with a long history of building and producing popular cars. It is also known to have offered the largest lines of passenger cars, trucks, and SUVs than any other car brands. 


Today, Chevrolet is one of the most highly awarded car brands. In fact, it has won more Dependability awards over the last five years more than any other brands. Chevy cars are not only dependable, they are also reliable and safe to drive. They are equipped with the latest technologies and safety features.


Affordability is also a reason why Chevrolet is a great used car brand. You can always find a used Chevy within your budget. The Chevy cars were also included as one of the cheapest cars to repair based on a recent study. 


When it comes to the durability of the Chevy vehicles, it has been said and reported that an average Chevy can manage to reach nearly 320,000 km or almost 200,000 miles before serious problems start to develop. 


Chevy also is a favorite among consumers because of its wide range of models to choose. There are subcompact cars like the Sonic or Spark. Then there’s the compact Cruze or the midsize Malibu. If you prefer SUVs, you can choose an Equinox, Tahoe, or Suburban. Or maybe you would like the Chevy’s popular sports cars –  the Corvette or the Camaro. Whatever your preference is, there is always a car with a bowtie emblem perfect for you. 



Honda is currently the 6th largest car manufacturer in the world and is the world's largest manufacturer of internal combustion engines. You might see many of their cars on the road since Honda is a popular choice among many for so many years.  


Honda is popular and a favorite to many because they are pretty consistent with their vehicles’ dependability and reliability. Another reason is, when they do need to be fixed, they don’t cost that much and it won’t take that long to repair it. 


CR-V, Civic, and Accord are three Honda vehicles that were included in the top 20 most reliable cars of the decade and have earned top 3 spots for numerous 2019 Kelley Blue Book Awards for Best Resale Value. Even if you’ve bought it used with 100,000 miles on it, you could still use it for another hundred thousand miles and it will still hold an excellent resale value compared to other vehicles of the same mileage and age. 


If you want a car that can run for more than 300,000 miles with good care, Honda is the perfect brand for you. 


You may all know Ford as the legendary car company, the first automaker to automate production with an assembly line and the one that paid their workers fair and honest wage. They are also known to produce vehicles for the mass-market daily consumer. Today, Ford is still committed to make a difference by building quality and reliable vehicles.  


Reliability is what makes Ford a great used car brand. Studies have shown that their vehicles can last for about 15 years. This number ensures you that even if you buy a used Ford, you can still use it for many, many years. If the Ford is well-maintained, it could last even longer. 


If you are looking for pickup trucks and SUVs, you can check the Ford F-Series, Expedition, EcoSport, or Edge. Ford also has a selection of cars that you can choose like the small Fiesta or the midsize Fusion. If you are into sports cars, then the Mustang might be the one for you.



When Kia just first started in the automotive industry, it was not that successful. Their vehicles were known to be cheap and poorly manufactured. But that was so long ago, Kia has come a long way and is one of the most reliable car brands today. In fact, according to Wikipedia, Kia is the first non-luxury brand to win the JD Power most reliable brand award. It was for the year 2016. 


Kia’s reliability and affordability are some of the factors why Kia makes a great used car. They have been consistently included in various dependability lists from different car websites and sources. 


There are lots of Kia vehicles you can choose. There’s Kia Rio if you want a small car. If you are looking for sedans, then you can check the Cadenza, Forte, K5, or Optima. If you want SUVs there’s Soul, Sportage, Seltos, or the Sorento.  



Mazda is one of the leading car manufacturers when it comes to reliability and it still continues to to innovate and make reliable vehicles. Consumer Report named Mazda as the 2020 most reliable brand of the year.  


Mazda vehicles are also known to deliver great gas mileage.In fact, EPA has certified Mazda as the car brand with the best average fuel economy for many years. Studies also show that its vehicles’ average time spent off the road for basic repairs is impressive with just 1 hour and 55 minutes. Plus, its repair costs are also relatively low. 


As for its vehicles, Mazda has a full line of crossovers like the CX-3, CX-5, and the CX-9. You can also opt for the passenger cars like the Mazda 3 and Mazda 6.



The luxury sister company of Toyota, Lexus is one of the automakers that makes reliable cars but with more luxurious feels. Lexus is also one of the car brands that has been consistently awarded for its smooth driving, for its quality, and its impressive resale value.  


Lexus is one of the best used car brands today because of its dependability. It has received the J.D. Power most dependable vehicle award for eight consecutive years. It ranked the highest among all other luxury car brands. 


Safety is also one reason that makes Lexus a great buy. Most Lexus vehicles come standard with the Lexus Safety System. It includes a lot of safety features like the intelligent high-beams, lane assistance, and the pre-collision system that is designed to detect and warn you when any vehicle or pedestrian is within your path.  


Lexus offers a wide selection of luxury vehicles. Some of its best vehicles are the 7-passenger midsize SUV Lexus GX, the premium crossover RX, the sports sedan IS 300, the LS XF40, the luxurious RX Hybrid, and the LC500. The Lexus EX has been awarded as the most reliable compact premium car and the Lexus GX is ranked highest in the midsize premium SUV category.



Acura is the luxury division of Honda and has been known to create safe and reliable vehicles. It is marketed as a luxury brand but its vehicles are being sold more affordable than other luxury car brands without compromising its quality and luxurious feel. 


As mentioned above, affordability is one of the strengths of Acura. You can get a vehicle that looks and feels expensive without spending that much. Acura vehicles are also known to hold its resale value better than any other car brand. 


The overall performance of Acura’s vehicle is also another reason why it makes a great used car. You will get better performance from its vehicles since they have bigger engines that creates more horsepower and more torque. Performance tires are also included. All that and more can be yours if you purchase a used Acura.


You can also find a wide selection of Acura vehicles that is perfect for you. You can choose one from its premium sedans, sports cars, and SUV lineups like the ILX, TLX, RDX, MDX, and NSX.



Subaru vehicles are best known for their dependability and reliability. 97 percent of Subaru vehicles that have been sold for the last ten years are still on the road today. That goes to show that the Subarus are indeed very durable.


Reviews from consumers all over the globe also say that their Subarus protect them and are very capable of handling even the worst driving conditions. This is because Subaru is known to innovate and push forward the use of safety technologies. The Subaru is the only automaker to receive Top Safety Pick ratings from the IIHS for all its models for many years. 


There are lots of Subaru models you can choose. There’s the Impreza, the Legacy, Crosstrek, Forester, Outback, Ascent, and more. 



Japanese car manufacturers are really serious when it comes to building reliable and durable cars. They enjoy their reputation in making affordable yet very capable vehicles. Nissan is one of them. 


Nissan cars are very reliable. They have been consistently voted as one of the top ten reliable car brands. They are also known to use only the best automotive technology to create their vehicles. 


Nissan also has a wide selection of vehicles. There is always something that meets your needs and taste. If you are on the sporty side, you can check the Nissan 370Z or the GT-R. If you need an efficient family car, there’s Altima or the Maxima. If you want a more earth-friendly ride, you can opt for the Nissan Leaf which is the top selling electric vehicle of all time.  


Conclusion on the Top Ten Used Car Brands

Buying used cars can be risky since you won’t know what you’ll get. But choosing one of the top 10 used car brands can ease that burden a bit because it ensures you that what you are buying will be reliable and durable. Gone are the days where people still think that used cars are nothing but junks and boring. Used car sales now are booming. This goes to show that today’s used cars are now more dependable, reliable and that they can still serve their purpose for many years thanks to these automakers that take their jobs very seriously.