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Top 7 Car Problems That Aren’t Worth Fixing

list of car problems

If you're anything like the average American, you spend a whopping $820 a year on car repairs. From AC problems to brake pads, even single-item repairs like these make a massive dents in your wallet. So, if you're looking to save some serious cheddar this year, here is list of car problems that will probably cost you more to fix than they're worth.

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list of car problems

1. A Dented Frame

This unfortunate and highly visible issue is not just unsightly, it's potentially dangerous. Whether the damaged occurred before you bought the car, or due to an accident, frame damage costs major dollars to repair.

Sadly, even if you find a shop good enough to return your car to its original appearance, the damage has weakened the frame substantially.

There's really no going back from frame damage. It can lead to other costly issues down the road too. If you're looking to buy, we suggest avoiding any car with this problem.

If you already own a car with frame damage, it may be time to think about selling it for parts.

Frame Damage Repair Cost

2. A Faulty Transmission

Here's a problem widely known for being a wallet-buster: the faulty transmission. For many car owners, this issue isn't manifest until they find themselves stranded, calling a tow-truck.

That tow is just the start of your expenditures…

Having a mechanic fix your transmission is costly, in large part, because of the man-hours it takes to repair.

It's a time-consuming repair so even if you're lucky enough to find a shop who can replace your transmission for an inexpensive one, the labor will still set you back big-time.

3. Power Control Module (PCM) Failure

PCM failure–the mother of all expensive repairs. Why is this? Because the Power Control Module basically acts as the brain of your vehicle. When the PCM fails, other problems occur with parts including, the transmission, emissions, charging system, the engine, and more.

For those unfamiliar with cars, the PCM is essentially the car's computer that works with both the engine and transmission controls.

If your Power Control Module has issues, you're going to need serious reprogramming. If for some reason you do decide to have the PCM repaired, just make sure your mechanic disconnects the car's battery before they take out the PCM.

If your mechanic forgets this important step, you're going to have even more expensive man-hours to pay for.

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4. Problems With Your Main Wiring

If your car's main wiring is having problems, it can take a long time to figure out the cause. The main wires run throughout the entire car and removing them or investigating the source of the issue will not be an in-and-out procedure.

Think of your main wiring system like a string of Christmas lights. If one wire goes bad, the entire thing may have to be replaced.

Unfortunately, unlike Christmas lights, the main wiring is far more than just one strand winding throughout your car. Yes, this repair stands out as one of the more frustrating of all car problems you will encounter.

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5. Front-End Alignment

Sometimes it's impossible to avoid every pot-hole, but this doesn't mean your car needs a front-end alignment each time you hit one.

Front-end realignment only needs to happen if you can tell your steering is pulling significantly in one direction. If this is the case, this repair can prevent things like uneven tire wearing.

Having front-end mis-alignment can mean you end up needing new tires sooner than you had planned.

Still, this repair can be costly and not always essential. Especially when you realize that realignment you paid good money for will only last until you the next pothole. Save yourself some money for more necessary repairs and only get a front-end alignment if your steering is suffering.

6. Blown Head Gaskets

Remember high school chemistry? Oil and water do not mix. When your head gasket is blown, the car's combustion process is no longer sealed, thus allowing your engine oil and coolant to mix in the combustion chamber.

Clouds of large smoke appear when this process is no longer protected by your head gasket.

It leads to problems with your engine–another costly issue resulting from the already expensive replacement of your head gaskets.

It may be a better investment at this point to find a new motor.

What Cars Have the Most Head Gasket Problems
What Cars Have the Most Head Gasket Problems

7. A/C Recharge

If you live somewhere like Arizona or Nevada, having your car's A/C go out is no small matter. Many car owners will overlook the need to get their A/C repaired because it's just so darn expensive.

A/C repairs can cost upwards of $1,000. Of course, if you simply need an air conditioning recharge, you're looking at spending $200-$300. Still, no small repair cost.

Usually, you know your air conditioner's refrigerant needs a recharge if the air in your car isn't cooling as much or quickly as it used to. In most modern cars today, the A/C is sealed so well that refrigerant isn't lost.

Because of this, your A/C problem are probably caused by the air circulation system or blower fan malfunction. Still, repairing anything related to your A/C is going to set you back.

If you can handle the heat, and your car is getting older, it may not be worth spending to repair.

Got a Long List of Car Problems?

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